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This is resource JMTFU5Z, an Archived Thread.
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[_] Anonymous 05/27/18(Sun)20:05:09 No.3338175

>> [_] Anonymous 05/27/18(Sun)20:25:39 No.3338180

  whose idea was this and where can I thank him?

>> [_] Anonymous 05/27/18(Sun)20:31:04 No.3338183

  I dont know about this video specific, but dressing up little girls in military uniform and
  making them sing old WW2 era songs happens pretty much every year on the 9th of May.

>> [_] Anonymous 05/28/18(Mon)00:46:57 No.3338239

  First, that dress are not a uniform, even not a close.
  Second, that song not a WW2 song, it's a pre-war song from 1939. And that's why it so fun and
  eager, Russians think's about quick victory, "little blood on enemy ground". Real war song
  realize its not fun nor easy nor quick.

>> [_] Anonymous 05/28/18(Mon)04:09:57 No.3338275

  >First, that dress are not a uniform, even not a close.
  that video specific doesn't have a proper uniform but 9th of May celebration is customary to
  dress up in these uniforms

  you'll find tons of kids in this costume during the celebrations.

  >Second, that song not a WW2 song, it's a pre-war song from 1939.
  1939 song is a WW2 era song. thats when the war started. Sure Russia wasn't at war then but its
  still from the same era. the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact was in effect and Poland was carved between
  the Soviets and the Germans plus there was the Soviet-Finnish war which is also considered part
  of WW2 by some.

  And the song was popularized during the actual 1941-1945 years when the Soviets were at war.
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