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   >> Anonymous 22may2018(tu)20:51 No.59874 OP P1


   newest animation by pp34

    PBeach.swf (1.45 MiB)
   700x800, Compressed. 3 frames, 25 fps (00:00).
   Ver37, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
   Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
   [find in archive]

   >> Anonymous 22may2018(tu)21:51 No.59876 A P2R1

   Alternative title: Marooned Whale

   >> ???? ???? 22may2018(tu)21:55 No.59879 B P3R2

   She's a real "beach" isn't she :D

   >> Anonymous 23may2018(we)00:19 No.59881 C P4R3

   PP made a flash? Here comes the hate

   >> Anonymous 23may2018(we)00:25 No.59882 D P5R4

   Damn how did you get it so fast?

   >> Anonymous 23may2018(we)01:23 No.59886 E P6R5

   Even by her standards this looks like shit.

   >> Anonymous 23may2018(we)01:33 No.59887 F P7R6

   >Can Anon upload the new PP34 flash?
   >I swear, it's just to troll people more.
   >It's not like I want to see the new animation or anything.
   >Can't wait for the shitstorm, kekeke.


   >> Anonymous 23may2018(we)02:12 No.59896 G P8R7

   >tfw it's been months since you said you'd stop stealing art and people still throw out the
   stolen art accusation
   >tfw you finally start doing your own art and now people just shit on that nonstop
   Truly being PeachyPop is suffering.

   >> Anonymous 23may2018(we)02:39 No.59898 H P9R8


   She had it coming though

   >> Anonymous 23may2018(we)03:45 No.59900 I P10R9

   For the amount of money she makes from this each month I'm sure she'll gladly accept that
   606 patrons with hidden amount of money earned.
   Let's pretend 80% pay 1 USD, 15% pay 5 USD and 5% 10 USD.
   485+455+300 = 1240 USD per month.

   Not bad for the amount of work that goes into making these things, can't take many hours. If
   stealing some artwork can build you a following that gives you that kind of money each month I'd
   say it's worth a bit of "suffering". I'm pulling the numbers out of air obviously but I'd be
   surprised if it WASN'T higher than that. Realistically she probably gets well over 2k every
   month depending on how many whales she have and on how much candy she throws to them.

   But free flash porn for us!

   >> Anonymous 23may2018(we)06:18 No.59902 J P11R10

   Blurgh, ppl still pays for this garbage?

   >> Anonymous 23may2018(we)15:43 No.59914 K P12R11

   If making cartoon porn is so lucrative, why don't the whiners start doing it themselves?
   The more competition in a market, the lesser the market share of each competitor.
   Their strange goal of making sure that some person on the internet doesn't make more money than
   they think they deserve would be accomplished in the most moral, ethical, productive and
   beneficient (to themselves and customers) way possible.
   Whining on the internet accomplishes nothing. In fact, it might just make people want to defend
   and support the person being whined at.

   >> Anonymous 23may2018(we)16:58 No.59915 L P13R12

   It's fucking bad.

   >> Anonymous 23may2018(we)18:03 No.59916 A P14R13

   So are you saying e-begginng, drama whoring, tracing to outright scammer is okay? If you think
   that is okay you are a fucking nigger.

   >> Anonymous 23may2018(we)19:16 No.59917 K P15R14

   Scamming is obviously not okay, it's literally illegal. I'm not sure if any scamming has
   actually happened though. I'm not keeping up with this pp34 drama you guys are obsessed over, so
   I might have missed a memo or two. Or you're just using a very liberal definition of the word
   Speaking of liberal definitions of words... lynch my bedwenches and watermelon my fried chicken
   I guess I'm a white nigger. Yo. Fam.
   Look, everything is worth exactly as much as people are willing to pay for it (even bad quality
   cartoons porn, e-begging and internet drama), not as much as you in particular think it should.
   So long as you're not obfuscating any detail of the transaction, and all parties involved are
   agreeing to it, nothing you're doing is wrong. If e-begging and drama whoring brings in the
   money, you do it. As for tracing, intellectual property has always been a contentious topic, but
   I find it hard to imagine that tracing someone's drawing takes bread out of their mouth. If
   anything it brings more attention to their work once you credit them. If you don't credit them,
   you don't actually gain anything, and if th- WHEN the internet finds out your brand name will be
   damaged, so it's a problem that solves itself.

   >> Anonymous 23may2018(we)19:38 No.59918 M P16R15

   I honestly wish she resumed tracing other people's works.
   At least it looked better and came off as less pathetic than drawing an idealized version of
   yourself getting fucked just so your devoted fans can pretend like they could really fuck you
   one day by giving you more Patreon money

   >> Anonymous 24may2018(th)00:29 No.59919 N P17R16

>Too harsh
>Quit complaining manchildren
>Do something better with your lives
Give PeachyPop. There's far worse out there.

   >> Anonymous 24may2018(th)00:29 No.59920 N P18

   *Give PeachyPop a break.

   >> Anonymous 24may2018(th)01:41 No.59922 O P19R17

   I love it when there's no option for full nude because she can't be fucking bothered to modify
   the traced artwork and to program the buttons to do so.

   >> Anonymous 24may2018(th)03:07 No.59924 P P20R18

   Who are you quoting?

   >> Anonymous 24may2018(th)06:26 No.59928 E P21R19

   >drawing an idealized version of yourself getting fucked
   I think she only draws foreplay when she draws herself.
   I'm not going to accept shit because it's better than other piles of shit.

   >> Anonymous 24may2018(th)10:55 No.59931 Q P22R20

   beached whale lmao

   >> Anonymous 24may2018(th)17:36 No.59934 R P23R21

   can someone make her black

   >> Anonymous 24may2018(th)21:06 No.59937 S P24R22

   I love the shitstorm she bring more than the next guy buuuut it kinda get basic bitch boring
   when you see the same shit said about her over and over.Even when the whole ordeal resolved
   after the incident.

   But that ain't gonna stop anyone so just keep throwing that shit at her.

   >> Father Analworth 25may2018(fr)01:27 No.59942 T P25R23

   i'm still baffled that some people pay for this

   literal cucks pay for half assed flashes because
   the "animator" is a IRL female whale

   >> Anonymous 25may2018(fr)02:09 No.59945 I P26R24

   >If making cartoon porn is so lucrative, why don't the whiners start doing it themselves?
   There are three reasons:
   1. People may simply not want to do it. I know of several jobs that pay well but I just don't
   want to do them.
   2. Visibility. Just because person A was discovered by people willing to pay money it doesn't
   mean B will be, even if B is twice as good as A in every way.
   3. Overflow of supply. If everybody did it money would be spread so thin that nobody earns a
   living from it.

   >> Anonymous 25may2018(fr)07:53 No.59949 N P27R25

   If you're stupid enough to ask that, then you. Cuck.

   Like you have a choice

   >> Anonymous 25may2018(fr)08:16 No.59952 U P28R26

   2. Very much so, because a woman making porn means she might have to work less just because she
   has a pussy.
   And then with the self inserts, its like shes a cam girl with less commitment. Idk, self
   inserting into flashes seems like a cheap choice for popularity.
   Meanwhile if she literally just worked on her own style, it'd be better. I mean, the PeachyPop
   Meetup was about the best thing she made imo.

   >> Anonymous 26may2018(sa)06:44 No.59970 V P29R27

   This. What's so fucking hard about calling this shit and just moving on? This PP shitstorm
   happens literally everytime she/he/it posts something regardless of the quality.

   >> Anonymous 29may2018(tu)23:32 No.60040 F P30R28

   I'm broke, can anyone lend me a WEW or two for these posts?

   >> ???? ???? 30may2018(we)00:51 No.60049 B P31R29

   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I don't know.

   >> Anonymous 30may2018(we)06:15 No.60053 W P32R30

   >people hate peachypop
   >other people tell everyone to lay off peachypop
   its almost like doing the same things that made you notorious to begin with will keep your
   notoriety going thinking.png

   >> Anonymous 1jun2018(fr)18:13 No.60094 F P33R31

   >people hate peachypop
   >those same people still beg for her new files to be posted here
   it's almost like doing the same things that make you full of rage and hatred are what keeps your
   shitty lives from being empty husks

   >> Anonymous 6jul2018(fr)09:54 No.60812 A P34R32

   Nigger where?

   >> Dumper 6jul2018(fr)09:59 No.60813 K P35R33

   begone foul necromancer

   >> Anonymous 8jul2018(su)01:20 No.60844 F P36

   Some that I could quickly dig up:

   Coulda sworn to see Anon even making /disc/ threads just asking for new files they spotted on

   >> Anonymous 8jul2018(su)14:37 No.60864 J P37R34


   >> Anonymous 10jul2018(tu)14:47 No.60925 X P38R35

   if anything, i'm going to shit on future PP flashes just to trigger you sensitive snowflakes.

   >> Anonymous 11jul2018(we)21:44 No.60954 Y P39

   >>>>>>>>>> implying
   Stay holier-than-thou, friend :^)

   >> Anonymous 14jul2018(sa)15:31 No.60989 Z P40R36

   lol fags this fat bitch is still making more money than you
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