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[_] I do not want to see it go Anonymous 10/17/20(Sat)20:25:33 No.3442825

  Got a pop up reminder on my desktop that Flash is ending and it even asked to prematurely
  uninstall it. Man 2020 Blows

>> [_] Anonymous 10/18/20(Sun)03:42:40 No.3442848

  Yeah I got that popup too this morning.
  It's over.
  It has been a wild ride, frens.
  I remember when I was like 12 and programmed my first flash animations.
  That era has ended.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/18/20(Sun)03:47:19 No.3442850

  We can still use swf players tho. Just it won't be embed in the browser.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/18/20(Sun)03:48:20 No.3442851

  Gonna miss you guys

  Where else do you guys go for your [P] and [H]

>> [_] Anonymous 10/18/20(Sun)03:53:29 No.3442852

  just delete the uninstaller so you don't get it every time you boot up.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/18/20(Sun)04:02:59 No.3442855

  Btw do you people think that /f/ should be converted to allow HTML5 too?
  Like a Flash / HTML5 board?

>> [_] Anonymous 10/18/20(Sun)05:53:47 No.3442860

  ha, looks like I win in using win 7 with no updates
  now you can never take flash from me

>> [_] Anonymous 10/18/20(Sun)06:47:15 No.3442866

  I'm hopping that Ruffle takes off. If open-source Flash Players replace Adobe Flash then the
  future might actually be pretty bright for the format.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/18/20(Sun)07:50:59 No.3442869

  Problems with HTML5:

  * You can't have HTML5 without JavaScript. Letting users embed JS in any website is a security
  risk. It would be necessary to filter out large chunks of the language, e.g. anything involving
  the DOM or network access.

  * Encapsulating file dependencies like images into a single HTML file is difficult and bloats the
  source code. There would have to be some way to bundle files together, like a .zip file upload.

  * On top of the vanilla JS security issues, HTML5 allows the creation of OpenGL contexts. This in
  turn gives users access to shaders, which can be used to crash the entire operating system (not
  just the browser).

  Not the best combination of factors on a website known for anonymous posting, trolls and hackers.
  Best hope would be something like Khan Academy has, e.g. built around a gimped JavaScript library
  allowing only a few drawing operations.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/18/20(Sun)08:14:31 No.3442870

  This is just FUD using implementation issues as the "evidence". Adobe's Flash player
  implementation has had it's own share vulnerabilities, but those are issues in the
  implementation, not the design.

  JS is no different from ActionScript. DOM is not unsafe. Network access is not unsafe.

  Bundling, even if we assume it is a desired feature and not a bad design, would merely be a
  tooling issue. But still, even though such tooling does exist for web development, it is not
  used. Why is this? Could it be that bundling is not actually a wanted feature at all, or that
  webshits have had it all wrong all along.

  WebGL is not OpenGL. WebGL Shaders are very limited. Sure, Qualcomm has had shitty drivers in the
  past, still has them and will have them in the future, but any issues are in the implementation,
  not in the design. And still, the Flash player is using the very same driver implementation, with
  the very same risk of crashing you OS. If you don't trust your hardware, you are free use Mesa

>> [_] Anonymous 10/18/20(Sun)09:54:22 No.3442875

  > those are issues in the implementation, not the design.
  Implementation issues are the reason Flash is being shut down, not the design. A design is only
  as good as its existing implementations.

  > DOM is not unsafe
  document.getElementById('comment').value = 'I am a faggot.';

  > Network access is not unsafe.
  let xhttp = new XMLHttpRequest();'GET', ''+keyboardListenerBuffer, true);
  keyboardListenerBuffer = '';

  > even though such tooling does exist for web development, it is not used
  By golly you're right, 4chan should become a full web host and host entire websites. Why didn't I
  think of that.

  > WebGL Shaders are very limited
  If by "very limited" you mean "cannot use any features beyond version 1.00", then yeah. If you
  mean "cannot be given a lengthy task that causes the entire windowing system to become
  unresponsive", I have bad news.

  > Flash player is using the very same driver implementation
  "Uses" and "lets users stick whatever crappy code they want into the rendering pipeline" are two
  distinct concepts. Your internet browser uses an executable file, but shouldn't run every .exe
  file it finds on the internet.

  > same risk of crashing you OS
  I do WebGL work and routinely hang my system by accident. By contrast, I've dissected the Flash
  file format with a microscope and have never found a way to impact the operating system. Best I
  can do with custom-made tools is crash the Flash plugin. HTML5 can be crashed with Notepad.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/18/20(Sun)10:05:21 No.3442876

  wont forget what you did for us flash

>> [_] Anonymous 10/18/20(Sun)11:52:18 No.3442895

  >flash format is enjoyed and can do basically everything
  >google wants to get rid of it
  >develop a successor format that is html5
  >it cannot replace flash on imageboards
  >ironically it is too unsecure to implement
  i s h i g g i d i g g y d o o

>> [_] Anonymous 10/18/20(Sun)11:53:41 No.3442896

  win7 with infinite flash support highfive, brah
  now, all we need is someone who can get rid of that killscreen in the flash plugin after 2020

>> [_] Anonymous 10/18/20(Sun)12:27:20 No.3442901

  Mild shader exploit, in the event anyone's interested.

  You'll notice the loading animation will stop -- try clicking your start button or other desktop
  element during this time. Windows 10 recovers fairly quickly and will refuse to reload the script
  in the same tab. Cinnamon flat out craps itself.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/18/20(Sun)12:28:22 No.3442902

  Yep, pretty much.
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