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[_] [G] This should be every girl's fantasy Anonymous 08/31/11(Wed)10:19 No.1555822

Marked for deletion (old).

>> [_] Anonymous 08/31/11(Wed)10:35 No.1555827

  girls don't get off on cleaning houses, they get off on security, resources and strong genes.

  depending on culture, they may have to participate in house cleaning to a degree in order to
  secure an arrangement that guaruntees them what they really want.

  it's like how you don't actually enjoy labour, only the money you get out of it.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/31/11(Wed)10:46 No.1555830

  op is a misogynist lol


>> [_] Anonymous 08/31/11(Wed)12:21 No.1555856

  Not sure is this was supposed to be a deep philosophical look into the existence of free will,
  because no matter what you do, the same outcome occurs, even if the circumstances leading up to
  it were different, or just a cheap jab at sexism and the role of women, because ultimately you
  overcome all logic and common sense, and dress up like a maid to server your "master"

  I'm inclined to go with the latter.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/31/11(Wed)12:42 No.1555861

  Speak for yourself, ass hole.
  I actually enjoy the physical labour part.
  I rather despise money. Need money for everything.
  However, I am NOT saying that money is not a good idea/required. Can't really have a society
  without some sort of currency.

  To be back on topic, go fuck yourself with your opinions you have deluded yourself into thinking
  are fact.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/31/11(Wed)12:43 No.1555862

  inb4 semantics
  This is all my fucking opinion.

>> [_] RebelArmadillo !sSSmsP6t5Q 08/31/11(Wed)13:05 No.1555865


  The way out is simple: You close the file. That is the escape. The door is always there, and you
  are always able to go through it. After all, free will is best expressed when you take the option
  you find for yourself - not any of the options provided for you.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/31/11(Wed)13:09 No.1555867

  hahahahaha we're all so fucked.

  There's no solution to anything. The only thing in this world is decay, and were all just along
  for the ride.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/31/11(Wed)13:51 No.1555873

  this flash would be delicious with a big of pr0nz or some more depth... for fapping of course.
  elsewise, this is a strangely pleasing flash.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/31/11(Wed)14:38 No.1555880

  No, the author is just a weird fucker.

  Go back to newgrounds you little metal faggot. Your kind is much more welcome over there. Write
  about me in your 'dark poetry' or whatever it is you goth kids do.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/31/11(Wed)14:53 No.1555884

  makes me feel really, really claustrophobic.

  not my fetish.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/31/11(Wed)15:12 No.1555888

  I didn't know Newgrounds
  is full of goth kids.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/31/11(Wed)15:18 No.1555889

  This game is not a look into philosophy or feminism as a movement or anything deep.

  It's a fetish flash for mind control, and possibly sissyfication depending on how you want to
  roleplay it.

  It's like if someone posted a Rock Candy and everyone began to discuss the moral implications of
  raping something that is technically not human.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/31/11(Wed)15:18 No.1555890

  It's full of underage faggots.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/31/11(Wed)15:30 No.1555894

  Oh. So it's exactly like here, you mean.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/31/11(Wed)15:39 No.1555898

  >It's like if someone posted a Rock Candy and everyone began to discuss the moral implications of
  raping something that is technically not human.

  That sounds fun, lets do that.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/31/11(Wed)15:39 No.1555899

  >strong genes
  How many praxis kits does it take to unlock my gene-scanner?

  This poster has it. This isn't about gender roles or philosophy on free-will, it's just fetish
  material with an attempt at a romantic slant to make it marginally less creepy to outsiders.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/31/11(Wed)16:26 No.1555912

  this entire thread made me feel smart

>> [_] Anonymous 08/31/11(Wed)16:28 No.1555914

  You think that shit is smart? Go check out the rock candy flash discussion.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/31/11(Wed)17:38 No.1555934

  You sound like a true /d/eviant.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/31/11(Wed)19:21 No.1555960


  Yeah? And? Where can I get more?

>> [_] Anonymous 08/31/11(Wed)19:33 No.1555961

  Check /d/. lol

>> [_] Anonymous 08/31/11(Wed)20:37 No.1555986

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