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Discovered:5/8 -2022 18:36:46

Ended:7/8 -2022 20:57:54

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[_] /b/ IS RIOTING AGAIN Anonymous 08/05/22(Fri)12:34:19 No.3486286

>> [_] Anonymous 08/05/22(Fri)19:10:13 No.3486297

  people still use /b/?

>> [_] Anonymous 08/05/22(Fri)19:34:47 No.3486298

  people who use /b/ are either underage or overage.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/05/22(Fri)21:17:46 No.3486299

  >yellow threads are flooding /b/ again
  Ok. What exactly is that going to accomplish?

>> [_] Anonymous 08/06/22(Sat)15:38:08 No.3486324

  it actually worked holy fuck

>> [_] Anonymous 08/06/22(Sat)15:40:24 No.3486325

  its full of pussy now

>> [_] Anonymous 08/06/22(Sat)15:41:28 No.3486326

  the good kind

>> [_] Anonymous 08/07/22(Sun)02:19:19 No.3486335

  >admin halves /b/ filesize limit
  >admin launches overlapping random boards
  >literally only unique purpose left of /b/ is loli porn
  >people upset that /b/ is not the same
  >dancing kitties
  /b/ haven't been this alive in years

  here's an archived version of /b/ right now for the history books:
  seems like unwraps stickied threads in order to save the whole thing, neat!

>> [_] Anonymous 08/07/22(Sun)03:56:24 No.3486336

  hence the loli threads being so popular

>> [_] Anonymous 08/07/22(Sun)14:56:11 No.3486342

  And is that not the magic of /b/ remember posting there when i was 16
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