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 Check out this video on how Google is trying to control the outcome of US election 2020 (and steer opinions in general on a global scale). 
 Since Google and YouTube has so much reach in the world I think it's a good idea to get at least a few more people aware of the manipulation going on. 
 I dislike all forms of censorship, including self-censorship caused by vague rules or fund starvation. Freedom of speech is a concept existing outside of law. 

[hide]        Several large companies are banding together to get rid of wrongthink. Tim Pool does a good job discussing the subject.        [hide]

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Darkstalkers Animation by Cobra_McJingle balls (FurryCanidWol f GallonJontalba inWerewolfFlash FuckingAnalGayF aunChimera).swf [W] 283 KiB
Furry. Porn, Gay, Anal. Emotional, Cool:1.

Demonic Temptation (Animated) by azurefang (FurryDaemon TherionAssAnus CockShakingPres entingFlash).swf [W] 1.3 MiB
Loop, Musicless. Furry, Furless. Porn, Gay, Posing. Misc, Mute.

Icon Base 03 by mushyfox (Canid ButtJigglePant ies).swf [W] 52 KiB
Loop, Musicless. Furry. Porn, Close enough. Misc, Stills, Mute.

Serv Jacom Footjob Animation by Freelancer89 (PawExotic Sole).swf [W] 9.2 MiB
Story. Loop, Musicless, FLV clip. Furry, Furless. Porn, Frottage, Gay. Game. Misc, Mute.

Bobble Star Shooter - Game by Bara-Diction (MuscleBear BaradicitonNsf w).swf [W] 3.3 MiB
Story. Furry. Porn, Gay, Posing. Game, Arcade. Misc.

Not by choice by SharkRaptor (Magnificentar seholeAnimation FlashAlienAnalA ntennaeAnusButt FemalePenisScal ieTentaclesVagi na).swf [W] 537 KiB
Loop, Musicless. Furry, Furless. Porn, Bondage, Tentacles, Rape, Anal. Misc, Mute.

ExVeemon Relaxing by Corvidius (PawDragon NudeNakedCockB allsDickPoseCha irSitRoomDarkAn imationAnimated CgModelDigimonF eetPawsSoleClaw ToesWiggle).swf [W] 2.0 MiB
Loop, Musicless, Advanced. Furry, Furless. Porn, Gay, Close enough. Misc, Mute, Unoriginal.

I.P Suicune - the easy(er) version by Barn-flakes.swf [W] 160 KiB
Furry. Porn. Game. Misc, Mute.

derpyfuta.swf [W] 6.4 MiB
Loop, Advanced. Furry, Toon. Porn, Dickgirl, Oral. Misc, Audiofocus.

[Megafileupload]anahi_sex_koko.swf [W] 926 KiB
Furry. Porn. Game. Misc, Mute.

Krystal by captainmdx (Furry StarFoxFalcoOr alAvianVixen).swf [W] 422 KiB
Story. Loop, Musicless. Furry. Porn, Oral. Misc, Mute, Unoriginal.

Biting off more than you can chew -ANIMATION- by De-Flator (Inflation FlutterhsyBigm acPegasusPonyCu mflationBodyExp ansionPoppingBu rsting).swf [W] 484 KiB
Loop, Musicless, Advanced. Furry, Furless, Toon. Porn, Flatchested, Bondage, Alternative, Vaginal. Misc, Unoriginal.

Nicobay trade 2 by nicobay (Pokemon BayleefTrainer AnalBestialityZ oophiliaPokephi liaCum).swf [W] 4.8 MiB
Loop, Advanced. Furry, Mixed, Toon. Porn, Gay, Anal. Game, Intercourse. Misc, Unoriginal.

Dokri Dress up Flash by petresko (FurryAlien FemaleSolo).swf [W] 723 KiB
Furry, Furless. Porn, Close enough. Game, Customization. Misc, Stills, Mute.

Just a bit More by grasshopper1.swf [W] 5.5 MiB
Loop, Musicless, FLV clip. Furry, Light. Porn, Alternative, Huge tits. Misc, Mute.

Special Training Gourgeist by Dercetis (PokemonPokemo n PenetrationTra inerSexAnimatio nGrassGhostPump kabooFemalePoke philiaFeralVagi naGirl).swf [W] 622 KiB
Furry, Mixed, Furless, Toon. Porn, Vaginal. Misc, Unoriginal.

Nessie Sex Smaller.swf [W] 6.2 MiB
Loop, Musicless, Improper. Furry, Furless, Toon. Porn. Misc, Mute, Unoriginal.

Character Select by Mukalinde (DoodleRabbit FemaleLagomorp h).swf [W] 327 KiB
Loop. Furry, Light, Toon. Porn. Misc, Stills, Mute, Broken, Unfinished.

Saddle Up! by TheFazoob (BondageCanidW olf CanineCowboyCo wgirlRopeHogtie dCleaveGagMoanB lueLeather).swf [W] 190 KiB
Loop, Musicless, Seamless. Furry. Porn, Muzzled, Bondage, Stimulation. Misc.

Kinkie Katz Microgames Nosebleed 1.2 by SamBacon (FetishFelineC at WariowareSexyC utePantiesUpski rtVoreUnbirth).swf [W] 8.7 MiB
Story, Nonreal video. Loop. Furry. Porn, Close enough. Misc.

FLASH ANIMATION - One Night at Betty's - DEMO 2 by foxpawmcfly (VoreCanidVulp ine GameSexyFurryF etishFiveNights FreddysRaffleBi gBoobsBreastsCu mFursuitHorrorM askSnuffSeducti onTrapDisguiseF emaleStraitPinu ).swf [W] 2.3 MiB
Story, Quality. Furry, Light. Porn, Loli. Game. Misc, Mute.

artem1.swf [W] 206 KiB
Furry, Light. Porn, Dickgirl. Game, Platformer. Misc, Mute, Unfinished.

Zoe sex - nnecgrau.swf [W] 3.3 MiB
Loop, Musicless. Furry. Porn, Vaginal. Misc, Mute.

Cynder Getting Some Attention by Grisarne (FanartDragon SpyroDragonsFe maleDragonessGa meMaincharacter AnimationSwfFla shBlender3dToun geVaginaPussyCu nnilingusSexGir lBoyLoopAnimate d).swf [W] 890 KiB
Loop, Musicless, FLV clip. Furry, Toon. Porn, Stimulation, Oral. Misc, Mute, Unoriginal.

xanyo's latex fun time by himan3214 (CanidVulpine AnimationAnima teColorCockWink Flash).swf [W] 299 KiB
Loop. Furry, Toon. Porn, Bondage, Gay. Misc, Stills, Mute.

Flash - Latex Slave Preperation - Sora.swf [W] 1.3 MiB
Story. Furry. Porn. Game. Misc, Mute.

Obedience (animation) by Karaway (PokemonPokemo n CanineCockCumD ogFellatioFembo iFemboyGayKnotL ickLucarioMaleN akedNatureOralP enisPublicRaveS alivaSuckSuperT ongueZoroarkFla shBlowjob).swf [W] 9.2 MiB
Loop, Musicless, Advanced. Furry, Toon. Porn, Oral. Misc, Mute, Unoriginal.

A black lollipop by JxxxJ (Furry MalefemaleFeli neCaracalBlackp antherCatraiDar kenLayingdownBl ackpenisNudeNak edBlowjobLickOr alsex).swf [W] 228 KiB
Loop. Furry. Porn. Misc, Mute.

Serving master (animated) by yiffos (PokemonPokemo n EeveeHumanTrai nerOralBlowjobD ickCockPenisFla shAnimationAgal amtCuteBlushLic king).swf [W] 4.8 MiB
Loop. Furry. Porn. Game. Misc, Mute.

Macro Dog - Playful Swallow by ShadowWolf_Fan g (Vore Animation).swf [W] 9.9 MiB
Story. Loop, Advanced. Furry. Porn. Misc.

Endurance practice by floravola (BondageDragon SpyroCynderSex AnimationFlashB oobsBoobiesBrea stsPussyPenisDi ckCumShotMating TempleRopeBalls BouncingInterco urseNeverEnding HumpJizzAnimate dHighSugarNippl eSca).swf [W] 113 KiB
Loop, Musicless, Advanced. Furry, Furless. Porn, Bondage, Vaginal. Misc, Mute, Unoriginal.

Scene 050 WITH MOTHERFUCKING SOUND ! by max_tony (FantasyArgoni an SkyrimFemaleSe xySangheiliElit eHaloVideoGames AnimationAnimat ed3dCgiRule34Al ienReptileXxxPo rnThreesomeAnal SodomyBlowjobMf fStraight).swf [W] 9.7 MiB
Loop, Musicless, FLV clip, Seamless. Furry, Furless. Porn, Oral, Anal. Misc, Mute, Unoriginal. Emotional, Cool:1.

[C] Soda 3-4 by MOK850 (ImpulseYouLoo kedAtKeywordsBe couseDidntWrote ThemInPreviousP arts).swf [W] 7.9 MiB
Loop. Furry, Toon. Porn, IRL (real), Gay, Dickgirl. Misc, Stills, Mute, Moonspeak. Emotional, Wtf:1.

Raksha-Leaf YCH by Zeara (VoreCanid NomsDevourSwal lowEatBurpBelch DigestGurgleFoo dstuffFuckindin osaurswerewaiti ngforthis).swf [W] 823 KiB
Loop, Advanced. Furry. Porn, Alternative.

CoC_0.9.0_mod_0.9.7.swf [W] 8.2 MiB
Story, Quality. Furry. Porn, Loli, Bondage, Gay. Game, Intercourse. Misc, Stills, Mute.

AJ x RD Animation by k12 (FurryHorse MlpMyLittlePon yFriendshipMagi cRainbowDashApp lejackEquestria FutaHermPotionP egasusLesbianCa rtoonBlah).swf [W] 9.5 MiB
Story, Nonreal video. Furry, Toon. Porn, Dickgirl, Vaginal, Oral. Misc, Unoriginal.

m_122901510463 9.wookiee_muscl eposelionnude.swf [W] 683 KiB
Loop. Furry. Porn. Misc, Mute.

raptorian_animation.swf [W] 1.0 MiB
Loop, Musicless. Furry, Light, Furless. Porn, Posing. Misc, Mute.

Flash - Dressup - Cora by MorningPanda.swf [W] 11.7 MiB
Furry. Porn, Close enough. Game, Customization.

tantkell loveing by peter10ns (Fanart Maletantkellcg i).swf [W] 6.9 MiB
Story. Loop. Furry. Porn. Misc, Mute.

Jam Wolf Stripper in Action!! Give me dollars, you will see by Cygnus_light (MuscleBodybui lderArtAnimatio nSexCanine).swf [W] 6.1 MiB
Loop. Furry. Porn, Posing. Emotional, Lol:1.

Foxy's Knot by microdude87.swf [W] 88 KiB
Loop. Furry. Porn. Misc, Mute.

Spyro & Cynder - Evening Fun by Grisarne (FantasyDragon DragonessTlosG ameCharactersPl aystationPs1Ps2 WiiAnimation3dS wfSchockwaveFla shVideoSexPenis WingsBouncy).swf [W] 913 KiB
Loop, Musicless, FLV clip. Furry, Furless, Toon. Porn, Vaginal. Misc, Mute, Unoriginal.

Adult pack 3 by osos (Furry ChubbyFatBears ).swf [W] 4.0 MiB
Furry. Porn, Gay, Posing, Oral, Anal. Misc, Stills, Mute.

Scene055_High.swf [W] 20.7 MiB
Loop. Furry. Porn. Misc, Mute.

CoC_0.9.2_mod_1.0.9.swf [W] 8.2 MiB
Story, Quality. Furry, Light. Porn, Bondage, Gay. Game, Intercourse. Misc, Mute.

CoC_0.9.2_mod_1.0.11.swf [W] 8.2 MiB
Story, Quality. Furry. Porn, Loli, Bondage, Gay. Game, Intercourse. Misc, Mute.

(Prototype Flash) Midnight Mound by MasterSarge300 (Furry CatHorseMareFe lineFemaleGame).swf [W] 53 KiB
Loop, Advanced. Furry. Porn, Vaginal. Game, Vague. Misc, Mute, Unfinished.

Renamon Hypnosis wheel (girl) by himan3214 (FlashDigimonF emale).swf [W] 1.5 MiB
Loop. Furry. Porn. Misc, Mute.

Brunhilda Dressup Finished by BlueStoneArche r.swf [W] 68 KiB
Furry, Light. Porn. Game, Customization. Misc, Stills, Mute.
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