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[_] 3 days since Anonymous 04/15/19(Mon)08:01:50 No.3387598

  A happy birthday to Pant_Zipper.
  Hope he is still out there somewhere

  Heres a mega with some of his music backed up:!IDYgQAwY!uXN0_edHxxuKGGMVTAA9fQ

>> [_] Anonymous 04/15/19(Mon)14:50:52 No.3387616

  damn it i missed it again

  I WILL 100% post on the fucking april 12th next year.

  cant believe i missed it 4 years in a row now. FUCK

>> [_] Anonymous 04/15/19(Mon)15:17:19 No.3387620

  Tell me, who was this guy that we have to remember him every year?

>> [_] Anonymous 04/15/19(Mon)20:31:41 No.3387646

  yeh, google tells me nothing

>> [_] Anonymous 04/15/19(Mon)20:48:54 No.3387648

  Seems like he was a tripfag on here that used to make flashes and music and post on /f/


>> [_] Anonymous 04/15/19(Mon)20:56:48 No.3387653

  there were numerous tripfags like that, what makes him so special?

>> [_] Anonymous 04/15/19(Mon)21:00:06 No.3387655

  Beats me. The only thing I can find is an archive post from may 2015 with his trip as the OP.

>> [_] Anonymous 04/15/19(Mon)23:16:02 No.3387667

  this tripfag ha a soundcloud full of crap the /f/aggots here liked, and he made a few good loops.
  then he gave himself a public pity party, and he an hero & accidentally his whole soundcloud on
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