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This is resource GF4L5KB, an Archived Thread.
Discovered:14/6 -2018 04:43:26

Ended:14/6 -2018 14:34:49

Checked:14/6 -2018 21:33:29

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[_] /f/ discord is the big gay Anonymous 06/13/18(Wed)22:42:33 No.3341222

  I got a notification from it today and thought that for once people are actually posting shit.
  No, just some faggot pinging the whole server for a gif. wtf. I'm out.

>> [_] Anonymous 06/13/18(Wed)23:35:52 No.3341224

  Every discord is shit in its own special way

>> [_] Anonymous 06/14/18(Thu)02:58:03 No.3341247

  not just a gif but THE gif

  but yeah it's been barren for the last few months

>> [_] Anonymous 06/14/18(Thu)06:41:38 No.3341265

  I was afk from discord for a month and come back and see 10 notifications on a server.

  How the fuck do I jump to the posts the notifications relate to?

  Discord is so fucking retarded.

>> [_] Anonymous 06/14/18(Thu)06:47:13 No.3341269

  post link to discord

>> [_] Anonymous 06/14/18(Thu)07:42:01 No.3341278

  click the @ icon dude

>> [_] Anonymous 06/14/18(Thu)07:52:22 No.3341280


>> [_] Anonymous 06/14/18(Thu)08:16:32 No.3341283

  that only shows the last few days

  I have 20 notifications when I check discord, but when I click the @ icon, it only shows 8

>> [_] Anonymous 06/14/18(Thu)08:34:30 No.3341284

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