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>> EroPharaoh!vX.10a/Q8k 19aug2018(su)23:41 No.61875 OP P1

EroPharaoh - Lana's Tentacruel Lust (18+ Commission)

Lana commission is done! I hope everyone likes it!

[IMG] EroPharaoh - Lana.swf (13.11 MiB)
1280x720, Compressed. 49 frames, 24 fps (00:02).
Ver36, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>> Anonymous 20aug2018(mo)00:57 No.61878 A P2R1

Our Lord and Saviour EroPharoh.
Pretty good so far, I have a fishing rod that's clickable but does nothing and a Pokeball with a
sweet little Krabby.
Wish you could change her to other chars like Misty and May.
There are probably easter eggs but I'm too stupid.

>> Anonymous 20aug2018(mo)01:07 No.61879 B P3R2

When the Krabby is out and goes to the far right, click it. It'll dig up a bone which unlocks a

>> Anonymous 20aug2018(mo)01:28 No.61880 A P4R3

Thanks kind sir, any idea for the fishing pole?

>> Anonymous 20aug2018(mo)01:34 No.61881 C P5R4

Stop clicking there is no secret here.

>> EroPharaoh!vX.10a/Q8k 20aug2018(mo)01:35 No.61882 OP P6R5

Thanks! ;)
In addition to the easter egg >>61879 mentioned, there are two more (one is more of a joke).

>> EroPharaoh!vX.10a/Q8k 20aug2018(mo)01:37 No.61883 OP P7

That's two easter eggs revealed! Last one is an appearance easter egg.

>> ???? ???? 20aug2018(mo)02:19 No.61884 D P8R6

I have no clue what to think about that fishing rod easter egg. On one hand it's silly, on the
other I'm slightly sad.

>> ???? ???? 20aug2018(mo)02:22 No.61885 D P9

I also notice a certain somebody did the sound effects.
Glad they're doing well.

>> Anonymous 20aug2018(mo)02:46 No.61886 E P10R7

Last easter egg is clicking on Lana's head, it will change the circlet.

>> Anonymous 20aug2018(mo)02:53 No.61887 F P11R8

If you dont click anything she falls asleep. Doesn’t seem to do anything tho

>> Anonymous 20aug2018(mo)04:32 No.61888 G P12R9

>W.T. Dinner and EroPharaoh both doing top tier pokemon waifu [H] flashes
What a great time to be alive.

>> Anonymous 20aug2018(mo)04:41 No.61889 H P13R10

what commission you working on next dude?

>> Anonymous 20aug2018(mo)06:55 No.61895 I P14R11

Find it weird that someone would commission a flash for Lana and not a more popular pokegirl
(Cynthia, Dawn, Hilda, it's a shame we have no flash games for these girls).

>> EroPharaoh!vX.10a/Q8k 20aug2018(mo)07:36 No.61898 OP P15R12

Thanks ;) Though unfortunately they aren't doing well - which is why they publicly released their
sound effects pack for other creators :(

Yup, that's it!

Oh yeah, I guess that is an easter egg as well!

Thanks :)

I will be revealing this in my next news post on Newgrounds/Tumblr/Patreon next weekend!

Lana's pretty popular I think! ;)

>> Anonymous 20aug2018(mo)08:40 No.61901 J P16R13

if you spam the fishing road in the cum scene some weird symboles appear

[IMG]Sans titre.jpg

>> Anonymous 20aug2018(mo)08:56 No.61903 K P17R14


It's missing no. Translates straight to english

"Stop clicking there is no secret here"

>> EroPharaoh!vX.10a/Q8k 20aug2018(mo)09:03 No.61905 OP P18R15


>> Anonymous 20aug2018(mo)18:57 No.61920 L P19R16

>no flat chest option

I am sorely disappoint...

>> Anonymous 20aug2018(mo)20:42 No.61922 M P20R17

You're my hero

>> EroPharaoh!vX.10a/Q8k 20aug2018(mo)20:54 No.61923 OP P21R18


Thank you ;)

>> Anonymous 20aug2018(mo)22:54 No.61924 N P22R19

In the blowjob scene, theres a few penis issues.
After the cum scene, the skin color option disppears, and the only way to get it back is to go from
tentacle to penis.
Also, during the penis cum scene, you can see the saliva trails THROUGH her face, so theres a
layering issue.

>> EroPharaoh!vX.10a/Q8k 20aug2018(mo)23:02 No.61926 OP P23R20

I actually just finished fixing these bugs! Posting it now, thank you :)

>> EroPharaoh!vX.10a/Q8k 20aug2018(mo)23:08 No.61928 OP P24


>> Anonymous 21aug2018(tu)03:20 No.61938 O P25R21

ero pharaoh your a man of the people. i love it.

>> EroPharaoh!vX.10a/Q8k 21aug2018(tu)03:24 No.61939 OP P26R22

lol thank you.

>> DinDin 21aug2018(tu)03:48 No.61940 P P27R23

HI! I like your stuff. Do you post in /f/? Also how do you trip here I can't trip for shit

>> Anonymous 21aug2018(tu)04:06 No.61941 Q P28R24

Keep clicking fishing rod and you get a line of symbols which you can click on, though they did
nothing for me except change colour and fade away

>> EroPharaoh!vX.10a/Q8k 21aug2018(tu)06:13 No.61942 OP P29R25

Thanks! I do not post to /f/.
For trip:
Replace Nickname with your nickname and password with the password you want.

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