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This is resource UNMAZKV, an Active Thread.
Discovered:20/9 -2020 21:04:28

Updated:16/1 -2021 03:34:47

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>> Anonymous 20sep2020(su)20:56 No.79925 OP P1

Lopunny love bunny

I wanted to post this directly on the site, but the file is to big:
The file below has nothing to do with it

[IMG] Alphys1.swf (11.43 MiB)
1280x720, Compressed (Deflate). 672 frames, 24 fps (00:28).
Ver36, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
[find in archive]

>> Anonymous 20sep2020(su)21:00 No.79927 A P2R1

It says the decryption key is invalid.

Alphys1.swf appears to be new on swfchan so maybe you have more files not yet on the site?

>> Anonymous 20sep2020(su)21:05 No.79928 OP P3R2

Sorry try this one:
I have more .swf from the same creator, but I do not know how many of them are already on the site

>> Anonymous 20sep2020(su)21:15 No.79930 A P4R3

That one worked. The swf is a little glitchy for me, blinks with white colors.
The reason it's 90 mb is because it's not vectors but rather just an embedded video or images. It
would probably be around 3 mb instead of 90 if it was vectors and with suitable audio compression.

Alphys1.swf is also not vectors. It would be less than 1 mb instead of 11 if it was done right.
I guess that's why this guy wasn't on swfchan, it's not "real" flashes.

Yeah I know that feeling of not knowing which flashes are on the site. It's possible to search by
filesize (bytes) to find out but it can take a while.
You could upload a zip with his other flashes on mega. Chances are a lot of them aren't on the site.
What's the artist's name by the way?

>> Anonymous 20sep2020(su)21:20 No.79932 OP P5R4

The artist name is mrploxy, I'm uploading the other flashes to the site, but making a big
"collection" file seems like a good to, I will see what I can do about it after I upload the .swf

>> Anonymous 20sep2020(su)21:24 No.79933 A P6R5

i know that you've already started but if you rename the files "mrploxy - <original file name>.swf"
it would make it easier for people to find more by him just by searching mrploxy

>> Anonymous 20sep2020(su)21:26 No.79934 OP P7R6

Didn't think about that, I will rename the files from know on

>> Anonymous 20sep2020(su)21:28 No.79936 A P8R7

You're doing God's work. Looks like you've already uploaded another one that wasn't on the site,
I'm sure there will be more.

>> Anonymous 20sep2020(su)21:35 No.79938 OP P9R8

Thanks, do you any apps or sites that can open .swf on android ? The apps I found either don't work
or are very sketchy, I'm having to post stuff without seeing it first

>> Anonymous 20sep2020(su)22:40 No.79947 A P10R9

You're uploading flashes through an Android device? Why do you have swfs on it if you can't play
them? I don't know how to play flash files on Android, I've never tried.

>> Anonymous 20sep2020(su)22:41 No.79948 B P11R10

Pro tip, this artist makes good shit but he himself is a massive giant prick, i wouldn't support him

>> Anonymous 20sep2020(su)23:26 No.79952 OP P12R11

There are always to run .swf through android, but most of them are browser-based, so you can't run
the files on your device, I downloaded the files from the artist archive so I could post them here

>> Anonymous 20sep2020(su)23:26 No.79953 OP P13

I can send a link to his archive if you want

>> Anonymous 21sep2020(mo)12:04 No.79963 C P14R12

This guy does good art, but lousy animation.

>> Anonymous 21sep2020(mo)20:08 No.79965 D P15R13

Just a little suggestion:
if you can manage a direkt download link to the swf, like maybe on the original website it is
hosted, sometimes the swfchan crawler will pick it up and also archive it, regardless of filesize

yeah, probably better to save the mp4 in that case, rather than the swf

it pains me to see all of them are kinda high quality, but most of them seem to be furshit focused

options are obviously limited, but what worked best are two alternatives:
+ convert a swf to apk with the tools here on swfchan, this can be natively opened by the
smartphone, but has the disadvantages of needing to do this with every single swf and also some as3
support issues
+ use an old version of firefox for android that still allows for swf support (sorry can't remember
the specific version)

>> Anonymous 21sep2020(mo)23:21 No.79969 E P16R14

Were's the fat? wEre's the greece?

>> w7 890 22sep2020(tu)00:11 No.79970 F P17R15

offtopic but i think i heard this music from a game before (upload moar pls)
you also forgot one letter on the MEGA link

>fuck patreon

what do you think about webgenie and issess player

>> Anonymous 23sep2020(we)14:59 No.79997 G P18R16

These .sfws were hosted on dropbox, so I don't know if the web scrapper would work
The second link should work

>> Anonymous 23sep2020(we)17:46 No.80003 F P19R17

ahh i remember now (is this website copy

speaking of ruffle is there an extension/userscript to automatically inject ruffle if .swf links is
detected in the webpage (im using firefox mobile with noscript) again sorry for offtopic
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