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[_] [?] Anonymous 04/10/11(Sun)13:30 No.1494859

>> [_] Anonymous 04/10/11(Sun)13:32 No.1494860

  Worst flash on the internet, ever.
  And that's saying something sir.

>> [_] Anonymous 04/10/11(Sun)14:54 No.1494888


>> [_] Anonymous 04/10/11(Sun)15:18 No.1494898

  It's like I'm really on deviantART

>> [_] Anonymous 04/10/11(Sun)15:43 No.1494910

  That was epic. Epic for the win...

>> [_] Anonymous 04/10/11(Sun)17:51 No.1494951

  My god why is it so fucking long?

>> [_] Anonymous 04/10/11(Sun)18:13 No.1494970

  why do I feel so disgruntled when somebody makes a generic dark colored character and names it

>> [_] Anonymous 04/10/11(Sun)18:20 No.1494974

  >Epilepsy colors
  Classic stereotype of a rave for someone who has never left their room.

>> [_] Anonymous 04/10/11(Sun)19:04 No.1494995

  I like how the author had to put that it took him an hour for every 5 seconds of animation, as if
  to justify how hard he worked on it. In reality, he put so little thought and real effort into
  this. The character design is sloppy, the animation is rough, and even the really simple
  animations look like they were just slapped together to fill time. This is a piece of shit, I
  usually wouldn't bother in stating when something is bad, but this... This is so horrible.
  Whoever the author is I hope he's given up on animation, or anything even slightly artistic for
  that matter. This isn't just humiliating for the author. It doesn't just give a bad name to
  furrys. It makes flash animation itself look bad. It's horrible flash animations like this, that
  give people the impression that flash is toy, and only useful for entertaining kids with down's
  syndrome. You make me sick.
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