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If the site isn't working like it should for you it is because EasyList (a set of filter rules used by your adblocker) has started to block the whole subdomain. This causes captchas to not load and the easy solution is to just disable the adblocker completely. Ironically this causes people using the EasyList ruleset to actually see more ads...

Since it's exceptionally easy to only block the actual ads on swfchan (no ads are actually served from swfchan's own domain) and because the current ruleset is actually causing visitors to see more ads I thought this matter would be quickly resolved. However, I have been trying to contact EasyList for over three weeks now with no response. Therefore I feel the need to ask my visitors to e-mail them as well to bring attention to this issue and show that regular users of EasyList care about swfchan, not just the guy running the site.

They have two e-mails: and The first one is the primary mail but I've sent mail to both and received a reply from neither. Have sent using different mail accounts as well so I know there was no sending issues on my end. I should have written this announcement earlier but this whole thing felt like such an open-and-shut case that I would never have imagined swfchan still being blocked like this after three weeks. Big thanks to anyone helping out!

Note: I'm not writing this because of money, the site's income is actually the same as before (less visitors but less blockers equal same ad views). I am however worried that in the long run, in a year or so, this may lead to less links leading to swfchan which would sure enough finally kill it off the web, especially with the dwindling flash support these days. I also don't think this is a fair practice by EasyList, there's no reason what-so-ever to block swfchan itself. I don't serve ads and an adblocker should block ad providers, not sites that use ad providers. I also don't limit anyone blocking ads from using the site in any way. It feels like the EasyList authors took just a minute to look at swfchan, said "fuck it" and proceeded to block the whole thing instead of only the ads.

So if you have a moment I'd really appreciate it if you took the time to e-mail them about this. Just be polite and ask EasyList to block only the ads on swfchan, not the actual content on swfchan itself. There's a discussion thread over here.

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The shower will be after this - Animation by Luskfoxx (MaleLockerRoo mGayMmDickCockK notAnalFelineCa nidPantherCumsh otJizz).swf [W] 219 KiB
Story, Nonreal video, Flash animation. Furry. Porn, Gay, Anal. Game, Intercourse. Misc, Indeterminate, Mute.

Flash Movie of the couple by obor (FemaleDolphin Orca).swf [W] 609 KiB
Loop, Musicless, Impure. Furry, Furless, Toon. Porn, Vaginal. Misc, Mute, Moonspeak.

Elised playing whit his new toy by Orantek (MaleCumMastur bationSoloShotA nalInsertionNig htfuryFloor).swf [W] 16 KiB
Story, Nonreal video, Flash animation. Loop, Musicless, Advanced, Seamless. Furry, Furless, Toon. Porn, Selfplay, Gay, Oral, Anal. Misc, Stills, Mute.

bakedgewds_4lecfin.swf [W] 167 KiB
Furry. Porn. Misc, Stills, Mute.

Selfies With Yuki Series A (Flash, Sound) by CleverDerpy (FemaleUnicorn SefliesCleveryu kiBrighteyesQui cksandMudVideoH omeCameraFootag eNakedNudeMlpMy LittlePonyFimFr iendshipMagic).swf [W] 7.0 MiB
Story, Nonreal video. Furry, Toon. Porn, Alternative, Posing.

Commission catalogue (interactive page turner.) by blindman12 (CommisionAcit iveTransfromati onPortraitsPain tingDigitalSket chLineArt).swf [W] 3.3 MiB
Furry. Porn. Misc, Stills.

TF Animation 1 by PCZ (Transformatio nTransgenderDin osaurTheropodHu manCeratosaurus ).swf [W] 1.1 MiB
Story, Nonreal video, Flash animation. Furry. Porn, Alternative. Misc, Mute, Unfinished.

PWYW-Animated1 3 by FuzzAmorous (SergalFuckLoo pAnalStraight).swf [W] 532 KiB
Loop, Musicless. Furry. Porn, Muzzled, Bondage, Dickgirl, Anal. Misc, Mute.

gut droop by SkitzoCannibal (Rabbit FnafFiveNights FreddysBonnieIn testinesGoreAni mated).swf [W] 71 KiB
Loop, Musicless. Furry. Porn, Alternative. Misc, Mute.

Werewolf muscle-size drain by Triafis (MuscleCanidWo lf GrowthGrowingS hrinkingStealTh eftModelBlender SiphonTransferF ightDifference).swf [W] 2.5 MiB
Story, Nonreal video. Loop. Furry. Porn, Alternative. Game. Misc, Mute.

JC-the-Hyena request by hadu123 (MacroMicro LucarioButtCru shSoundCauseDon tKnowGoodSite).swf [W] 8.0 MiB
Story, Nonreal video. Loop. Furry, Mixed, Toon. Porn, Alternative, Close enough. Game.

Zeara eat gaming mikey by GassyGobblers (Vore BurpDigestionW olfOtter).swf [W] 663 KiB
Story, Nonreal video, Flash animation. Furry. Porn, Alternative. Game, Customization, Vague. Misc, Indeterminate.

[flash] Birthday fun by infycharmander (Pokemon SandniteSandsl ashDragoniteHyb ridGayAnalOralC harizardInferia torTentaclesPen etrationCocksli tRearholeSurpri sePresent).swf [W] 658 KiB
Furry, Furless, Toon. Porn, Tentacles, Gay, Oral, Anal. Game, Customization, Intercourse. Misc, Mute.

Amber Fingering Herself - Animation.swf [W] 1.6 MiB
Loop, Musicless. Furry. Porn, Selfplay. Misc, Mute.

Fifi la Fume TVPaint Test - Oh How We Learn.swf [W] 2.1 MiB
Loop, Musicless. Furry. Porn, Close enough. Misc, Mute, Unfinished.

Grizzle Anal Vore 130421.swf [W] 12 KiB
Story, Nonreal video. Furry, Mixed. Porn, Bestiality, Alternative, Anal. Misc, Mute.

jacking.swf [W] 497 KiB
Loop, Musicless. Furry, Furless. Porn, Selfplay, Gay. Misc, Mute.

Doggy Style! by Mutten (FetishCanidWo lf MaleSexAnalMus cleTwinkAnthroB edHumpIncestGay BrothersCumdump FlashAnimationA nimatedMxmDescr iptionCommissio nsComissionCute TenderBootyFluf fyShortstoryHor ny).swf [W] 8.9 MiB
Loop, Musicless. Furry. Porn, Gay, Anal. Misc, Mute.

[Interactive] Bond A Riolu by Matojeje.swf [W] 13 KiB
Furry, Toon. Porn, Muzzled, Bondage. Game, Customization, Vague. Misc, Mute.

Buttwiggles by Kiotaro (PokemonPokemo n UmbreonEspeonP enisAnimation3d BlenderForestPo keparkWiiShake).swf [W] 2.2 MiB
Loop, Musicless. Furry, Toon. Porn, Gay, Close enough. Misc, Mute.

DAT ASS - Animation by PalmarianFire (FurryDonkey NasukiCommissi onBakasukonkuGi ftTyrikColoredC razhuskyJackass EquineButtAnusP uckerSpreadTeas eSexyShyMoanUns ureAllurePresen tingLustfulBack ballsNeedDesire H).swf [W] 3.9 MiB
Loop, Impure. Furry. Porn, Gay, Posing.

m_131314416387 3.interval_2010 1023_kuma.swf [W] 2.4 MiB
Furry. Porn, Frottage, Gay, Anal. Misc, Stills.

Stinky tests a TF dart on himself by GproKaru (Fetish PoolToyPuppyHu skyRubberPvcLat exInflatableInf lateFriskyLimeS hineShiny).swf [W] 51 KiB
Story, Nonreal video, Flash animation. Furry. Porn, Alternative, Gay. Misc, Mute.

Group YCH by PalmarianFire (Furry YourCharacterH ereCumshotHandj obDickCock).swf [W] 662 KiB
Furry. Porn, Selfplay, Gay. Misc, Stills, Mute, Unfinished.

pron o3o by sharkie~.swf [W] 7.3 MiB
Loop, Musicless, Improper. Furry, Furless. Porn, Dickgirl, Anal. Misc, Mute.

Ball Brawl (BETA.2e) (Flash Game).swf [W] 135 KiB
Story. Furry. Porn, Gay. Game, RPG/Adventure, Intercourse. Misc, Stills, Mute.

Fucking machine by OmegaZ (MaleLizardThe ElderScrollsSky rimArgonianSlav eGayAnthroAssBu ttsexYiffSexlab ModificationAna lCollarTattooIn gameanimation).swf [W] 9.2 MiB
Loop, Musicless. Furry, Furless. Porn, Bondage, Gay, Anal. Misc, Mute.

Bowser's Bathtime Story by Garyu (MaleCumBallsM asturbationOrga smBigCockHandjo bSolo).swf [W] 27.1 MiB
Loop. Furry, Furless. Porn, Selfplay, Gay. Misc, Unoriginal.

Cowgirl Ride by KingFoxSoul (FemaleVaginal MasturbationCan idDildoSoloAnim ation).swf [W] 933 KiB
Loop, Musicless. Furry. Porn, Selfplay, Vaginal. Misc, Mute.

Maid Charle (animated) by XeryTheMew (CatPenisCockM ale-femaleOralT ailM-fStraightB lowjobLickingFe male-maleSexAni mationF-mBjFair y2dSwfShockwave ).swf [W] 24.8 MiB
Loop, Musicless, Impure. Furry. Porn, Loli, Frottage, Oral. Misc, Mute.

Nicoles Belly Bed by bleeding-finge rtips (Vore TheLynxSameSiz eSonicHedgehogD igestionStruggl ingSexyHugeBigB reastsAssButtMi naMongoosePostA rchieComicsAnim ationFlashLoopA dult).swf [W] 139 KiB
Furry. Porn.

-Commission- Tissel's Meal Struggling by Alpha.swf [W] 129 KiB
Furry. Porn.

Asriel's Butt Returns - Animation Commission by ByondRAGE (MaleBovidGoat UndertaleBootyR earSexyTvpaint).swf [W] 162 KiB
Loop, Musicless. Furry, Toon. Porn, Gay, Posing. Misc, Mute, Unoriginal.

Ashley-edit ex 2.swf [W] 582 KiB
Furry. Porn, Loli, Vaginal. Game, Reflexes. Misc, Broken. Emotional, Lol:1.

Benjamins choice.swf [W] 9.3 MiB
Story, Quality. Furry. Porn, Loli, Bondage, Gay. Misc, Audiofocus. Emotional, Wtf:1.

Machine slave and dungeon (gay furry) (animation) by Nikisupostat (FurriesAnthro FlashDildoChai nedBdsmAnalFeet Paws).swf [W] 3.5 MiB
Loop, Musicless. Furry. Porn, Gay. Misc, Mute.

[edit] animal crossing Bunnie (use the number keys tochange scenes) ex.swf [W] 4.5 MiB
Loop. Furry. Porn.

Medical examination by XkAX (MaleTheElderS crollsSkyrimArg onianSlaveOmega zGayAnthroAssLi zardManKpCockAn alButtfuckYello wReksaarRoom).swf [W] 7.8 MiB
Loop, Musicless. Furry. Porn, Gay, Anal. Misc, Mute.

Pony ride by Angry_cat (SceneryGroup).swf [W] 423 KiB
Loop, Musicless. Furry, Mixed, Toon. Porn, Bestiality, Vaginal. Misc, Mute.

Butt Stuffing [Colored] by JakeWoolson201 5 (MaleDogDragon CanineGayPenisC ockAnalBallsBoy AssDickHuskyPen etrationAnimati onGuyBootyDudeC olorsAusjamcian ).swf [W] 881 KiB
Loop, Musicless. Furry, Light. Porn, Gay, Anal. Misc, Mute.

[edit] animal crossing Bunnie (use the number keys to change scenes) ex.swf [W] 4.6 MiB
Furry, Mixed, Toon. Porn. Misc, Unoriginal.

Corruption of Generosity by SwedishSnus (FemalePonyEqu ineUnicornRapeP egasusBulgeSnow FutaOrgyWinterF ondlingCaveCock Worship).swf [W] 2.1 MiB
Loop. Furry, Toon. Porn, Bondage, Dickgirl, Vaginal, Oral. Misc, Mute.

91 by justvisitingg (MaleFoxCubCan inePenisBallsMa sturbationBlush AnusShotaCummin gOrgasmForeskin UncutHandjobGap e).swf [W] 791 KiB
Furry, Toon. Porn, Frottage. Misc, Mute.

Stop Struggling! by Silverlonewolf (MalePseudorap eMalesLionCockB allsAnalPenetra tionSizeDiffere nceGoldenBlueFu rFelineCanineAm TerribleFucking Keywords).swf [W] 9.5 MiB
Loop, Musicless. Furry. Porn, Rape, Gay, Anal. Misc, Mute.

Hazel Sex by icedragon1415 (FantasyFemale CanidWolf).swf [W] 3.7 MiB
Story, Quality. Loop, Advanced. Furry. Porn, Frottage, Vaginal, Oral. Game, Intercourse. Misc, Mute, Series.

70 by justvisitingg (FemaleCubCumM ouseStraightFin geringanal).swf [W] 142 KiB
Loop, Musicless. Furry. Porn, Loli, Anal. Misc, Mute.

Unexpected Visiter [WARNING - M-M, Cub] by LaniSolfire (FemaleFoxDrag onGayRabbitAnal SexBunnyGirlBoy OralM-mBlowjobV ulpineWomanRept ileAnimationSto ryGuyLapineGame AnimatedGunHare FightPorcupineB attleUnknow).swf [W] 6.9 MiB
Story. Furry. Porn, Gay. Game. Misc.

MLG NIGGA.swf [W] 2.5 MiB
Story, Melodious, Quality. Furry, Toon. Porn. Misc.

The backyard by XP (Group).swf [W] 1.8 MiB
Furry, Furless. Porn, Gay, Oral. Game, Vague. Misc, Stills, Mute.

Spit out or go down! by Hopfel (VorePokemonCr oconawCharizard CharmanderDrool TongueShading).swf [W] 118 KiB
Loop, Musicless. Furry, Furless. Porn, Alternative. Misc, Mute, Unoriginal.
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