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Minus_ 8k--736


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swfchan.swf4.69 MiB
I need YOUR help to make sure this collection is 100% complete!
Post all your suggestions here:

I'm interested in missing flashes but also in better descriptions or music sources.

Btw -8's old nick was: chtkghk






mk8.swf1.76 MiB
Mario Kart 8 girls dancing
Music is "Electrodome" from Mario Kart 8.

Nude edit:
mk8d.swf1.01 MiB
Mario Kart 8 DLC dance
Music is "DS Wario Stadium" from Mario Kart 8.
dobu3.swf37.8 KiB
Characters inspired by Animal Crossing
Mute flash.
PF.swf1.67 MiB
Music is "Petey Piranha" from Paper Mario: Sticker Star.
boooooooo.swf4.24 MiB
Parody of Beep Beep I'm a Sheep
Has a bunch of references to different things in it.
ghost.swf21.19 MiB
Female versions of Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde dances for us
It's the Red, Pink, Cyan and Orange ghosts from Pac-Man.

Music: Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 - Pac Baby

Sneak peek preview version of the flash:

Edit without the censoring cherries:

Edit with full nudity and the ability to seek by clicking:

Optimized edit a.k.a Best version:
(full nudity, seeking, transparent gown, only 4.31 MiB)
Animal Crossing dance
Music: BlackBeatz - Modalidade
It's a remix of "Heads Will Roll (A-trak Remix)" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs. It (the A-trak Remix, not the one by BlackBeatz) was in the movie "Project X" from 2012.
eevcon.swf5.01 MiB
Betty Boop as Snow-White
Based on:
Music: Cab Calloway - St. James Infirmary (Remix) Feat. Harald Kindseth
spi 2.swf93.1 KiB
Semi-Clean. Based on:
(Spiderman video, YouTube may have censored it.)






 Larger Stuff
10r.swf6.09 MiB
Parody of Rhythm Heaven
You can see how the original gameplay is here:
isab.swf349.6 KiB
Isabelle deepthroat (Animal Crossing: New Leaf for the 3DS)
Music is the Town Hall theme from the game.
ppppu.swf2.3 MiB
Peach and Rosalina riding and sucking
The music is from 4-3 "Beep Block Skyway" (Super Mario 3D World for the Wii U).
new 1UP.swf1.44 MiB
Mario claiming his reward for saving Peach again
Music is "Mushroom Man" by Butch.
Original shota characters
Gay warning. This is a parody of this "Dragonlady" video:
noko.swf1.26 MiB
Koopa Girl from Mario Kart 8
Edit without tail:
not_new.swf7.31 MiB
Rosalina giving black Mario 1UPs to music
Music: "Disko Biskit (Original Mix)" by Pascal And Pearce
White Mario edit:
ank.swf2.33 MiB
Ankha, the snooty cat villager from Animal Crossing, finally finds a worthy throne
Music is "Tower Power Pokey" from "Paper Mario: Sticker Star".
tems.swf5.9 MiB
Temmie, the owner of the Tem Shop in Undertale, makes a big sale
Kawaii voice acting. Check out wqeqwqeqe.swf if you want more of the final scene.
Audio: *tEM SUC DIK 4 COLLEG!!!1 by littlebardofhope
Music: "Tem Shop (Ben Briggs Glitch Hop Remix!)" by GameChops
kuri.swf1.53 MiB
Super Mario Bros. 3 in the background.
Nintendo Switch interfacing with new hardware.

Music: "Plaza Music (Bounce Mix)" by Dj Sames
YBKPHN.swf17.99 MiB
Yoshi's Island parody
Semi-Clean. Music by "オオドラ(Oodorato2)":
"Yoshi's Island - Athletic Theme アスレチック Remix"
Small edit with Shygirl's nipple showing at the end:






um.swf164.8 KiB
Lammy Lamb from UmJammer Lammy
Mute early work, maybe -8's first flash? UmJammer Lammy for the PSX is a spin-off to the first PaRappa The Rapper game.
wed.swf65.5 KiB
Squirrel doing a rabbit in the ass
Original characters, not a parody. Has no audio.
midnaloli.swf101.8 KiB
Link lifting Midna and docking her onto his cock
The animation is a trace of an anime gif with a loli girl. Has no audio.
thanks.swf32.4 KiB
Sable Able the porcupine from Animal Crossing getting dick
Has no audio.
double.swf37.1 KiB
Captain Huggyface doing Dora the Explorer and Boots doing WordGirl
The monkeys have decided to swap partners for a moment. Extreme framerate in this one... There's a sofa version available of this flash (look in the "Sofa" section of this collection).
pm3.swf325.3 KiB
Tanuki Mario doing Princess Peach
As far as I know the music is from this video:
mushcat.swf2.38 MiB
Going deep into Toadette
Midna_-8.swf74.5 KiB
Unfinished Midna+Link loop
A preview gif embedded into flash by a fan? Story goes that -8 started work on this flash but lost the project due to the HDD breaking. Presumably this is all that's left.
Bonbon.swf4.56 MiB
Bonbon vaginal (Animal Crossing: New Leaf for the 3DS)
Music is "Dancer (Funky Disco Remix)" by Yamajet.
shantae.swf1.39 MiB
The belly-dancing and hair-whipping Shantae!
Music is "Burning Town Forever (Remix)" from the OST of Shantae: Risky's Revenge.

This flash is actually a fan-edit because -8 first released it censored:
It's because he actually made an earlier version of it with different music:
33.swf310.2 KiB
Shantae as a monkey
She can transform into several forms, the first one is usually the Monkey form. Has no audio.
00.swf5.54 MiB
Princess Daisy trying to outrun that dick in her ass in Mario Kart 8.
Music is "1up" by Modified Motion.
cackletta.swf1.17 MiB
Cackletta fucked by Bowser
She is the end boss in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga for the Game Boy Advance, released in late 2003. Has no audio.
Mario Kart 8 girls done vaginally
His response to getting a lot of different requests of porn with these characters? Rework of Bonbon.swf

Fan-made navigational edit (use arrow keys):
Toadette (she was originally introduced in Mario Kart: Double Dash)
Unfortunately the flash was exported with very low audio quality.

An edit without the dick is available:
whatever.swf230.8 KiB
Minus 8's avatar sucking off a humanized version of Jigglypuff (Pokémon)
Gay warning. Though if you want to pretend they are dickgirls it's plausible.

Non-gay fan edit:
hij.swf883.9 KiB
Joey Claire is a female character in Homestuck
And Homestuck is the fourth story of MS Paint Adventures. Note: It is not 100% certain that this flash was made by -8.
MC Adore.swf1.67 MiB
MC Adore from Rhythm Heaven
tt3.swf518 KiB
Atoi from Tearaway
The game is a platformer for the PlayStation Vita made by the company behind LittleBigPlanet.
ps5.swf646.8 KiB
Mario with his dick in her pussy while she dances for the camera
Might look to some like he is fingering her but his hands are next to her breasts.
po6unc.swf551.8 KiB
Female mascot of the National Police Agency in South Korea
This is an edit, original was censored by camera cut-off:
PP2.swf941.6 KiB
Peach delivering a handjob
Mario's dick have tiny lips, perfect for a kiss. Music is "Super Mario 3D World Hiphop Remix" by Dj CUTMAN.
wtm.swf846.6 KiB
Rough deepthroat on Peach
Music is "Fever! [dr mario remix]" by LightUmbreon.
mylovep.swf533.2 KiB
Minus 8's avatar fucking Peach right in the pussy!
There's a version with him removed here:
shit.swf1.91 MiB
Wario pounding Ashley's pussy (WarioWare)
It's an interactive game. Clicks don't register too well unfortunately but you can use Tab+Enter to make it easier to progress. There's a fan-made "fixed" version here: (removes the time limit)
plpl3.swf1.79 MiB
Look through the eyes of the guy fucking Peach in a swimsuit.
nxc.swf22.8 KiB
Princess Daisy controller.
This is a parody of the unconfirmed Nintendo NX prototype (2015).
The young princess Avelina from Rayman Legends sucking dick
Minus 8's avatar fucked in the ass
Gay warning.

Dickless edit:

Topless edit with pussy:
jmp2.swf33.6 KiB
Characters from Jack and the Beanstalk (1974)
Good doggie. And good girl too.
RREWTR.swf35 KiB
Is that... a female version of Minus 8's avatar...?
And a ghost helping out with a blowjob at the same time she is riding his cock. Now that's creative!

Update: I've been told that this character is called "Plus 8". It's supposed to be the sister of his avatar.
M10.swf35.3 KiB
An evolved version of Irwin fucking an older Amanda ("Mandy")
Parody of The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy.

A white edit is available:
lo2.swf99.1 KiB
Leni and Lori from The Loud House enjoying cock
sr1.swf54 KiB
Shantae and Risky Boots joining forces for a particularly important job
gj.swf498.9 KiB
Screwing hammered screen from the "Job Simulator" virtual reality game
Music is "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Dillon Francis Remix)" by Trap City:
Trivia: The original song was made by Daft Punk in 2001.
pov.swf2.38 MiB
64-eyed Peach getting fucked on a magic carpet
Whiter male edit:
Static camera edit (with music only from left speaker):
ma7.swf39.1 KiB
Long haired sissy version of Marco Diaz from Star vs the Forces of Evil
Gay warning. Oral.
ma9.swf44 KiB
Long haired sissy version of Marco Diaz from Star vs the Forces of Evil
Gay warning. Oral.
s7_5.swf682.9 KiB
Plus 8 on her back. Inspired by a real porn video, where the audio is from.
Mute version without moving camera:

You can watch the imitated IRL porn here:

-8 later made a secondary version of this with added lightning effects (good CPU needed to play in fullscreen):
Same secondary version without lightning:
Same secondary version without lightning (black edit):
Koopa Troopa shoving his dick into a girl Lakitu
The enemy is called Jugem in Japan. Notice that this isn't a real flash, -8 only released this as an animated image.
icef.swf601.9 KiB
Popo doing Nana in different ways
They are from Ice Climber, though without their clothes they might as well be anybody.

Slow version:
Singing ass. No titjob though.
Actual rapper version:
More fapper-friendly version:
dfsdfs121.swf73.1 KiB
Kirby and a female version of Waddle Dee
As we can see Kirby tries to inhale Waddle Dee but gets stuck on her nipple.
23423421.swf32.9 KiB
Kirby doing a female version of Waddle Dee
"Poyo" (written on his dick) is what Kirby usually says about stuff.
wqeqw3.swf32.2 KiB
The character is from an episode of Jaltoid (it's a YouTube channel).
sdf4.swf41.1 KiB
Female version of Link on the SNES (he had pink hair in "A Link to the Past").
What if Zelda was a girl?
eqdas1.swf193.1 KiB
Scarlet from "Chick Figures" giving a titjob.
agm1.swf32.4 KiB
That's Aunt Grandma from the show "Uncle Grandpa" on Cartoon Network.
443234.swf42.7 KiB
Pinkleo getting fucked. It's a mascot for the Samsung Lions, a Korean Baseball team.
BFJ.swf46.8 KiB
Time to adventure down moist and dark holes...
Edit with just the blowjob and with music:

Edit with Marceline and music:

Edit with Huntress Wizard and music:
spoon.swf30.7 KiB
Maggie the vampire spoon
A character spawned from 4chan.
re41.swf542.7 KiB
Main red panda character from Aggressive Retsuko
Faster version available:
Mickey Mouse doing Topsy from behind
The "Topsy" character is from the 2013 series "Mickey Mouse" (really original name there). Can be seen in "The Boiler Room" of season two (probably other episodes as well).
lam5.swf1.62 MiB
The sheep Lammy from the 1999 PSX game "UmJammer Lammy" getting surprised!
weqewa3.swf1.91 MiB
Human version of Bea Goldfishberg from the series "Fish Hooks".
ewer5.swf47.7 KiB
Princess Peach and Minus 8's Avatar sixtynining
pp.swf26.6 KiB
Trixie Tang from The Fairly OddParents caught by tentacles
Edit with her original colors here:

Edit with glasses and higher framerate:
mmmi.swf26.7 KiB
Mii Gunner from Super Smash Bros 4 getting cuntrubbed
wqeqwqeqe.swf17.1 KiB
Temmie, the owner of the Tem Shop in Undertale, gets paid in kind
Edited version without bulge and with music:
Its music source: "Tem Shop (Ben Briggs Glitch Hop Remix!)" by GameChops
msf.swf2.36 MiB
Dick butt and girls from Mighty Switch Force switching places
Music: ("Whoa I'm In Space Cuba")
top4.swf66.4 KiB
Topsy done on the bed (a minor Mickey Mouse character)
He made an xray-version too:
ISAA.swf132.2 KiB
Gray-ish man bonks Isabelle from Animal Crossing
ore.swf33.6 KiB
tj.swf50.2 KiB
You gotta earn your 1UP
rp.swf36.1 KiB
goome.swf623.7 KiB
gum_pussy.swf43.8 KiB
mmmi_mmm.swf26.9 KiB
Minus8-made version with eyes closed and dick inside:
Fan-made version with eyes open, dick inside and faster framerate:
tkf.swf72.4 KiB
oooo3.swf592.9 KiB
Splatoon in a different style!
mc1-4.swf209.9 KiB
Four flashes merged together.
dfxhxfbx.swf14.3 KiB
Wendy O. Koopa
First appeared in 1988 in Super Mario Bros. 3 as the final challenge of the third overworld.
hay1.swf37.1 KiB
Shyguy doing a shygirl.
AAGS1m.swf28.3 KiB
Part 1/3. Could have been merged into one you'd think.
AAGS2m.swf38.8 KiB
Part 2/3. Short transition between 1 and 3.
AAGS3m.swf37.6 KiB
Part 3/3.
Gardevoir from Pokémon
do2.swf2.35 MiB
Wander sticking his dick in Lord Dominator
Series: "Wander Over Yonder"
223.swf3.21 MiB
Minus 8's avatar doing Princess Peach on the bed
Blanket version:
24qwhud2.swf3.47 MiB
Minus 8's avatar doing Princess Peach on the bed, half-standing
Looks like they are trying different, more unusual positions. Also looks like -8's skin got darker.

Music: Yoann Turpin - Remix: Super Mario Sunshine - Isle Delfino [Re-arranged edit.]
Small mute loop
Character is by "I am Jemboy" on Twitter.
LGAb.swf1.9 MiB
Raggedy Ann
She's going to need stitches after this!
Amelia N
She's Nintendo Switch's fictional customer support employee.
di.swf364.2 KiB
Stickin' it to a female stick figure
No bones to break! She's a little on the chubby side though.
poten5.swf61.5 KiB
Fionna from Adventure Time
She's a gender-swapped version of Finn, the main protagonist.
hb8.swf1.64 MiB
Cuphead style!
bf.swf1.56 MiB
Friends dicking around with each other
Not vector graphics. ;_;
twmp.swf5.08 MiB
Girl version of Thwomp from SMB3
Music: Vanilla Dome (Super Mario World) by "OSC Remix"
pu.swf3.86 MiB
mwa.swf243.9 KiB
Red doing Ashley (WarioWare)
Edit without the bulge:
Raggedy Ann
112wqeqw.swf2.2 MiB
Cadence from Crypt of the Necrodancer
Has annoying text upon hover that says it's not finished yet. Someone made an edited version with invisible text here:

No text no guy edit:

Music: Chipzel - Crypt of the Necrodancer OST Remix - Deep Sea Bass (Coral Riff Remix)
1231weq.swf1.68 MiB
Topless edit:
gm38y6.swf44.6 KiB
vtaub1.swf1.53 MiB
Virtual Reality?!
n59kbc.swf2.22 MiB
Edit without the blur (recommended):
r82466.swf1.72 MiB
x3y134.swf3.99 MiB






LIs4.swf2.81 MiB
Lisa Simpson from The Simpsons
wd.swf1.44 MiB
Captain Huggyface doing Dora the Explorer and Boots doing WordGirl
This is actually just a remake of the flash "double.swf" and not one of the "real sofa flashes" (there's no numbered note pinned to the sofa in the background).

Still camera version:
dydy.swf1.46 MiB
Dee Dee from Dexter's Laboratory
Dexter's older sister is apparently Japanese.

Here's an edit someone made trying to make her look closer to how she looks in the show:
LA.swf1.52 MiB
Audrey Smith (aka Little Audrey)
She first got this appearance in the Noveltoon's "Santa's Surprise" (1947) but has been part of folklore and dirty jokes since World War 1 (1914). This is a pretty vague reference these days.

Closer to original appearance (edit):
Closer to original appearance (nude edit):
dw.swf5.07 MiB
Dora Winifred Read from Arthur
She is Arthur's little sister.

Music is a remix of Average White Band's "Pick Up the Pieces".
$D6.swf608.4 KiB
Darleen "Darla" Dimple from "Cats Don't Dance" (1997)
pe.swf1.56 MiB
Penny from Inspector Gadget
Music: Dimaa - Gadget au Swing

Version with stationary camera:
ls.swf2.12 MiB
Little Suzy got tired of Johnny Bravo's rejection and sought out someone else
sb.swf2.12 MiB
Sally Brown from Peanuts (with breasts)
She is Charlie Brown's younger sister and was introduced in 1959, nine years after the comic strip was created.

There's a version with less camera movement here:
Music: BigTune - The Entertainer (Remix)
mi.swf2.03 MiB
The Mina and the Count cunt.
Still camera version:






 Fan-made stuff
noko.swf but with Shy Girl
An accurate depiction of Minus 8 dodging requests.
Minus 8's avatar on all four.
Gay warning. This flash would make an excellent trap for those unaware.
Shygal.swf3.02 MiB
ppppu.swf but with Shy Girl
Big edit of ppppu.swf
ppppu has a ton of edits, this one has quite a few characters.

SMB: Peach, Rosalina, Daisy. Samus (Metroid), Shantae. LoZ: Zelda (2 versions), Midna. Isabelle (Animal Crossing), Lucina (Fire Emblem), Wii Fit Girl. Pokémon: Gardevoir, Hilda, May.
Very dark skinned man fucking Rosalina right in the pussy!
White version:
noko.swf but with an adult version of Yotsuba (4chan's mascot)
The dick belongs to Hiroyuki Nishimura, the owner of 4chan since 2015. The flash is satire meant to illustrate him fucking up the site.
PPines.swf38.7 KiB
pp.swf but with Mabel Pines from Gravity Falls
-8 tribute by MoMoIrO-kun
Pokémon reskin of plpl3.swf
Rafflesia arnoldii is a species of flowering plant in the parasitic genus Rafflesia. It is noted for producing the largest individual flower on earth. It has a very strong and horrible odour of decaying flesh, earning it the nickname "corpse flower".

Music: Credits (Round 2) - Pokémon Stadium Music
Remake of Bonbon.swf
Music: Yellow Claw - DJ Turn It Up (Subtronikz Remix)
ghost3d.swf54.85 MiB
MMD version of ghost.swf
Made by akomni.
Edit of s7_5.swf
minus8 parody.swf67.73 MiB  +++
3D version of 10r.swf
Parody of -8's Rhythm Heaven parody (with added dickgirls).






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