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File: The Beat Goes On.swf-(7.87 MB, 1280x720, Anime)
[_] /r/ inside Anonymous 02/22/21(Mon)23:59:29 No.3460678

  Im looking for a flash that used to get posted fairly regularly
  I think it was either a madeon or daft punk remix with anime girls dancing as visuals
  I know it had Rosario + Vampire in it

>> [_] Anonymous 02/23/21(Tue)00:25:44 No.3460679

  I found it
  its called razzle-dazzle
  heres a shitty youtube version

>> [_] Anonymous 02/23/21(Tue)08:50:22 No.3460692

  You're not kidding about it being shitty, the flash quality actually beats that youtube quality..

  There are two "Razzle Dazzle" flashes, I compared them and the one I'm linking to here above
  beats the other one in quality. The other (id 113896) has more frames per second, which doesn't
  really improve the video since it's anime but it does reduce the quality of each individual
  frame. The difference isn't exactly large tho.

>> [_] Anonymous 02/23/21(Tue)09:00:09 No.3460693

  Here's Razzle Dazzle on the creator's channel:
  More info and better quality can be obtained from below (if you are logged in):
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