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Ended:23/5 -2018 11:56:49

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[_] :v 05/22/18(Tue)11:46:48 No.3337255

  Lawn crew is going on hour three of blowing leafs around aimlessly.
  no slep for me :/

Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anonymous 05/22/18(Tue)11:59:48 No.3337259

  nothing like a relaxing sounds of wind blowers to ease up your sleep
  also I noticed you finally adopted buttons tho you need to put that layer above the layer with
  the text

>> [_] Anonymous 05/22/18(Tue)13:22:05 No.3337276

  :v is a big dummy loser but one of the few content creators we have left.

>> [_] Anonymous 05/22/18(Tue)13:48:22 No.3337285

  :v is great.

  I wish there was more recipes tho.

  I always loved aimlessly trying to make them but failing.

>> [_] :v 05/22/18(Tue)14:10:11 No.3337286

  I wish there was more time for recipes.

  ~Try this tho~
  Ezpz pulled chickn'
  3 Chicken breasts whole
  1/2 sweet onion
  2 cloves garlic
  at least 16oz of BBQ sauce of choice (sweet/honey style is better here)
  ~2 cups water
  2 Tbsp butter
  1/4 cup brownsugar
  Tabasco/other hot sauce

  Pat chicken dry and season with salt and pepper to taste
  To the pot on medium heat add butter
  Add onions and garlic and sweat until onions are translucent
  Add chicken and cook 2-3 per side
  Pour enough water to just cover the chicken
  Add bbq sauce
  Boil for 10-15 min
  Remove chicken and set aside
  Pull chicken apart with two forks and add to a large bowl.
  Reduce heat to simmer and add brown sugar and hot sauce if desired
  Simmer until about halfway reduced
  Remove about half the sauce in the pot
  Add chicken back to pot
  add sauce until desired coated-ness

  Serve on kaisers with mo-jack and some pickled peppers to spice things up.

>> [_] Anonymous 05/22/18(Tue)14:44:24 No.3337290

  for the love of christ, why did you make the text selectable?

>> [_] Anonymous 05/22/18(Tue)16:03:16 No.3337306

  >"source" link
  >no slept
  >not even happiness.swf

>> [_] :v 05/22/18(Tue)16:21:23 No.3337312

  Sometimes I like to work on them a little more before I put them up.

>> [_] Anonymous 05/22/18(Tue)16:54:27 No.3337324

  You know, I was actually hoping you did. You make some good shit

>> [_] Anonymous 05/22/18(Tue)17:45:35 No.3337336

  i dont know how i need help.

>> [_] のこ 05/22/18(Tue)18:32:08 No.3337345

  im awake. i think...

>> [_] Anonymous 05/22/18(Tue)20:50:24 No.3337372

  Sup :v <3

>> [_] :v 05/22/18(Tue)22:50:51 No.3337393

  Hey fren you get a (you)

>> [_] Anonymous 05/23/18(Wed)01:10:57 No.3337422

  :v did you make this flash? I have quite few of your flashs saved as you have really good taste
  when it comes to posting or making flashs.

>> [_] :v 05/23/18(Wed)01:34:12 No.3337428

  Thanks /f/ren
  I spend a lot of time on these 3/4 bar long loops for these gifs repacked as flashes.

>> [_] Anonymous 05/23/18(Wed)01:35:43 No.3337429

  pixel art? I want it on my wall

>> [_] Anonymous 05/23/18(Wed)01:54:11 No.3337433

  thank you :v this is v comfy. I have it playing in bg and think ill be doing that a lot for this

>> [_] Anonymous 05/23/18(Wed)02:37:20 No.3337439


  and its one with peppers

  this shits getting saved, I am gonna try making it soon.

  muchos gracias :v

>> [_] :v 05/23/18(Wed)03:53:16 No.3337441

  De nada

>> [_] Anonymous 05/23/18(Wed)05:41:49 No.3337451

  nice flash m8
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