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[_] This is it Anonymous 07/31/20(Fri)00:46:13 No.3435300

  Good luck everyone.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/31/20(Fri)02:06:47 No.3435303

  exceedingly excellent post. i wish you well anon

>> [_] Anonymous 08/01/20(Sat)01:40:18 No.3435414

  I used to be in a long distance relationship with a girl who kinda resembles the girl here, and I
  can easily insert myself into the generic brown haired anime boy. I would watch this opening when
  I would feel sad about the distance between us, and now I watch it to remember my more dreamy,
  romance driven days.

  thanks for the feels, OP.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/01/20(Sat)03:24:47 No.3435416

  really good flash

>> [_] Anonymous 08/01/20(Sat)12:51:51 No.3435454

  is that maison ikkoku?

>> [_] Anonymous 08/01/20(Sat)12:59:57 No.3435455

  a little slice of magic

>> [_] Anonymous 08/01/20(Sat)13:01:24 No.3435456

  Yes it is. They actually used that song as an OP song for a single episode. And they used another
  Gilbert O'Sullivan song as the ED of that same episode.
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