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[XFY1P9B]F !
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>> iEditWTDinner 91910 SWF-Tan by W.T.Dinner An edit of the SWF-Tan flash by W.T.Dinner that removes her dress. [IMG] NoBlue.swf (1.18 MiB) 1100x750, Compressed (Deflate). 1 frame, 34 fps (00:00). Ver15, AS3. Network access: Text: Yes. Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: <METADATA> [find in archive]
>> Anon 91930 nipples look a little bit glued on, don't they?
>> Anon 91933 >># I dont think the nipples where under the dress at all
>> Anon 91936 i dig edits that are more than just people crying that the penis isn't #FFFFFF shades of white so thanks for these, I hope you do more
>> Anon 91946 >># Yeah. Looks like OP added them. Pretty nice, even if he didn't quite get it 100% right. Also, OP you missed the blue things behind her back. The laces of her dress or whatever. With option to remove dress, the Sowfy flash is probably the very best DinDin created yet.
>> iEditWTDinner 91958 >># Yeah I'm not an artist lol. I'll maybe make a version 2 if I ever get a chance.
>> Anon 91968 I don't think the nipples were added. There was a secret in the original post that had her dress come off if you came like 10 times or something. So if they're just from that they are not added. Maybe the author can confirm
>> Anon 91969 >># i think you're mistaken. looking at the source of the original, i don't see anything that looks like nipples.
>> Anon 91970 >># i think you're mistaken. looking at the source of the original, i don't see anything that looks like nipples. also, using cheat engine @ 5x speed having cum at least 10 times. the shirt remains. my question, how do i get to the prone boning? [IMG]no_nipples.jpg
>> Anon 91971 >># found it by searching the original. click 'porn' to get the prone bone. also, there is another topless version with different nipples → SWF-tan(topless-loli).swf
>> Anon 91986 >># yeah, that was just a troll "easteregg" people went crazy on the strange easteregg conspiracies around that point as far as memory doesn't deceive me though, there was one where you just switched scenes wildly and swftan would freeze
>> Anon 91987 >># >not freeze much rather crash, sorry
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