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>> Anonymous 14mar2019(th)17:36 No.67343 OP P1

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>> Anonymous 14mar2019(th)17:38 No.67344 OP P2


>> w7-890 !elUzZM2K/o 14mar2019(th)18:29 No.67345 A P3R1

a birdie sucking a birdie how ironic

shes so damn cute
too bad theres no oral scene

>> Pussy No 1 14mar2019(th)18:31 No.67346 A P4

should i support my octopus friend on patreon [Y/N]

>> Anonymous 14mar2019(th)19:36 No.67348 B P5R2

Type Gallery on TV screen and press buttan to unlock all scenes

>those delicious sideboob bounces during the doggy
:-O C==3
me OP

>> ???? ???? 15mar2019(fr)01:43 No.67353 C P6R3

I'm not sorry

I'm guessing this is a glitch, but you can type on the TV


>> Anonymous 15mar2019(fr)04:23 No.67354 D P7R4

type "tv display" then hit the button on the tv

>> Anonymous 17mar2019(su)08:27 No.67409 E P8R5

What does it do? I've tried it three times now and nothing happens.

>> Anonymous 17mar2019(su)19:13 No.67421 OP P9R6

i c what u did there

>> Anonymous 17mar2019(su)19:16 No.67422 OP P10

now that i think about it, funny i'd notice that loss reference just now. someone i knew died from
cancer today, got the phonecall less than an hour ago.

>> Anonymous 18mar2019(mo)17:10 No.67443 F P11R7

Yea that's a pretty funny story I agree

>> Anonymous 19mar2019(tu)04:41 No.67459 G P12R8


>> Anonymous 19mar2019(tu)04:51 No.67460 G P13

good birdie

>> resist temptation pls 19mar2019(tu)18:20 No.67484 B P14R9

don't touch my birdie!
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