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[_] Anonymous 06/14/18(Thu)00:39:31 No.3341233

Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anonymous 06/14/18(Thu)00:49:06 No.3341235

  I remember that bullshit. /pol/ went from being an edgy yet legitimate board that hosted routine
  discussions about current events and the supposed conspiracy theories behind them while
  occasionally shouting nigger/jews to non stop cuckhold/nigger/porn spam and absolutely insane
  shitposts made by bots and roleplay posts made by people looking to make screencaps.

  Things didn't calm down until moot sold out the entire site for a google job and sold the site to
  hiroshima but by then the original board culture was irreparably destroyed.

>> [_] Anonymous 06/14/18(Thu)05:11:50 No.3341256

  Perhaps the same could be said of ALL boards...

>> [_] Anonymous 06/14/18(Thu)10:08:32 No.3341293

  while the flash implies this dramatic change was a joke due to 4bil get, as it was tradition for
  the mods to be fags and fuck with milestone getposts, in reality this was a response to things
  like gamergate. The internet sleuths on the chan boards were uncovering some rather disturbing
  stuff, such as how the american federal government was using darpa to funneling money to these so
  called indy studios that made these worthless games and then passed that money on to games
  journalists to give them good reviews and how they were rigging award shows and contests. The
  links were kind of shaky, lots of correlative evidence but nothing concrete, but that was still
  more than people were suppose to even think about so it was implied that someone told moot to, as
  the meme goes, [shut it down], and thats what he did. No captcha posting resulted in the
  conversation being shut down and moved to other boards like infinitychin and the serious pol
  posters never came back.

>> [_] Anonymous 06/14/18(Thu)10:30:30 No.3341295

  That's certainly one possible interpretation of those events.

>> [_] Anonymous 06/14/18(Thu)14:30:14 No.3341319

  >funding indy studios
  >to fund games journalists
  A conversation that silly is hardly worth shutting down or being noticed.

>> [_] Anonymous 06/14/18(Thu)14:32:22 No.3341321

  with all the shit usa did I wouldn't be surprised if that was true

>> [_] Anonymous 06/14/18(Thu)14:35:03 No.3341322

  Games journalists have been a joke in their own industry for a long time. It would certainly
  surprise me if any single one of them got the attention of the government to gather any kind of
  funding to direct any kind of anything anywhere. Gamergate was a joke because it took these
  pathetic excuses we call journalists and acted like they were important enough to "expose" when
  we should have just collectively said "literally who?"

>> [_] Anonymous 06/14/18(Thu)15:43:39 No.3341337


  everything that goes on in games journalism goes on in real journalism. that's the real reason it
  was shut down hard. nobody wanted a consumer revolution to start in video games because it might
  spread to other industries.

  and it wasn't darpa directly funding games journalists. the key people were getting government
  money and then doing whatever the fuck they wanted with it, with one of those things being
  cornering the game's journalism and indy gaming industry. Even if there was no conspiracy, it was
  a gross missuse of government money for private interests.
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