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[_] Anonymous 07/31/20(Fri)02:46:59 No.3435305

  I stopped browsing this board regularly but you guys were great. What's going to happen when
  flash isn't supported anymore?

Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anonymous 07/31/20(Fri)04:51:36 No.3435314

  >What's going to happen when flash isn't supported anymore?
  It’s just not getting anymore updates. This board will probably remain until Flash leaves blatant
  vulnerabilities, I imagine.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/31/20(Fri)11:06:22 No.3435343

  yeah it will surely still exist until its getting hacked easily

>> [_] Anonymous 07/31/20(Fri)13:24:45 No.3435355

  if Adobe doesn't release special fixes for super critical stuff after 2020 even if they know
  flash is still in use they are a even worse company than i thought.

  microsoft still releases special fixes for super critical stuff in windows xp after its end of
  life, because they know it is still in use and they aren't a trash company.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/31/20(Fri)13:32:05 No.3435357

  You can still download media players that can play swf files, just you have to donload .swf files
  manually. It's just the flash plugin that will go away. You can still create .swf files aswell.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/31/20(Fri)13:40:56 No.3435358

  nope. those still use flash. You'll have to use swf to exe converters.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/31/20(Fri)14:39:23 No.3435360

  Thanks, saved the flash.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/31/20(Fri)15:04:18 No.3435363

  I downloaded the flash plugin to revisit this board and Firefox keeps shitting itself. The screen
  flickers and the flash files constantly freeze. It's quite annoying. Does this happen on all
  modern browsers or is it just Firefox being awful?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/31/20(Fri)15:06:27 No.3435364

  You can just download an swf file player and play them manually.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/31/20(Fri)17:34:16 No.3435378

  actually >>3435357 is wrong in saying that the flash plugin is going away. only support for the
  API allowing access to the flash plugin are going away from mainstream browsers. you can still
  put the plugin onto your computers and have programs use it to display swf files.

  the Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface (NPAPI) is used to display flash in firefox
  today. it's the last plugin allowed to use NPAPI in firefox. it is scheduled to be dropped at the
  very end of 2020.

  google made their own interface called Pepper Plugin API (PPAPI), it was based on NPAPI. it is
  being dropped June 2021. however i think Chrome has its own built-in flash component, which they
  will drop at the end of 2020. there are other "pepper flash" browsers like Opera.

  there's also an ActiveX version of the flash plugin, which is used by Internet Explorer and other
  programs like for example Media Player Classic.

  i think Adobe's flash player exe has the "flash plugin" baked into itself so no need to install
  the ActiveX plugin to play it with that standalone player.

  since microsoft edge is based on chromium these days i assume they are also a "pepper flash"
  browser (PPAPI). although PPAPI seems to last until mid 2021 they will remove flash support in
  January, they will even make old versions of the browser block flash with an "out of date" reason.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/31/20(Fri)17:44:09 No.3435379

  firefox has arbitrarily limited flash playback more and more over the last few years. i also have
  the same problems. they are hard at work to change people's opinions about flash, to make it seem
  like it is working like crap while in reality all problems are just due to firefox choking the
  swf plugin. "for your protection", of course.

  the demise of flash really bums me out. adobe basically had the whole world using their
  technology and they failed to do anything with it. at the very least they could have released
  Flash Pro for free for non-commercial purposes and made swf take advantage of graphics cards.
  having to pirate Flash Pro limited the number of people fucking around with it at a young age and
  not being able to render with the graphics card made it stagnate and even start to lag as people
  used larger resolution monitors (people would quadruple the pixels but not quadruple the CPU

>> [_] Anonymous 07/31/20(Fri)20:15:33 No.3435388

  no joke, I've always used internet explorer for swf files and it's been fine

>> [_] Anonymous 07/31/20(Fri)21:09:05 No.3435390

  Nothing. Unless people find ways to exploit flash to install ransomware/miners/other shit on
  people's machines or brick them then the community is just going to make custom
  plugins/extensions to have it play on browsers still, like every other time browsers or companies
  did stupid shit and users had to fix it.
  Even if that did happen and it was too risky to play on browser people would just download
  flashes and play them manually while the community tries to keep only clean files in places like
  swfchan, much like with torrents. There will be no great flash death, if it ever dies it'll be
  because of the community leaving it behind to a slow death.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/31/20(Fri)23:18:37 No.3435402

  the 'community' can't make custom plugins/extensions to play swf files for the mainstream
  browsers and if you change to a non-mainstream browser you might as well just use adobe's old
  flash plugin

  even if it was possible to make a swf player with WebExtension (it's not) i doubt there's a
  'community' large enough to be willing to put in the thousands of manhours required to get it to
  work even half as well as adobe's flash plugin. forget simply making sure you display tweens and
  layers correctly, remember you need to support ActionScript 1, 2 and 3 as well.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/01/20(Sat)03:06:01 No.3435415

  I guess we'll just keep hanging around until we can't, right?

>> [_] Anonymous 08/01/20(Sat)07:57:46 No.3435437

  and to infinity beyond

>> [_] Anonymous 08/01/20(Sat)08:16:47 No.3435439

  I think adobe has put a kill switch into the flash plugin as well you would have to download an
  old version which does not have the kill switch.

  Calls to arms to all those thinking of suiciding, we only need one of you. Make use of your
  worthless self, kidnap the family of the adobe CEO, threaten to mail them back in pieces unless
  flash source code is released.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/01/20(Sat)09:42:49 No.3435442

  Based. Same here bro.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/01/20(Sat)09:44:13 No.3435443

  Firefox is a bad browser

>> [_] Anonymous 08/01/20(Sat)12:36:14 No.3435452


>> [_] Anonymous 08/01/20(Sat)15:13:28 No.3435463

  yet it's the best available. what a world we live in.

  there's no kill switch, don't be silly. there are things that still rely on flash even after the
  browsers drop it. as far as adobe knows flash could be used as an interface to communicate with a
  machine in an African hospital, having unannounced kill switches in the plugin itself would bring
  all sorts of risks for lawsuits.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/01/20(Sat)15:17:46 No.3435464

  if used wrong it is

>> [_] Anonymous 08/01/20(Sat)15:24:49 No.3435467

  old firefox sure was
  use palemoon or basilisk, if you want that same glory only with modern updates
  comes with indefinite flash plugin support right out of the box

>> [_] Anonymous 08/01/20(Sat)15:53:10 No.3435469

  >modern updates
  no thanks

>> [_] Anonymous 08/01/20(Sat)17:21:55 No.3435477

  shut up
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