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[_] Poor kids dindu nuffin Anonymous 06/28/20(Sun)18:53:04 No.3432455

Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anonymous 06/28/20(Sun)23:25:11 No.3432475

  excellent parody song, thanks OP.

  fuck black lives matters, it's just a cover for violent authoritarian people. screw all gullible
  fools that volunteer to be their shield, turning a blind eye towards everything happening right
  in front of them.

>> [_] Anonymous 06/28/20(Sun)23:38:18 No.3432477

  It's a good thing that you'll never reproduce.

>> [_] Anonymous 06/28/20(Sun)23:48:34 No.3432480

  i've got my two white kids already. do you?

  you're one of the blind ones aren't you? don't watch the news, watch cellphone footage by random
  people on youtube. that's how you actually know what's happening. the fucking news called these
  riots peaceful and now they are pretending the violence is over. it never stopped.

  if anything the black lives matter movement is turning people into racist. they aren't
  accomplishing anything on a grand scale except bringing back racial segregation, congratulations.

>> [_] Anonymous 06/29/20(Mon)00:06:21 No.3432482

  >i've got my two white kids already.
  No you don't.

>> [_] Anonymous 06/29/20(Mon)00:43:34 No.3432487

  lmfao go outside for once in your life

>> [_] Anonymous 06/29/20(Mon)00:59:10 No.3432490

  You think Youtube politics is real, dude.
  That's pretty pathetic.

>> [_] Anonymous 06/29/20(Mon)01:11:11 No.3432491

  Imagine the reaction if a disabled black guy was kidnapped and tortured by white students.
  Still this isn't the place for politics, OP >>>/pol/

>> [_] Anonymous 06/29/20(Mon)01:20:19 No.3432493

  dno wut ur on about here m8

>> [_] Anonymous 06/29/20(Mon)02:08:21 No.3432495

  you're a virgin, aren't you? a gullible little virgin.
  again, fuck black lives matters.

>> [_] Anonymous 06/29/20(Mon)10:57:14 No.3432516

  Did these nigs actually get convicted?

>> [_] Anonymous 06/29/20(Mon)12:54:17 No.3432519

  That's a mirror

>> [_] Anonymous 06/29/20(Mon)13:02:49 No.3432520

  it took you 10 hours to come up with that reply? sorry man, i didn't actually think you were a
  virgin. i was just messing around.

>> [_] Anonymous 06/29/20(Mon)15:16:50 No.3432532

  >lol I was just pretending to act retarded

>> [_] Anonymous 06/29/20(Mon)15:42:10 No.3432534

  What's the motivation for these >>>/pol/ threads in nice board?

>> [_] Anonymous 06/29/20(Mon)15:47:13 No.3432536

  What the fuck happened in this flash? I got a popup window three seconds in both times I ran it?

>> [_] Anonymous 06/29/20(Mon)18:44:55 No.3432545

  As apposed to acting retarded on purpose, apparently.

>> [_] Anonymous 06/29/20(Mon)19:01:52 No.3432547

  I honestly assumed most 4chan anons were all based and redpilled even when not on /pol/ but I
  guess I was mistaken. Clearly we have an infestation of redditors

>> [_] Anonymous 06/29/20(Mon)19:34:20 No.3432548

  >People don't listen to my narrative that gets shoved down my throat from my posts I read on
  /pol/ and the false documentaries.

  Both of you are retards. Left and right both make bullshit stories to keep you retards feuding so
  you'll CONTINUALLY fight each other and not realize the fucking government is just raping your
  ass, stealing your children, and fucking selling them into sex trafficking rings.

>> [_] Anonymous 06/29/20(Mon)20:04:36 No.3432552

  I'm going to say the "N" word...

>> [_] Anonymous 06/29/20(Mon)20:19:22 No.3432554

  >youtube politics
  >literally outside my window

>> [_] Anonymous 06/29/20(Mon)20:23:07 No.3432555

  that's all...? fuck this sucked

>> [_] Anonymous 06/29/20(Mon)23:38:44 No.3432567

  i'm dead inside now thanks op

>> [_] Anonymous 06/29/20(Mon)23:45:48 No.3432568

  another murder Nogs wont be convicted of

>> [_] Anonymous 06/30/20(Tue)00:00:32 No.3432569

  maybe it's because they deleted r/the_Donald today
  we're going to get yet another huge wave of election tourists now
  yes, you all arrived in 2016 and you're not wanted here either
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