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[_] A new entry has appeared Anonymous 03/30/24(Sat)23:00:55 No.3506125

Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anonymous 03/30/24(Sat)23:16:18 No.3506126

  >video uploaded 1 hour ago
  I didn't expect this! Looks like it could be fully made in flash minus some omissible special
  effects in a couple of seconds here and there. Would be nice if someone would ask him to release
  the swf file but I don't think that will ever happen.

  As for the thing itself, nice animation. Guess it got crowdfunded by a lot of people judging by
  the end credits.

>> [_] Anonymous 03/30/24(Sat)23:21:54 No.3506127

  It was crowdfunded. People got DVDs last year but to my knowledge no one ever leaked it. Before
  that it was being shown at some Korean indie film festivals. This is the worldwide public release
  of it.

>> [_] Anonymous 03/30/24(Sat)23:26:50 No.3506128

  Makes sense why 2016, 2019, 2024 are all mentioned in the video. A DVD for 10 minutes feels a
  little overkill but I suppose that's how you'd do it. Remarkable if nobody leaked it.

>> [_] Anonymous 03/30/24(Sat)23:28:20 No.3506129

  there were also a couple of "private" online showings for backers as well. but yeah i also never
  heard of anyone recording it and reposting it. surprising, really.

>> [_] Anonymous 03/31/24(Sun)02:23:58 No.3506132

  did u know there is content porn of this predating this release wtf

>> [_] Anonymous 03/31/24(Sun)07:58:24 No.3506137

  can someone tl;dr this whole series?
  I think I've only ever seen the first 4 or so episodes where a bunny fell in love with a cat and
  after chasing the cat around they eventually got together and faced backlash from both species.
  What I've gathered from the new vid is that these mixed relationships created hybrids which are
  even more hated and there are lions now

>> [_] Anonymous 03/31/24(Sun)10:33:08 No.3506141

  makes me think on how much my political views has changed, i'm firmly against racemixing now
  while when i saw the first flash i didn't care and simply believed that it didn't matter. fun how
  forcing racemixing into games, movies, tv series and commercials had the reverse effect.

>> [_] Anonymous 03/31/24(Sun)11:19:45 No.3506144

  Can't believe there's more.
  Maybe in another 8 years we'll get the next one

>> [_] Anonymous 03/31/24(Sun)11:41:04 No.3506146

  I hate to think about that this is probably considered as a pro lgtbwoke series by some

>> [_] Anonymous 03/31/24(Sun)12:51:46 No.3506151

  what else would you call it?

>> [_] Anonymous 03/31/24(Sun)12:53:15 No.3506152

  something that isn't a slur

>> [_] Anonymous 03/31/24(Sun)13:39:37 No.3506154

  i mean sure, i also like this series because it's one of the earliest well made flash animations
  i ever saw. but unless it is intended to actually promote inter-species relationships it clearly
  is intended to promote inter-race relationships.
  by strict definition it isn't "pro lgtbwoke" (lesbian gay trans bi) like you said but it
  certainly is both pro-something and fits the classification of being woke.

>> [_] thanks op 03/31/24(Sun)15:08:35 No.3506158

  species-mixing animation: cute and ok
  irl racemixing: gross and bad

>> [_] Anonymous 03/31/24(Sun)16:05:01 No.3506162

  Who gives a fuck either way?

  This is /f/ not twitter.

>> [_] Anonymous 03/31/24(Sun)17:56:56 No.3506166

  who the fuck cares we're on /f/ not /pol/

>> [_] Anonymous 03/31/24(Sun)21:00:59 No.3506169

  /pol/ isn't a containment board like /mlp/, it's a concentration board

>> [_] Anonymous 03/31/24(Sun)23:37:19 No.3506172

  back to /pol/ chud

>> [_] Anonymous 03/31/24(Sun)23:43:02 No.3506174

  >using chad+stud as an insult
  yeah ok

>> [_] Anonymous 03/31/24(Sun)23:49:12 No.3506176

  Chud doesn't know what a chud is, all that and more at 11

>> [_] Anonymous 03/31/24(Sun)23:55:22 No.3506177

  you're the one that doesn't know what chud is, you don't even know what a woman is so how the
  hell would you know what a chud is

>> [_] Anonymous 04/01/24(Mon)00:46:00 No.3506180

  Don't get too worked up there, you've got homeschool in the morning. You are a child and you do
  not belong here.

>> [_] Anonymous 04/01/24(Mon)05:57:51 No.3506185

  Pretty sure this one is partially a prequel.

>> [_] Anonymous 04/01/24(Mon)07:28:14 No.3506190

  >the you're-a-child card
  i was just joking around before but seems like you really are a leftist

>> [_] Anonymous 04/01/24(Mon)09:48:56 No.3506195


>> [_] Anonymous 04/01/24(Mon)11:41:26 No.3506197

  Coming back from an age of actual common sense, this flash is basically the opposite of "woke".
  It promotes true love, floruishing between a male and female whatever, which is always ok.
  This is the same as saying Romeo and Juliette is "woke", it's just about love making its way
  through meaningless societal norms or social classes.
  It has all but nothing to do with the destruction of love as a concept by promoting the most
  repulsive sexual orientations as anything but illness.
  Remember, trans people suing you for not correctly assuming their gender, parents cutting their
  childrens dicks off and the proliberation of sexual deseases = woke.
  A man and a woman wanting to love each other peacefully = not woke, even if it's a between a
  dragonkin and tumblrette.

>> [_] Anonymous 04/01/24(Mon)12:00:58 No.3506199

  "Woke" is misrepresentation of reality and racemixing across noticeable appearances is
  exceedingly rare, WAY more uncommon than you think. Despite that it is vastly over represented in
  media, which is why if you touch the subject you are tainted by a woke subject.

  The main wokeness in the flash (video) though is the perceived resistance towards racemixing,
  making it out as if there are gangs set out to lynch those that racemix. It's not true today and
  it wasn't true 15 years ago either. So the flash (video) creator is misrepresenting reality by
  showing people chasing racemixers and holding public protests on the subject. In reality it's
  basically just people like me posting online that they don't like it. Mischaracterization and
  exaggeration is woke, if a creator need to go so far and beyond reality just to make a point then
  congrats, you did it, but you also earn the label of being woke.

>> [_] Anonymous 04/01/24(Mon)15:47:25 No.3506209

  take me back

>> [_] Anonymous 04/01/24(Mon)18:49:25 No.3506213

  I thought this ended years ago?

>> [_] n5L 04/02/24(Tue)05:46:57 No.3506224

  the main story did.
  this is not the main story

>> [_] Anonymous 04/02/24(Tue)11:21:29 No.3506230

  the video is from years ago, just with another public release now

>> [_] Anonymous 04/02/24(Tue)13:31:20 No.3506235

  The first public release now.

>> [_] Anonymous 04/02/24(Tue)16:34:50 No.3506245

  >It's not true today and it wasn't true 15 years ago either.
  Not so sure.
  I'd believe in Japan or Korea it might have been that frowned upon back then. Probably still is
  (and shouldb be) in some parts.

>> [_] Anonymous 04/02/24(Tue)20:17:04 No.3506248


  This basically, the first part came out 21 years ago. So yeah, Asians dating Asians from other
  countries/communities was highly frowned upon, to the point where people would be outcast or just
  beaten the shit out for it.

  Not really sure if it's more acceptable now, but either way, the guy bitching about it above is
  an actual fucking troglodyte
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