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[_] Where do I get the standalone swf player Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)23:47:46 No.3435838

  I can only find the plugin

Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)23:50:23 No.3435839

  Google "Flash Projector".
  Go there.
  Get it.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/05/20(Wed)23:53:35 No.3435841


>> [_] Anonymous 08/06/20(Thu)08:29:13 No.3435864

  The best place where you could get the standalone flash player was:

  BUT I see now that "The Flash Player archive page has been decommissioned. Customers requiring
  Flash Player can visit our download page for the latest available version:"

  Then they link to where I think you can only get the plugin
  version, are you kidding me?

  Can these companies stop dropping flash support before the date they have set THEMSELVES?? Why
  are they closing an ARCHIVE in the first place??

>> [_] Anonymous 08/06/20(Thu)08:39:26 No.3435865

  The URL at doesn't seem to support getting offline installers,
  only "flashplayer32pp_xa_install.exe" which is 1.2 MB. Even though it says "Total size: 20.6 MB"
  below the download button. That means it will do nothing after the end of the year.

  But here's what worries me even more. From:

  >Will Adobe make previous versions of Adobe Flash Player available for download after 2020?
  >No. Adobe will be removing Flash Player download pages from its site and Flash-based content
  will be blocked from running in Adobe Flash Player after the EOL Date.
  >Adobe always recommends using the latest, supported and up-to-date software. Customers should
  not use Flash Player after the EOL Date since it will not be supported by Adobe.

  Flash-based content will be blocked from running in Adobe Flash Player after the EOL Date?

  Did these double niggers actually implement a kill switch that just makes it impossible to run
  flashes next year??

>> [_] Anonymous 08/06/20(Thu)08:46:59 No.3435867

  Anybody with the latest offline flash player want to try pulling the internet cable (going
  completely offline) and changing their computer's clock to February 2021 to test and see if the
  offline flash player still works?

  If they have a kill switch I want to know how far back we need to go before there isn't a kill

  It's crazy if they actually put in a kill switch, forcing people to use older and less patched

>> [_] Anonymous 08/06/20(Thu)08:52:46 No.3435868

  I assume that their definition of "Adobe Flash Player" is what's embedded in browsers. I doubt
  they'd have the offline projector nuke itself and have over 20 years of content suddenly
  unplayable. If I'm wrong and that IS what they're doing then that's evil.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/06/20(Thu)08:53:35 No.3435869

  Get Newgrounds Player. It's pretty good for offline swf playback.
  Though, I think they are starting to make this player obsolete, since they're now injecting it
  within the site itself. Random Flashes seem to open without it directly in the site; even on a
  stock iPhone SE, vectors and all. Maybe...just maybe, there is hope.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/06/20(Thu)09:07:55 No.3435873

  I certainly hope that they are just terrible at writing because what they are writing is insane.

  They are already making it obsolete? It hasn't even come into use yet (not yet needed).

  They need to remake that page, put up a video showing install process and how it works after
  that. The page right now is basically "eyy run this exe and things will be better". The talk
  about it not having any malware/adware/tracking makes it more suspicious, of course it shouldn't
  have any of those things. Then they have warnings about Windows Defender... eh?

  The very least they could do is explain what it does, how it works and why Windows Defender won't
  let you run the file normally.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/06/20(Thu)09:09:58 No.3435874

  Do you have any example URLs of flashes where they "inject" the custom player into the site
  itself, flashes that even work on iPhone? Sounds like wizardry.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/06/20(Thu)09:20:14 No.3435875

  Didn't see my first post, where it says "PROJECTOR"??
  God, I gotta spoonfeed now.
  With some observant clicking, you should've landed on

  I'm assuming you're on Windows, everyone is, look down at the 4th link where it says
  "Download the Flash Player projector"

  That's it. That's the standalone application. 15.2MB. Last updated 7/14/2020. Click that link.

  Same procedure for Mac and Linux, if you're freaky like that.

  You don't even install it, just run it. You should add a file association in your OS for .swf
  files to open in it.

  And you're welcome.

  >Did these double niggers actually implement a kill switch that just makes it impossible to run
  flashes next year?
  Not entirely clear... I haven't found a solid answer to that.
  But in case they did add a bug since announcing EOL in 2017, I'd try a legacy version. The
  download page also works in Wayback Machine. So do the download links.
  You can get v21 from December 2016 here:
  That should certainly be free of any killswitch, and works with anything I've thrown at it.
  Maybe I'll comb through my old HDDs and look for the other versions I've squirreled away over the
  years. Maybe make a torrent or something.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/06/20(Thu)09:32:53 No.3435876

  I found this game
  It uses Ruffle, which isn't Newground's flash player but a Flash Player emulator. Few flashes
  works flawlessly with Ruffle, several ones I've tried was quite broken.

  Newgrounds have been converting several popular flash animations to movie files over the years.
  Are you sure you didn't see a movie file in iPhone and mistook it for a flash?

  Anyone know if the Newgrounds player can be used on other sites or only Newgrounds? I think it's
  just a hack to use Adobe's flash plugin.

  Your mistake was telling people to google, which gives unique results for everybody and is just a
  generally unfriendly thing to say anyway.

  Would be nice if one of the hackers that crack AAA games would just remove the killswitch and
  release a proper final version of the flash player. Unfortunately I don't think flash would be
  given such a treatment, which is sad considering almost all computers in the world ran flash at
  one point.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/06/20(Thu)10:20:40 No.3435880

  >example flashes
  Here is a very recent animation one of my friends made. I have no fucking clue how he got his to
  embed like that, but l
  I can only assume newer swfs run in it automatically, and older ones are being converted to it. (You might have to switch it to Flash mode, but I'm
  not entirely sure, since I have my account settings to default to Flash when avaliable).
  Proof that it runs on mobile:

  >It uses ruffle, and not many Flashes work in it.
  Do you know if it at least works with AS2 good, or is it bad with any Flash that has AS in it?

>> [_] Anonymous 08/06/20(Thu)10:50:07 No.3435886

  the html of that webpage contains "ruffle" a bunch of times so looks like it is using the ruffle

  i looked up a random flash that still uses the regular swf embed and it doesn't contain "ruffle"
  (just making sure not all html pages have that stuff included in it)

  you can go to and click "demo" and then select a local swf at the top

  i can't get any actionscript flashes to work in ruffle, movies also do not play. however the game
  i linked to before ( works so actionscript must be
  supported in some way, i guess maybe it just doesn't work when loading local flash files? strange
  to not print a warning about that on the demo page then, since it would give the wrong impression
  about what ruffle can handle. tl;dr i guess we can't tell how much ruffle can do unless we test
  it on a webserver

>> [_] Anonymous 08/06/20(Thu)11:03:31 No.3435888

  Ok, so I tried to upload a random swf I made just to see what he did, and apparently the site has
  an option to use Ruffle in newer flashes, so it isn't random at all. That explains why his
  Flashes are embeded and why a good lot of the older ones aren't.
  Pic related:

  >i guess we can't tell how much ruffle can do unless we test it on a webserver
  Well shit. Here I was thinking this would be a hail mary for /f/. Guess I was wrong; for now at
  least. I can only guess with Fulp having invested in the project that it's actually going to go
  somewhere unlike Shumway, Lightspark and the likes.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/06/20(Thu)11:11:27 No.3435889

  I just saw

  ActionScript 1 and 2 is only 35% done and the virtual machine for it (AVM1) is 70% done.

  ActionScript 3 is 0% done, same with its virtual machine (AVM2). I will be surprised if AS3 ever
  reaches above 25% because it is such an undertaking. But for AS 1/2 I could see 100% happening
  after many years unless the developers grows tired of the project.

  Lightspark got a new release just a month ago on July 5th so at least it is still in development.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/06/20(Thu)11:26:18 No.3435892

  >ActionScript 1 and 2 is only 35% done and the virtual machine for it (AVM1) is 70% done.
  That explains how I was able to get one of the AS files up and running on it's demo page.

  >ActionScript 3 is 0% done, same with its virtual machine (AVM2).
  Not big souprice. AS3 is a completely different (and much worse) beast to AS2. They are really
  only comparable in name alone. AS2 is object oriented, but still allows for procedural
  programming where needed, while AS3 forces the user to use classes and long workarounds to
  enforce OO programming. Not to mention it's syntax is completely different, and a majority of
  it's code is meant more for webserver communication as oppose to AS2, which is meant more for
  interactive web applets.

  >Lightspark got a new release just a month ago on July 5th
  Well, that's a good sign.

  Hopefully either of these teams can get the API all up and running, cause it would help open the
  door for newer generations to easily experience classic internet content without jumping through

>> [_] Anonymous 08/06/20(Thu)13:01:05 No.3435897

  Ohai guise,

  I played around with the timebomb.
  Projector and non-browser applications using plugin(like JPEXS) will work after 2021.jan.01.

  Browser using plugin will instead show:
  and redirect to EoL adobe page upon click.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/06/20(Thu)13:07:22 No.3435898

  thank you for testing!

  relieved that it keeps working in non-browser programs but i can't fathom how they intentionally
  brick the plugin so that even people willing to use a non-mainstream browser have to submit to
  their will of killing flash. adobe's an evil company. they've mishandled flash for the last ten
  years and they can't just let it die, they have to twist the knife.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/06/20(Thu)13:12:05 No.3435900

  While we're at it, labeling Adobe as evil company...

>> [_] Anonymous 08/06/20(Thu)13:16:07 No.3435901

  not reading all these posts since I don't care but I use swf file player. It always works fine
  for me and it's not made by adobe and doesn't ever connect online since why would it need to
  update it just plays swf files so it should last forever

>> [_] Anonymous 08/06/20(Thu)15:42:53 No.3435915

  I'm pretty sure I'm way beyond that brick with my plugin
  someone PLEASE save old plugin installs and provide them when the time comes, we should really
  test out the last working plugin version
  sure as hell won't stop using it
  but at least we don't have to worry about the projector
  still, I'd be unwilling to give up on the comfort of my built in plugin
  they actually made a killswitch, the madmen

>> [_] Anonymous 08/06/20(Thu)15:46:11 No.3435916

  There is also possibility to un-timebomb flash plugins(they're just signed, not compressed or
  encrypted). But you'd have to run unsigned plugin.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/06/20(Thu)15:50:41 No.3435917

  >Starting with version 30, Adobe stopped distributing Flash Player directly to Chinese users.
  Instead, they selected as a partner and released a special version of Flash Player on a
  specific website,[165] which contains a non-closable process that collects privacy information
  and pops up advertisement window contents.[166][167][168] The partnership started in about 2017
  >in about 2017
  why did they bother to sell their soul the very same year they announced they were killing flash?
  that's such a unnecessary negative PR move. guess CCP forced them to do it if they wanted to keep
  other businesses in china but still, fuck china and fuck companies that oblige to them

  hope some leet hax0r is up to the task so we at least can run the latest patched plugin...
  there's been a lot of patches between 2017 and 2020.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/06/20(Thu)16:07:26 No.3435918

  After reading through this entire thread my only definitive conclusion is that OP is a massive

>> [_] Anonymous 08/06/20(Thu)23:58:11 No.3435947

  i did not read, but somehow i know that you are right.
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