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 Check out this video on how Google is trying to control the outcome of US election 2020 (and steer opinions in general on a global scale). 
 Since Google and YouTube has so much reach in the world I think it's a good idea to get at least a few more people aware of the manipulation going on. 
 I dislike all forms of censorship, including self-censorship caused by vague rules or fund starvation. Freedom of speech is a concept existing outside of law. 

[hide]        Several large companies are banding together to get rid of wrongthink. Tim Pool does a good job discussing the subject.        [hide]

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Space Farts - a bit short but still very funny animation.swf [W] 1.1 MiB
Story. Misc.

Will Sasso Lemon Compilation.swf [W] 8.8 MiB
Story, Melodious, Quality. Misc.

TouhouHaiyore! Nyaruko-sanKoak uma(gomitin)1gi rlAlternateLeng thHairstyleWing sBlushChildDemo nDressShirtClos edFlashJulietSl eevesMouthOutst retchedPointedP osingPuffyPurpl eShoesShortSmil eStandingTaiyou.swf [W] 244 KiB
Story, Quality. Loop. Misc.

Oregon Trail.swf [W] 3.3 MiB
Story. Loop. Misc.

Chaos reigns.swf [W] 8.3 MiB
Story, Melodious, Quality. Loop. Misc.

Spaceman Max - fun Mars spaceman physics puzzle platformer game.swf [W] 4.1 MiB
Story. Loop. Furry. Misc.

[SFM] Game Grumps Animated - Arin's Gun.swf [W] 8.1 MiB
Story, Nonreal video. Misc.

NBA Motherfucking Jam [Gimp Grub Reuploadimated ] - BEARDENED ed..swf [W] 9.5 MiB
Story. Misc.

Moot doing his job.swf [W] 13 KiB
Story. Loop.

Ramsay.swf [W] 8.2 MiB
Story, IRL video, Quality. Loop, Musicless. Misc, A classic. Emotional, Lol:1.

Carol of the Weed.swf [W] 7.9 MiB
Story, Melodious. Loop. Misc, Audiofocus.

Psycho Halo Kid (UN Owen Was Her).swf [W] 8.7 MiB
Story, IRL video, Melodious. Misc, Stills, Audiofocus.

Momiji.swf [W] 5.3 MiB
Story. Furry. Misc.

PencilHead.swf [W] 10.0 MiB
Story, IRL video. Loop.

NARUTOE.swf [W] 5.6 MiB
Story. Furry. Misc, Moonspeak.

Leave Britney alone!.swf [W] 4.9 MiB
Story, IRL video.

natsuzora kanata miyoshi yuiko rokkaku gorou kobuichi muririn belt cross flash green eyes hat jewelry necklace orange hair pink short tank top.swf [W] 1.0 MiB
Story. Misc, Stills, Moonspeak.

Vocaloid(vocal oid)HatsuneHach uneArmpitsBague tteShouldersSti ckersCellphoneD etachedSleevesD rawingHeadphone sHeadsetHolding FilesizeLightbu lbMidriffMultip leNecktiePointi ngPonytailSurpr isedThighhighs.swf [W] 11.8 MiB
Story, Melodious, Quality. Loop. Misc.

cheeeen.swf [W] 2.2 MiB
Story. Loop, Advanced. Misc, Stills, Moonspeak, Unoriginal. Emotional, Wtf:1.

THE HOT SPOT!.swf [W] 6.5 MiB
Story, IRL video. Loop.

Seemed Like A Good Idea - short but cute flash animation.swf [W] 502 KiB
Story, Nonreal video, Flash animation. Emotional, Cool:1.

Birds of the Night - outstanding style of flash animation.swf [W] 2.6 MiB
Story, Flash animation. Misc.

15.swf [W] 1.0 MiB
Story. Loop. Furry.

Dancing Maid.swf [W] 2.8 MiB
Story, IRL video, Melodious. Loop, FLV clip, Seamless. Misc. Emotional, Lol:1.

Whack Your Ex - Let all your stress melt away and whack your ex!.swf [W] 1.7 MiB
Story. Misc.

Graveyard Maniacs.swf [W] 756 KiB

ADHD_pingu.swf [W] 8.7 MiB
Story, Quality. Misc, Indeterminate, A classic, Moonspeak, Unoriginal. Emotional, Wtf:1, Lol:1, The best:1, Cool:1.

Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal (Michael Jackson's Vision).swf [W] 6.1 MiB
Story, IRL video. Misc, Trick.

my ordinary life.swf [W] 6.1 MiB
Story, Melodious, Quality. Misc, Useful, A classic. Emotional, Aww:1.

who-owns-the-street03.swf [W] 9.9 MiB
Story, IRL video. Misc.

This is not rape.swf [W] 7.9 MiB
Story, IRL video. Misc, Moonspeak.

Silversteinburg.swf [W] 10.0 MiB
Story, Melodious, Quality. Misc.

Da Bomb - animation to the iconic piece of classical music.swf [W] 577 KiB
Story, Flash animation.

Disappoint.swf [W] 2.7 MiB
Story, Nonreal video, Melodious, Quality. Loop, FLV clip. Misc, Indeterminate, Moonspeak. Emotional, Wtf:1, Lol:2, Facepalm:1.

Xbox One Unveiled.swf [W] 9.7 MiB
Story, IRL video, Quality. Misc, Stills. Emotional, Lol:1.

teamnekokanfan _an_internet_vi deo_about_the_i nternet.swf [W] 4.2 MiB
Story, Nonreal video, Quality. Furry, Mixed. Misc.

man.swf [W] 9.9 MiB
Story. Misc.

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.swf [W] 9.8 MiB
Story, Flash animation. Loop.

VocaloidYumeNi kkiKagerouDays( vocaloid)Madots ukiMonoko62742g irlsBenchBlackB linkingBraidCen soredClockCloud DeathDiaryFlash IdentityCensorM ultipleGirlsPol eRoadRunningSit tingSkirtTraffi cLightTwinTails.swf [W] 7.3 MiB
Story, Melodious, Quality. Misc, Moonspeak, Unoriginal.

pinkie_pie_(ml p) pony rap horn female twilight_spark le_(mlp) horse group flash fluttershy_(ml p).swf [W] 18.4 MiB
Story, Nonreal video, Melodious. Loop. Furry, Light, Toon. Misc. Emotional, Lol:1.

Lightsaber Fightsaber V.swf [W] 6.9 MiB
Story, Melodious, Quality. Misc.

MEGAMAN_ONLINE_1_2_flv.swf [W] 9.2 MiB
Story, Quality. Loop, Advanced. Misc, Stills, Moonspeak.

How to Draw With Shadman 2.swf [W] 6.3 MiB
Story, Quality. Misc, Mute. Emotional, Lol:1.

namco mojipittan flash lowres mojikun music video.swf [W] 877 KiB
Story, Flash animation, Melodious. Misc, Moonspeak.

Saruman Troll.swf [W] 4.2 MiB
Story, IRL video. Loop, FLV clip. Emotional, Lol:1.

in thier tongue he is poo fucking.swf [W] 533 KiB
Story. Loop. Misc.

The.Harassment.of.Kyon.swf [W] 9.8 MiB
Story, Nonreal video, Melodious.

in the year 2525.swf [W] 9.8 MiB
Story, Melodious, Quality. Misc. Emotional, The best:2, Cool:2.

Madotsuki Fight Scene.swf [W] 7.1 MiB
Story, Melodious, Quality. Loop, Musicless, Advanced, Seamless. Misc, Stills, Audiofocus, Moonspeak.

TouhouHakureiR eimuAliceMargat roidYakumoYukar iChen(cat)(nora neko)2girlsBath BlanketCookingC upFlashFutonHea rtHugeFilesizeK otatsuMeganeMon ochromeMoonMult ipleGirlsMusicV ideoScarfSmileS nowTableTearsYu ri.swf [W] 11.1 MiB
Story, Melodious, Quality. Misc.
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