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Ended:16/3 -2019 15:19:40

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File: stop_thursgays_today.swf-(908 KB, 500x500, Loop)
[_] New zone loop Anonymous 03/15/19(Fri)00:53:30 No.3384310

Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anonymous 03/15/19(Fri)01:00:45 No.3384313

  Suck a fat one faggot
  you know you like it

>> [_] Anonymous 03/15/19(Fri)11:36:47 No.3384335

  Wholesome bear says "Stop Thursgays."

>> [_] Anonymous 03/15/19(Fri)12:21:07 No.3384339

  And that's yet another reason why swfchan is pure cancer.

>> [_] Anonymous 03/15/19(Fri)14:20:14 No.3384355

  aaand it's shit
  hope Bonk Her Over Yonder won't be such a letdown or I'll just write off zone as a relic of
  christmas past

>> [_] Anonymous 03/15/19(Fri)15:35:41 No.3384362

  zone became shit when he started using VA's. part of the charm was his use of the original
  material for sex noises.

>> [_] Anonymous 03/15/19(Fri)15:46:15 No.3384363

  what does swfchan have to do with anything?

>> [_] Anonymous 03/15/19(Fri)17:32:02 No.3384374

  that came out of the blue, guess you misspelled awesome

>> [_] Anonymous 03/15/19(Fri)17:45:40 No.3384375

  All their software is cancer.
  All their userbase is cancer.
  Admin admit it but doing nothing so useless piece of shit also cancer.
  So, All cancer out of here.
  Crossboarded aren't big problem since they're into subboard culture or if they're at least have
  minimal knowledge about subboard.
  Shitposter just shitpost everywhere.

>> [_] Anonymous 03/15/19(Fri)18:02:27 No.3384377

  i have literally no idea what you are talking about but OK

>> [_] Anonymous 03/15/19(Fri)18:49:00 No.3384387

  OP is a faggot thursgay is eternal

>> [_] Anonymous 03/15/19(Fri)19:20:40 No.3384394

  >All Swfant's Software is free JavaScript and insanely helpful, nobody forces you to convert
  >all their userbase is just normal /f/ags and pornfags
  >Admin is a one in a thousand kind of person who is kind to help, does lots of cool shit by
  himself because he thinks it should exist, is concerned about his users privacy, always replies,
  and he does it for free (he is sad that swfchan is used mainly for porn though, but such is the
  SWF life)
  >idk what you are saying in your last 3 lines, but here's this: swfchan is mainly an Archive,
  it's not supposed to be a competitor to /f/, every cultivated person who isn't a saucefag will
  adhere to both, lurking on /f/ and using the Archive
  >all that hate just because OP linked to a thread in the Archive, because the file Zone released
  is too big for /f/
  It dawns on me the only cancer here is you.

>> [_] Anonymous 03/15/19(Fri)19:27:18 No.3384395

  The loop is pretty bad

>> [_] Anonymous 03/15/19(Fri)23:08:11 No.3384422

  Who are you quoting?

>> [_] Anonymous 03/15/19(Fri)23:31:24 No.3384426

  welcome to 4chan! you'll get used to how greentexting works soon enough. indeed using the >
  characters are called "greentexting" here, you've probably only seen them used in e-mails up
  until now to "quote" the previous mail

>> [_] Anonymous 03/15/19(Fri)23:43:44 No.3384429

  Also I heard it used by shitty cancer who abuse quoting function.
  It's not email or irc, It's imageboard.
  Respect culture and rules or GTFO.

>> [_] Anonymous 03/15/19(Fri)23:59:11 No.3384432

  you've never seen somebody using greentexting to make a list before, newfriend?

>> [_] Anonymous 03/16/19(Sat)00:08:25 No.3384434

  I never seen quotes function abuse for almost 12 years, with a little exception of cancers.

>> [_] Anonymous 03/16/19(Sat)04:12:00 No.3384445

  you do realize that this list fits 4chan perfectly, right?

>> [_] Anonymous 03/16/19(Sat)04:28:27 No.3384447

  Tell me, king super cool oldfag who know board culture better than anyone, who is longcat and who
  is his arch nemesis?

  Also, go back on your meds, your clearly having an

>> [_] Anonymous 03/16/19(Sat)04:46:32 No.3384449

  > the > characters are called "greentexting"
  excuse me my new new friend but it's "le meme arrow" so get your facts straight :^)

>> [_] Anonymous 03/16/19(Sat)07:59:39 No.3384454

  Who are you quoting?

>> [_] Anonymous 03/16/19(Sat)09:34:38 No.3384458

  welcome to 4chan! you'll get used to how greentexting works soon enough. indeed using the >
  characters are called "greentexting" here, you've probably only seen them used in e-mails up
  until now to "quote" the previous mail

>> [_] Anonymous 03/16/19(Sat)10:17:20 No.3384459

  Who are you quoting?
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