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 Games & Interactive Flashes
Short flash game where you strip and fuck Mikuru in a bunny costume.
A flash game by Rockcandy. Click on the blue flowers to switch scenes.
Probably a more recent build on swfchan.

Press [o] to open the menu.
Don't visit the link at the top left of the flash, he misspelled 'panic'. The pnaic site is a scam site.
A rather short flash game from rock candy.

If you pick either 'switch to vaginal sex' or 'cum' she kills you, but if you wait until she smirks and press 'cum' you get to see a different ending, and then she kills you.
Pretty simple gameplay just make sure to move on to the next action when the pleasure from one action starts going down instead of up. There is an easter egg where if you click his knee he takes an arrow to it, but this tanks your pleasure meter so you should probably avoid doing it.

Also ifuckgames has been dead for a while now.
Use auto mode.
Nova game.swf3.78 MiB
When the line is going through the open section of the circle press 'T'. After 3 times you proceed to the next sex option.
Onihole.swf4.18 MiB
A flash game from Rock Candy.

You need to click on the gourd and get her drunk before you can do the sex options.
Tiny Tina.swf527.4 KiB
The music loop is kind of annoying. If you're on chrome there's an easy way to enable tab muting just enter this into your address bar:

The game seemed like a pain in the ass so I never played it, but this gallery works for the most part.
Kulleta.swf106.6 KiB
Pretty good quality animation, no sounds though.

Just click on the hearts to advance through the scenes.
Armossss.swf2.22 MiB
jaundice.swf13.19 MiB
Muffet Fin.swf10.16 MiB
Bowser!!.swf205.4 KiB






 Videos & Loops
Video is pretty cool, music is kinda WTF.
new 1UP.swf1.44 MiB
Well done animation of Peach and Mario.
A flash animation from Shadman and Spazkid.
Short flash animation.
Part of the iris action series of loops.
Blood elf.swf5.44 MiB
A short mute loop of a night elf
Doggy Emi.swf74.9 KiB
Very short / mute but good quality loop by TGrim.
Not the second in the series, but the second on this list
Short / mute, but pretty good by SpeedoSausage.
Longer version of popular internet video.
Boxxy.swf256.1 KiB
Short / mute loop by channeldulce.
An animated video by freako.
Video by Freako.
noko.swf1.42 MiB






 Rodeo Style
The music is kinda weird for this style of video, but the video is still pretty good.
The music choice for this style of flash just seems wrong, but w/e.
Tifa.swf9.99 MiB






Yakyu Ken.swf1.75 MiB
-You may need to right click the flash and hit 'play' to start the game or after you go down to 0 tries (the red number at the start screen)

Win 4 rounds of strip rock-paper-scissors before you lose 3 to see her jump up and down topless.
Click and drag cloths to remove. Click mouth to add/remove gag. Click and drag nipple to add piercing. Click vagina to fuck with increasingly large objects (takes multiple clicks per object to upgrade).
Slave Maker.swf16.16 MiB
Enable seekbar and just look for hentai in the second half of the bar and click the gallery button, or click towards the end of the seekbar to get to the animated gifs section and click gallery to get to the super bonus hentai.

In game rout to gallery:
Every section has a clickable portion to proceed to the next section and eventually to the gallery.
1st picture: fingernail
2nd picture: thumb
3rd picture: blue haired girl's nipple
4th picture: belly button (continue to the next hint-contained menu)
5th picture: nipple
Gameplay: get girls to work in houses to earn money and see hentai images related to the girls you selected every time you end the day. Buy more girls and more houses to see more images at the end of the day.

Make sure to pay attention to:
-how tired each girl is (don't make them do anything to have them rest at the end of the day)
-ranking up girls as they gain experience
-using experience to increase your stats
-updating the rate each girl charges as they level up
There's a lot of dialogue that you can just brute force your way through, and if you get stuck it's best to just switch areas, but here's a couple of tips:
To fuck the princess you need to talk to the girls at the bath house and convince the guards in the princess room to go with you to them.
To fuck the queen you need to fuck her maid first.
To fuck the elf you need the brooch.
To fuck the witch you need candles.
To fuck the gardeners you need hand cream.
WASD to move, Press space to advance sex scenes.

In the first level there are 10 goombas to fuck, 100 coins to collect, and two different power-up suits to get, all of these change various things / give slightly different endings.

In the second level you need to make it to Morton to rescue Mario.






 Japanese Games
Click and drag to activate the two sets of drop down menus at the top:
-left drop down menu selects girl
-right drop down menu selects outfit

Select girl(s) and outfit, strip, toggle penis mode to have sex, click the dialogue box at the top right of the bed to speed up, click a location to cum there (you might need to wait until she is done talking to do certain actions).
In the first scene, click on her breasts / vag to toggle playing with her. Click rapidly the upper left right of her shirt, skirt, and panties to remove each one and unlock second scene.

Second scene: rapidly click her legs to spread them. Have her play with herself until she cums (can only happen on final XXX option with a full red bar)
Your goal is to play with your maid and get her pleasure meter full to get to the ending shot.

Each action can raise her pleasure bar, make sure you pay attention to see that the bar on the right actually jumps or you could spend a while trying to find what action you missed at the end.
Get to the end of the stage before you run out of health or the tentacle wall thing catches you.
WASD: Movement
Z: Masturbate
X: Use bomb

Passwords (on title screen):
Gallery: [a] [b] [b] [a] [a] [b] [right] [right] [left]
Infinite health: [up] [down] [b] [down] [down] [up] [b] [b]
Infinite bombs: [up] [up] [down] [down] [left] [right] [left] [right] [b] [a]
Rika Flash.swf488.6 KiB
A game where you have sex with a passed out chick.

Gameplay: the big blue button spreads her legs, the other blue buttons strip her clothes, the red buttons are sex option. Click the bottom left blue button and spread her legs to open up more sex options.
Mugiplay.swf4.37 MiB
Part of the 'play' series of games.

Strip and fuck her, you can pay attention to certain things as they will change her response to you. In the top left there are two emotions. Left one is how much she likes you, right one is how turned on she is.

List of buttons:
Blue buttons: Put her cloths back on.

Red buttons are actions.
Top-left: hand
Top-right: fist
Middle-left: lips
Middle-right: penis
Bottom-left: change fuck speed, if zoomed in can be used to fuck her vag
Bottom-right: click to cum, if zoomed i can be used to fuck her ass

Yellow buttons: other options
Top-left: put her to sleep, does not affect arousal / like, must use reset to undo.
Top-right: drug her, one time increase to arousal and gives her empty eyes. must use reset to undo.
Bottom-left: toggle tape over mouth.
Bottom-right: toggle hands tied behind back.

Green buttons: options
Top-left: toggle zoom mode
Top-right: change between bed and ground.
Bottom-left: reset button for her mood / one-time modifiers. OR if you're currently having sex with her it is the option to turn on internal view.
Bottom-right: toggle dialogue on and off.
Gameplay: try not to disappoint this green haired girl. To get her to cum you need to fill her heart meter 3 times, but if you cum before filling it once she yells at you. You can either choose to cum or when your pleasure meter and danger meter fill up you automatically cum.

Top row of options (need to click insert to show):
Speed: Slow / Medium / Fast
Depending on how aroused she is different speeds work better.

Middle row of options:
Left button: insert / idle. Insert opens top row of options, idle is another speed to use.
Right button: cum (must have a speed selected), using this unlocks the third row of options.

Third row of options:
Left button: cum on face.
Middle button: cum inside.
Right button: cum on chest.
Gameplay: play with kasumi's breasts without waking her up. Get her heart pleasure meter to 100 to make her cum which increase her sleep meter by 10. If the red bar on the side fills up she wakes up and you get a game over. Once she's at 100 sleep nothing will wake her up and you unlock awake mode where she doesn't mind you playing with her.

Password: oppai (just type it in when you're in the game there's no box to write it)
this unlocks awake mode toggle star at the button left. She doesn't mind you playing with her while she's awake, but if you wake her up by playing with her it's still a game over.
Unlike most JSK games the sex scenes to this game aren't hidden behind incredibly complicated Japanese text-based gameplay. If you just click randomly you'll land at the first scene.

The endings however are based off your choices and a guide can be found here:!

Top left text:
Bunch of options to change clothes / appearance / accesories / other, trial and error is your best bet here.

Bottom left text in black box:
Randomize button, this will clear your progress if you're working towards a specific look.

Bottom middle color boxes:
Choose girl, default expression can be changed, but default clothes cannot be removed.

Green text to right of boxes:
Change what options can be randomly selected. Top left most text locks background when greyed out, the one below that locks current girl when greyed out.

Grey text below green text:
6 save slots. Save your current loadout with the save button, load and old loadout with the load button.

Black text at the bottom right:
Remove all customization from the girl (undress).
Syokuhou.swf197.5 KiB
First stage: Click on her breasts to play with them / click on penis and she'll play with it.
Press the 'F' Button on the left and click on the penis to make him finish and go to the second stage.
Second stage: Click and drag shirt to strip, click skirt / panties to strip. Click breasts / ass to play with, click 'F' button to cum again.
Densya.swf547.6 KiB
*Densya was the original title but I think it might actually be 'densha' which is the japanese word for train, unless it's a pun.

You can click and drag her skirt up & her shirt up and click and drag her panties down. You can click to play with her or while her skirt is up you can click to put your hand down her panties (click the top of the hand to make it go away) or while her panties are down you can click the back of her leg to thigh fuck her (click the back of the hand to stop).

The left buttons:
Arrow: reset
A: Auto, used for the thigh fuck scene
F: Finish, end the thigh fuck scene
O: Option, enable sound and change volume of girl / train.






When you are done with one flash right click and hit 'rewind' to select a different flash game.

This flash contains:
Hentairella Episode 1 (tentacles)
Hentairella Episode 2 (toy bunny)
Hentairella Episode 3 (machine fuck)
Hentai Key Girl 1 (blowjob)
Hentai Key Girl 2 (titfuck)
Hentai Key Girl 3 (reverse cowgirl)
Hentai Key Girl 4 (anal)
A collection of early Zone flash games compiled into one flash.

When you are done with one flash right click and hit 'rewind' to select a different flash game.

This flash contains:
Liru the Werewolf (Renkin San-kyuu Magical? Pokaan)
Kristal the Teacher
Sakaki (Azumanga Daioh)
Umeko - Gentle Vampire
Umeko - Gentle Vampire 2
A collection of early Zone flash games compiled into one flash. All of these flashes are the full versions, but the Peach flash still has an ad for Zone Archive in it also it is the only one that is not really a full game.

When you are done with one flash right click and hit 'rewind' to select a different flash game.

This flash contains:
Motoko vs Batou (Ghost in the Shell)
Temari (Naruto)
Rukia (Bleach)
Reiko - Biker Girl
Reiko - Biker Girl 2
Peach (Super Mario Bros.)
A collection of early Zone mini flash loops compiled into one flash. None of these are really games, but instead are a primary animation to start and a cumming animation when you click on the character(s).

When you are done with one flash right click and hit 'rewind' to select a different flash game.

This flash contains:
Erin Esurance
Hatsune Miku
Rhythm & Gum (Jet Set Radio)
Mary Test & Susan Test (Johnny Test)
Kagura (Azumanga Daioh)
Soifon (Bleach)
Suiseiseki (Rozen Maiden)
Unipuma (Dominion Tank Police)
Yoko Ritona (Gurren Lagann)
Zone mini flash
Natsume 2.swf5.81 MiB
A flash game by zone.
First in a series of teen titan flash videos by Zone.
Second in a series of teen titan flash videos by Zone.
Third in a series of teen titan flash videos by Zone.
Fourth and final in a series of teen titan flash videos by Zone.
A mini flash loop from Zone.
A mini flash loop from Zone with a little something extra.

Activate the cum scene 3 times by clicking on Juri, and then click on the question mark under her health bar for a funny easter egg.
A flash movie about a Teenage Robot by Zone.
A flash game by Zone. Hentai Key Girl 1-4 can be found in Zone Collection 1.
A mini flash loop by Zone.
A mini flash loop from Zone. There's an easter egg with Scanty and Kneesock if you click on chuck (green dog thing) when he appears.
Wakfu.swf15.01 MiB
A flash video by zone.

During the final scene after enough time you can click the cock-block duck to remove it.
An interactive animation from zone.

To dress / undress you need to click on rather specific areas of her body, the easiest is around her knee. To progress through the flash click on the arrows that appear as you hover over the right side of the screen.
An interactive animation from zone.
An flash loop from zone.
Modifuckrs.swf15.65 MiB
A flash movie by zone.
A flash loop from zone.
Bioshock.swf29.38 MiB
A flash game by zone.

Press 'A' to advance and 'R' to regress. Press 'V' to manually drain salts (normally done by finishing scene 19) this will activate scene 0 after restarting by pressing space at the end of scene 19.

To access scene 20 click on the dimensional rip whatever thing that appears on the left side of the screen after sitting on the end of scene 19 for some time. Click 'Backspace' to get back to the main game after you watched the full scene 20 at least once.
A loop by zone.
Noodle.swf7.22 MiB
Flash loop by Zone. (Character is Noodle from Gorillaz, song playing in the background is Gorillaz - DARE.)
Mavis.swf7.76 MiB
A loop from zone.
Starfire.swf3.22 MiB
Animated loop by zone.
An interactive animation by zone.

If you let each giant red text cut scene play out for a little while senketsu absorbs a life fiber. IDK if this does anything.
Tinkerbell.swf23.63 MiB
A loop by Zone
Midna.swf7.48 MiB
An interactive flash by zone.

To access the normal sex scenes get pleasure to full, to access wolf sex scenes allow pleasure to drop to the bottom of the bar.
BonBon.swf3.52 MiB
An interactive flash by zone.
A flash loop from Zone.
ashi_loop.swf7.95 MiB
peridot_lo op.swf23.25 MiB  +++






Tifa Abuse.swf686.2 KiB
Hacked version of Tifa game. There's no way to reset any values and it seems to start halfway through the game based on other incomplete versions that are uploaded.

The first icon is a look option which gives you extra dialogue, but it's all in japanese.
I have no idea what the second to last icon does.
~Extacy.swf8.14 MiB
Not really porn.

This is a ecchi touhou speedcore/J-core music video.
Rare high quality swf of zone-tan.
Just hold down click to rapid fire.
Super deepthroat style of game.
Pretty good quality flash.
Strip X.swf698.3 KiB
High quality tickling flash.
Una.swf7.07 MiB
In case Demo's channel ever goes down we'll always have this.
A dark skinned girl getting impregnated by a facehugger.

Click on facehugger to start animation, click on belly to toggle x-ray mode.






Gumball.swf5.64 MiB
samus012.swf13.64 MiB
dildo rat.swf1.65 MiB
Tifa_Red.swf119.6 KiB






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