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This is resource FM9ISQF, an Archived Thread.
Discovered:16/5 -2018 18:50:20

Ended:17/5 -2018 06:56:11

Checked:17/5 -2018 14:20:08

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File: islandinthesun-fixed.swf-(1.88 MB, 800x600, Loop)
[_] Anonymous 05/16/18(Wed)12:47:42 No.3336081

  Fucking circles, how do they work?

  Fixed a major issue with the waves rotating out of place and as suggested by an anon added a mute
  button, a volume slider, cleaned up the info section and made it hide and show on click.

  Also would like to know what I can improve on in future flashes, what content to make, and what
  kind of music you guys prefer listening to: Genres, bands or groups or if it doesn't matter.

>> [_] Anonymous 05/16/18(Wed)13:43:17 No.3336087

  I was expecting Weezer, but this swf is nice~

>> [_] Anonymous 05/16/18(Wed)18:15:37 No.3336140

  Nicely done, anon

>> [_] Anonymous 05/16/18(Wed)22:56:47 No.3336202

  you are a true fuckin' artist, man.

  Keep it up, this is the chemo keeping /f/ alive.

>> [_] Anonymous 05/17/18(Thu)00:52:07 No.3336228

  Did you animate this, OP?
  If yes, you did a damn good job, do you have somewhere you post your stuff?
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