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TF_PP34_7.swf1.78 MiB
large file, low end pc warning
Not collected by anyone. Not sure why, I think this remix is pretty nice.
poppo.swf4.19 MiB
(not sure what makes this different from the original and why it is labeled "autism friendly". however, for search purposes i will not change the name)
XJ9.swf6.69 MiB
really old and a meme classic, leaving it here anyways
KLK.swf29.16 MiB
Not sure how this one works but it looks like you can just click the red heart to make it auto and not deal with the fucking weird controls
ps4vita.swf142.9 KiB
nobody does music sync like whoever made this
This is supposedly from a DS game and the rest of the short movie is pretty gross
po6unc2.swf551.8 KiB
goes by many different names, generalizing to this
muffet.swf9.49 MiB
Lana.swf29.41 MiB
File is huge, might not work on low-end pcs
fairy.swf6.61 MiB
Most likely a reskin of the other one made by pp34
Super laggy on low end pcs and crazy controls, why don't people just make a button that makes it auto like the random swf thing
Maya.swf938.7 KiB
ppppu reskin
It's a reskin but seems popular for some reason
BoxGame.swf245.2 KiB
Big reskin
Less strobing lights
same person who made cremia x link
There are rumors that a >3.1 version exists, but seems most people claim it as just a hoax. Till then this is the most recent version.
awaiting decensored version
I'm surprised how late it's been since someone last posted this, since it's a little old and was only archived recently.
cos fuck it.swf2.01 MiB  +++






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