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 Check out this video on how Google is trying to control the outcome of US election 2020 (and steer opinions in general on a global scale). 
 Since Google and YouTube has so much reach in the world I think it's a good idea to get at least a few more people aware of the manipulation going on. 
 I dislike all forms of censorship, including self-censorship caused by vague rules or fund starvation. Freedom of speech is a concept existing outside of law. 

[hide]        Several large companies are banding together to get rid of wrongthink. Tim Pool does a good job discussing the subject.        [hide]

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Q-Gif_Montage_3.swf [W] 10.9 MiB
Story, IRL video, Nonreal video, Flash animation, Melodious, Quality. Misc, A classic. Emotional, Cool:1.

yayoena.swf [W] 1.2 MiB
Story, Melodious. Misc, Moonspeak.

cantdoit.swf [W] 1.7 MiB
Story, Flash animation. Misc. Emotional, Wtf:1.

bulldogflash6.swf [W] 596 KiB
Story. Misc.

How Pregnancy happens.swf [W] 1.6 MiB
Story, Quality. Loop. Misc.

salad_fingers2.swf [W] 2.8 MiB
Story, Quality. Misc.

IOSYS_toho5_TabooTearsYouUp.swf [W] 14.0 MiB
Story, Melodious, Quality. Misc, Moonspeak.

movie_b_saisyuheiki.swf [W] 10.1 MiB
Story, Nonreal video. Misc, Moonspeak. Emotional, Lol:1.

justasplanned.swf [W] 2.8 MiB
Story. Misc.

salad_fingers5.swf [W] 2.2 MiB
Story, Flash animation, Quality. Misc, A classic.

True_Naruto_Style_01.swf [W] 1.4 MiB
Story, Flash animation, Quality. Misc, A classic. Emotional, Lol:1.

harunohi.swf [W] 9.3 MiB
Story, Quality. Furry. Misc, Moonspeak.

Elvisp.swf [W] 1.8 MiB
Story, Flash animation, Melodious. Misc.

egg_story05.swf [W] 617 KiB
Story, Flash animation.

pie.swf [W] 86 KiB
Story, Flash animation. Misc, A classic, Mute.

HF_Extra_Scene.swf [W] 3.8 MiB
Story, Nonreal video. Misc.

plan9fups_tmst.swf [W] 1.8 MiB
Story, Flash animation, Melodious.

epsd9_superman_hi.swf [W] 2.2 MiB
Story, Flash animation. Misc.

094.swf [W] 819 KiB

114496369.swf [W] 4.5 MiB

ohsowonderful.swf [W] 637 KiB
Story. Stills. Emotional, Lol:1.

Episode01.swf [W] 1.5 MiB
Story, Flash animation. Misc, Series.

1207445905921.swf [W] 364 KiB
Story, Melodious. Loop, Seamless. Misc, Indeterminate, Audiofocus, Moonspeak, Trick. Emotional, Wtf:1, Facepalm:1.

systemdown.swf [W] 381 KiB
Story, Melodious.

come_together.swf [W] 7.8 MiB
Story, Flash animation, Melodious, Quality. Misc. Emotional, Cool:1.

starterupsteve -com-execution_ by_america.swf [W] 194 KiB

salad_fingers6.swf [W] 2.6 MiB
Story, Quality. Misc.

1202619120154.swf [W] 2.1 MiB
Story, Flash animation. Misc, Series.

Madness_Combat_5.swf [W] 3.6 MiB
Story, Flash animation. Misc, Series.

314.swf [W] 2.6 MiB
Story. Misc.

milkman.swf [W] 1.3 MiB
Story, Flash animation, Melodious, Quality. Misc.

lunar_song_cat.swf [W] 837 KiB
Story. Misc.

FancyFroglin.swf [W] 243 KiB
Story. Loop. Furry. Misc.

chatbot.swf [W] 34 KiB
Story. Loop. Furry. Misc.

Q-Gif_Montage_4.swf [W] 26.2 MiB
Story, IRL video, Nonreal video, Flash animation, Melodious, Quality. Misc, A classic, Moonspeak. Emotional, Cool:1.

TSAH.swf [W] 4.4 MiB
Story, Quality. Misc.

330314_ACreek04.swf [W] 777 KiB
Story, Flash animation. Misc, Series.

brackenwood004.swf [W] 5.4 MiB
Story, Flash animation, Melodious, Quality. Misc.

Odd Todd Laid Off (Part2).swf [W] 3.7 MiB
Story, Flash animation.

Episode05.swf [W] 1.9 MiB
Story, Flash animation. Misc, Series.

counterstick.swf [W] 723 KiB
Story, Flash animation.

a_flash_tutorial_part2.swf [W] 2.2 MiB
Story, Flash animation. Misc, Useful.

[KK] That's Racist.swf [W] 4.9 MiB
Story. Misc.

1ydp_mini.swf [W] 827 KiB
Story, Flash animation, Melodious. Loop, Impure. Misc, Stills, Moonspeak.

Coconuts.swf [W] 383 KiB

kill.swf [W] 195 KiB
Story, Quality. Misc, Indeterminate. Emotional, Facepalm:1, The best:1.

sbemail156.swf [W] 728 KiB
Story. Misc.

Neko Kawaigari ghetto.swf [W] 1.6 MiB
Story. Furry. Misc, Trick.

betterpig.swf [W] 2.2 MiB
Story, Quality. Misc.

sbemail54.swf [W] 349 KiB
Story, Flash animation.
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