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Ended:24/6 -2022 17:44:07

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[_] [GET IN HERE] /f/ DEBATE Anonymous 06/22/22(Wed)13:20:43 No.3484455

  Recently got out of a mental institution anyway it felt like either a CIA nigger or poltergeist
  was fucking with me or i went through some lucid nightmare
  Was haunted by nightmarish visions for a period of time and it caused me to spack out and get the
  retard cater called on me
  gotta get closure before i die need to get the people who love me irl to get over it

  In other news is looking to resurrect its /f/ clone,

Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anonymous 06/22/22(Wed)14:09:07 No.3484460

  Dude, I like your enthusiasm, but sorry
  and mental institutions.


>> [_] Anonymous 06/22/22(Wed)17:37:16 No.3484467

  shaddup it's interesting

>> [_] Anonymous 06/22/22(Wed)18:43:50 No.3484469

  i feel like I'm a mental institution seeing you make the same thread every day.

>> [_] Anonymous 06/22/22(Wed)19:07:51 No.3484473

  I've tried this before. The only website which seems to do this has a maximum file size of 700kb.
  I have a file I want to look into which is 3MB.
  .swf --> .fla, not .fla --> .swf

>> [_] Anonymous 06/22/22(Wed)21:43:41 No.3484478

  Just look for a flash/swf decompiler install on virtual pc or vmware if you are worried about
  installing obscure software on your pc

>> [_] Anonymous 06/22/22(Wed)22:10:04 No.3484480
  Ordered the "oxygen mask" and helium Estimated delivery Fri, 24 June - Mon, 27 June and got a
  pretty good noose ready but got family visiting next month so this will be hid away for a while.
  I was convinced there was some sort of puzzle or trail that you follow/solve and it gradually
  drives you mad because you dont know who the fuck is toying with you or if it is even real or

  Still seeing things like socks left on the roadside and appliances stop charging at certain
  points like something is manipulating it.
  next you find nobody listens or they listen carefully but keep missing important details and you
  stop making sense and you stop talking for communication and start thinking of cryptic ways to
  speak to everyone you know while embedding subliminal messages for whatever is spying on you in
  the hopes you get your next clue

>> [_] Anonymous 06/23/22(Thu)00:31:08 No.3484485
  People at work just seemed WAY too prepared for things instead of telling me the guy i was
  looking for wasn't there they walked me round the building to "look for" him as if it was part of
  a test.
  probably called the cops on me while i was looking for him i calmly left but got arrested on the
  walk back home.

  might replace those socks i saw near the airport with some worn out shoes i threw out the window
  during the original episode.

  i had a broken phone in a sealed tub of dehumidifier salt and i got that back smashed open when i
  came back it was a few days after that night where i tried switching off the lights and moving
  objects in the window.

  inside the house on the day of the episode i saw power tools, appliances and lights were
  switching themselves on and off that's both battery and corded tools and i interpreted that as a

  so if i swap those socks for my old boots and IT takes them i will get them back next time i do
  the same shit with the next clue thus showing that the same entity did this
  >I was convinced there was some sort of puzzle or trail that you follow/solve and it gradually
  drives you mad because you dont know who the fuck is toying with you or if it is even real or

>> [_] Anonymous 06/23/22(Thu)06:15:27 No.3484487

  why do you people post this old trash content from decades ago and act like it's still relevant
  somehow, /f/ is barely clinging to life after flash pulled out and you people insist on posting
  trash outdated content and never breathing anything new into this cesspool. Honestly wish this
  place would just die so it can still have whatever integrity or memories someone might have with
  this place instead of beating a dead horse with a stick.

>> [_] Anonymous 06/23/22(Thu)08:00:02 No.3484490

  I like your enthusiasm kid but you're breaking the posting system, I can't tell what's going on
  in these entries because the reply links get deleted too quickly. Try to keep it contained to one
  thread at a time. Also stop schitzo-posting people are crazy enough already these days.

>> [_] Anonymous 06/23/22(Thu)09:46:35 No.3484495

  kek, true

>> [_] Anonymous 06/23/22(Thu)11:09:23 No.3484497

  Terrible advice anon. Ugh, I'll set you straight.

  It's nothing as simple as a "conversion".
  Fla is the project file. Swf is the final product. It gets compiled and maybe obfuscated, so you
  cannot and never would be able to 100% get the original fla file from a swf, but rather an
  approximation that works 99% like the final swf makes it look. Not recommended unless you really
  want to use that flash as a base, like for a mod. Rather look for more real and organic fla files
  from other people for learning purposes.

  fla -> swf is trivial, as this is just the export of a fla opened in Adobe Flash to a container
  format, like swf or video if you want

  If you need the decompile a fla file, use JPEXS. It can open swfs and reexport them as fla (with
  all the downsides, rarely it doesn't even work).

>> [_] Anonymous 06/23/22(Thu)21:17:28 No.3484537

  Ah, aight. Thanks for the reply.

>> [_] Anonymous 06/24/22(Fri)00:59:45 No.3484549

  >In other news is looking to resurrect its /f/ clone,

>> [_] Anonymous 06/24/22(Fri)11:37:35 No.3484570

  i love atheism
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