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[VWLDZZB]ARCHIVED ! http://boards.4chan.org/f/thread/3350945
File: Cuck.swf-(8.03 MB, 640x360, Other) [_] Anonymous 08/08/18(Wed)16:39:02 No.3350945 Marked for deletion (old). >> [_] Anonymous 08/08/18(Wed)17:55:06 No.3350962 maddox is so retarded it's unbelievable. as if it wasn't obvious what cuck is supposed to mean used in that way. it's not shaming a fetish or anything, it's saying that you are a beta male that is okay with people fucking you over. >> [_] Anonymous 08/08/18(Wed)18:20:09 No.3350964 M A D D O X L O S T >> [_] Anonymous 08/08/18(Wed)18:49:45 No.3350969 >>3350945 hahahahahaha >> [_] Anonymous 08/08/18(Wed)19:34:12 No.3350971 >>3350945 >A fetish, no matter how degenerate and objectively wrong it is, its ok if you enjoy it. What a literal bald cuck >> [_] Anonymous 08/08/18


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[UD9LI67]ARCHIVED ! http://boards.4chan.org/f/thread/3350900/s-a-d-b-o-i-s
File: Weekly Highlights.swf-(1.89 MB, 800x500, Loop) [_] s a d b o i s Anonymous 08/08/18(Wed)11:21:22 No.3350900 Marked for deletion (old). >> [_] Anonymous 08/08/18(Wed)12:16:17 No.3350903 i dont fucking get it. its just an image that slightly shakes with some generic bgm. >> [_] Anonymous 08/08/18(Wed)12:55:18 No.3350912 >>3350903 you're shitting me right? >> [_] Anonymous 08/08/18(Wed)13:04:50 No.3350915 What does the text behind her day? I can't read all of it >> [_] Anonymous 08/08/18(Wed)13:08:55 No.3350916 >>3350915 >select all >copy & paste >> [_] Anonymous 08/08/18(Wed)13:11:43 No.3350917 >>3350916 oh yeah, thanks! >> [_] Anonymous 08/08/18(Wed)13:39:13 No.3350920 >>3350900 --------------------- someday you'll

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[UYU1OBA]ARCHIVED ! http://boards.4chan.org/f/thread/3350816
File: this%20cant%20wait%2 0a%20month.swf-(1.12 MB, 500x570, Other) [_] Anonymous 08/07/18(Tue)22:53:56 No.3350816 Marked for deletion (old). >> [_] Anonymous 08/08/18(Wed)00:08:20 No.3350829 Is that the fucking soundbyte from all those Static Shock YTPs? >> [_] Anonymous 08/08/18(Wed)04:14:26 No.3350854 nice filename but i think ill save it as "this cant wait a month.swf" >> [_] Anonymous 08/08/18(Wed)04:28:29 No.3350859 can't stop listening to this. great loop, pity that image is so visible outside the visuals due to widescreen monitors. it gets cut for me unless i fullscreen my browser. he should have just put that image on the stage so it's always fully visible >> [_] Anonymous 08/08/18(Wed)19:49:21 No.3350977 >>3350829 I guess it's from


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[G734BR7]ARCHIVED F ! http://boards.4chan.org/f/thread/3350869
File: raping a tuba.swf-(9.15 MB, 1280x960, Other) [_] Anonymous 08/08/18(Wed)06:16:58 No.3350869 >> [_] Anonymous 08/08/18(Wed)08:22:13 No.3350875 I officially understand nothing. >> [_] Anonymous 08/08/18(Wed)08:23:58 No.3350876 >>3350875 Welcome to the internet. I'll be your guide >> [_] Anonymous 08/08/18(Wed)08:31:21 No.3350878 >>3350869 Fuck, I felt a twitch from my dick. I think at one point I got barely aroused around the tub scene. I need to get off this site, that chart is right I'll become a degenerate in a few months. >> [_] Anonymous 08/08/18(Wed)08:33:12 No.3350879 Why did I know it was melonpan before even opening the flash? >> [_] Anonymous 08/08/18(Wed)09:20:03 No.3350884 Stop it. Get some help. >> [_] Anonymous 0

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[FHHF2AR]ARCHIVED ! http://boards.4chan.org/f/thread/3350791
File: Gankro - Fact Seagull.swf-(1.05 MB, 550x400, Other) [_] Anonymous 08/07/18(Tue)20:25:12 No.3350791 Marked for deletion (old). >> [_] Anonymous 08/08/18(Wed)16:44:14 No.3350946 this shit goes too fast >> [_] Anonymous 08/08/18(Wed)17:03:30 No.3350947 >>3350946 >"Your flesh was constructed upon the graves of hundreds of innocent beasts", >"Every breath you take brings you one instant closer to your inevitable demise", >"There is no God", "Your demise will go largely unnoticed", >"The Declaration of Independance was adopted by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776", >"The world's largest rubber band ball is 9,032 pounds, and more than six-feet tall and more than 700,000 rubber bands", >"Thousands of tiny lives die within you as you

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[GD02EPT]ARCHIVED !! http://boards.4chan.org/f/thread/3350793/one-naked-man
File: heap_of_trouble.swf- (5.17 MB, 320x240, Other) [_] One naked man Anonymous 08/07/18(Tue)20:41:56 No.3350793 >> [_] Anonymous 08/07/18(Tue)22:21:16 No.3350809 Two naked man >> [_] Anonymous 08/07/18(Tue)22:27:32 No.3350812 Three naked men >> [_] Anonymous 08/07/18(Tue)22:44:45 No.3350813 Four naked men >> [_] Anonymous 08/07/18(Tue)22:47:56 No.3350814 >>3350813 Four naked men >> [_] Anonymous 08/07/18(Tue)22:51:12 No.3350815 Five naked men >> [_] Anonymous 08/07/18(Tue)22:56:08 No.3350817 >>3350815 Six naked men >> [_] Anonymous 08/07/18(Tue)23:05:14 No.3350818 Four naked men >> [_] Anonymous 08/07/18(Tue)23:09:28 No.3350819 Four naked men >> [_] Anonymous 08/07/18(Tue)23:17:05 No.3350822 Four naked men >> [_] Ano


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[Q0ZLASX]ARCHIVED ! http://boards.4chan.org/f/thread/3350753/flanday
File: flaaaaaaaaaaaaandre. swf-(4.98 MB, 720x480, Loop) [_] Flanday Anonymous 08/07/18(Tue)15:59:24 No.3350753 >> [_] flan 08/07/18(Tue)16:11:48 No.3350756 flan >> [_] Anonymous 08/07/18(Tue)16:13:05 No.3350758 flan? >> [_] Anonymous 08/07/18(Tue)20:52:13 No.3350795 This is one of my favorite flashes but crap man, you're gonna run it into the ground at this rate. >> [_] Anonymous 08/07/18(Tue)21:30:25 No.3350801 dunno which tune's the best >> [_] Anonymous 08/07/18(Tue)23:56:08 No.3350827 >>3350758 Yes, it's flan >> [_] Anonymous 08/08/18(Wed)05:09:35 No.3350863 Flan desu >> [_] Anonymous 08/08/18(Wed)05:36:23 No.3350864 flan >> [_] Anonymous 08/08/18(Wed)10:43:01 No.3350891 I hate flan so fucking much. So fucking much.


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[MKOWZ04]ARCHIVED F !! http://boards.4chan.org/f/thread/3350698/living-the-dre…
File: italian melonpan.swf-(3.95 MB, 1280x720, Japanese) [_] Living the dream Anonymous 08/07/18(Tue)10:16:56 No.3350698 Marked for deletion (old). >> [_] Anonymous 08/07/18(Tue)11:36:46 No.3350704 i mean he really is >> [_] Anonymous 08/07/18(Tue)12:42:44 No.3350713 imagine being melonpan's neighbor and having to listen to his shit 24/7 >> [_] Anonymous 08/07/18(Tue)13:06:13 No.3350716 >>3350698 Imagine walking into the bank, come to up the banker and find its melonpan in his normie camoflague. >> [_] Anonymous 08/07/18(Tue)13:09:40 No.3350717 Imagine, driving into a roundabout and seeing this. https://youtu.be/aUz iZg_5UNA?t=68 >> [_] Anonymous 08/07/18(Tue)13:28:22 No.3350724 >>3350717 how long would you drive in that roundabout?

italian melonpan.swf[W][I]WIKI

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[W8CRSO2]ARCHIVED ! http://boards.4chan.org/f/thread/3350676
File: best scene of all animes.swf-(6.88 MB, 656x368, Anime) [_] Anonymous 08/07/18(Tue)07:13:53 No.3350676 >> [_] Anonymous 08/07/18(Tue)07:14:17 No.3350677 >>3350676 I cried during this btw >> [_] Anonymous 08/07/18(Tue)16:46:52 No.3350761 >>3350676 it was absolutely fucking stupid that kishi spent like 5 weeks throwing backstory filler in making this guy's final moment only for him to be ninja jesus'd and bound to a wheelchair for the rest of his life, which also makes no fucking sense >> [_] Anonymous 08/07/18(Tue)16:51:05 No.3350763 >>3350761 wait, wasn't it said that after opening all chakra points he will die? and yet he somehow survived? >> [_] Anonymous 08/07/18(Tue)16:53:30 No.3350764 >>3350763 yeah naruto gained jesus power

best scene of all animes.swf[W][I]WIKI

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[U3Z84B7]ARCHIVED F ! http://boards.4chan.org/f/thread/3350623/miku-mrnday
File: MikuNewsAt9.swf-(9.78 MB, 720x486, Anime) [_] MIKU MRNDAY Anonymous 08/06/18(Mon)21:50:29 No.3350623 >> [_] Anonymous 08/06/18(Mon)21:56:17 No.3350624 This english is heresy >> [_] Anonymous 08/06/18(Mon)22:55:28 No.3350629 Absolute garbage voice talent. >> [_] Anonymous 08/07/18(Tue)00:56:10 No.3350640 I want a downvote feature for this flash thread, I mean only this one. Vote rating is cancerous, but I would make an exception for this one. >> [_] Anonymous 08/07/18(Tue)01:15:36 No.3350642 absolute shit >> [_] Anonymous 08/07/18(Tue)01:45:52 No.3350643 I like her voice, but it does NOT match Miku at all >> [_] Anonymous 08/07/18(Tue)06:47:23 No.3350674 >>3350643 that's not miku's voice. it's not even miku. wipe this flash


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[DEESQB8]ARCHIVED ! http://boards.4chan.org/f/thread/3350605/i-welcome-our-…
File: Три танкиста.swf-(8.39 MB, 1280x721, Other) [_] I welcome our loli comrade overlords Anonymous 08/06/18(Mon)20:31:22 No.3350605 >> [_] Anonymous 08/06/18(Mon)21:08:34 No.3350612 New STALKER looking great! >> [_] Anonymous 08/07/18(Tue)01:58:57 No.3350644 She died a while back anon. Died in some sort of plane crash. >> [_] Anonymous 08/07/18(Tue)05:47:17 No.3350663 >>3350644 idk I just did a quick search and it seems her name is Angelina Pipper and she's still very much alive. >> [_] Anonymous 08/07/18(Tue)05:49:26 No.3350664 >>3350644 >>3350663 Also this video is 7 years old. This is her now https://youtu.be/egQ fG4ZhaOM >> [_] Anonymous 08/07/18(Tue)06:23:15 No.3350670 >>3350664 Lies! lolis stay loli forever. >> [_] Anonymo

Три танкиста.swf[W][I]WIKI

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[YQQM721]ARCHIVED ! http://boards.4chan.org/f/thread/3350460
File: pillow.swf-(7.11 MB, 492x280, Porn) [_] Anonymous 08/05/18(Sun)23:16:27 No.3350460 Marked for deletion (old). >> [_] Anonymous 08/05/18(Sun)23:37:08 No.3350466 Is he out of prison yet? >> [_] Anonymous 08/06/18(Mon)01:24:34 No.3350491 >>3350466 Last I heard he violated his parole and basically narked on himself by shit posting. Poor dumb black bastard. >> [_] Anonymous 08/06/18(Mon)02:59:16 No.3350507 >>3350491 How long was his sentencing afterwards? He's gotta be outta jail by now I reckon. >> [_] Anonymous 08/06/18(Mon)05:11:44 No.3350521 >>3350466 What happened? >> [_] Anonymous 08/06/18(Mon)05:48:55 No.3350523 >>3350521 https://images.encyc lopediadramatica.rs/b /b8/MadThad_court_doc uments.jpg MCMICHAEL CLAIMED THIS POST


D: 6/8 05:20 U: 6/8 23:53 C: 7/8 02:18Flash files: 1 Posts: 16
[GWIVRRO]ARCHIVED ! http://boards.4chan.org/f/thread/3350475/finished-versi…
File: XMM_preview.swf-(798 KB, 320x240, Other) [_] Anonymous 08/06/18(Mon)00:23:48 No.3350475 finished version never >> [_] Anonymous 08/06/18(Mon)03:00:49 No.3350508 This is amazing for what it is >> [_] Anonymous 08/06/18(Mon)06:38:20 No.3350528 >>3350475 Some serious effort's gone into this >> [_] Anonymous 08/06/18(Mon)06:51:49 No.3350529 why >> [_] Sammy 08/06/18(Mon)09:01:41 No.3350533 >>3350475 >A bunch of pepes pulling a wojak Good, the natural order is asserting itself >> [_] Anonymous 08/06/18(Mon)10:10:21 No.3350542 >>3350475 You have them backwards. It's supposed to be a bunch of Wojaks pulling a lone, smug Pepe >> [_] Anonymous 08/06/18(Mon)10:27:21 No.3350546 >>3350542 this is exactly what i was thinking bef


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[CX44PXD]ARCHIVED !! http://boards.4chan.org/f/thread/3350437
File: Whopper and a Forty.swf-(5.91 MB, 416x240, Other) [_] Anonymous 08/05/18(Sun)21:00:28 No.3350437 Marked for deletion (old). >> [_] Anonymous 08/05/18(Sun)21:29:25 No.3350440 >>3350439 ... Queeblo is a fictional character. He is created by Brad Neely. Brad Neely is a semi-successful cartoonist that has made shows for Adult Swim. >> [_] Anonymous 08/05/18(Sun)21:52:08 No.3350444 >>3350442 >Got his own TV show on Adult Swim >This guy will literally fail in life Okay. >> [_] Anonymous 08/05/18(Sun)22:14:28 No.3350448 >>3350437 Is this the same guy who did George Washington animation? >> [_] Anonymous 08/05/18(Sun)22:25:11 No.3350449 >>3350442 >This guy will literally fail in life, if he hasn't already. He is literally synd

Whopper and a Forty.swf[W][I]WIKI

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[CPGQYXC]ARCHIVED ! http://boards.4chan.org/f/thread/3350385
File: normiesgetout.swf-(6 20 KB, 550x400, Loop) [_] Anonymous 08/05/18(Sun)15:25:04 No.3350385 Marked for deletion (old). >> [_] Anonymous 08/05/18(Sun)15:30:17 No.3350386 More like you need to get the fuck out, faggot. >normies >wojak >pepe Oh the ironing. >> [_] Anonymous 08/05/18(Sun)15:41:30 No.3350389 >>>/reddit/ is that way faggot >> [_] Anonymous 08/05/18(Sun)20:21:52 No.3350431 There's something wrong with this dose ... wait, you aren't my doctor! Where did you get your medical license?! >> [_] Anonymous 08/05/18(Sun)20:28:36 No.3350434 >>3350386 >>3350389 you guys do realize pepe and wojak started as a 4chan meme and were adopted by reddit and the rest of the internet >> [_] Anonymous 08/05/18(Sun)22:07:12 No.3350445


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[Z6VN6QI]ARCHIVED ! http://boards.4chan.org/f/thread/3350336
File: sexudaisuki.swf-(9.95 MB, 1280x720, Japanese) [_] Anonymous 08/05/18(Sun)06:48:43 No.3350336 Marked for deletion (old). >> [_] Anonymous 08/05/18(Sun)09:15:59 No.3350344 >>3350336 I love how joji is unironically great at producing bangin' tracks >> [_] Anonymous 08/05/18(Sun)09:21:09 No.3350345 >>3350344 his name is george, joji is a character, and pink guy made the song anyway. dont get character names mixed up he sure does like acting all high and japanese when hes just a hapa tho >> [_] Anonymous 08/05/18(Sun)11:23:37 No.3350354 All of the female faces have no eyes. Is this some sort of social commentary? >> [_] Anonymous 08/05/18(Sun)12:35:27 No.3350364 >>3350345 joji is his nickname. frank and pink guy are character idiot.


D: 5/8 12:49 U: 6/8 09:00 C: 6/8 09:36Flash files: 1 Posts: 13
[XE1D6ZW]ARCHIVED F ! http://boards.4chan.org/f/thread/3350267/pokemon-crysta…
File: Kris loop.swf-(163 KB, 640x480, Hentai) [_] Pokemon Crystal Anonymous 08/04/18(Sat)23:11:21 No.3350267 Learned how to do buttons now. Are you proud of me? Marked for deletion (old). >> [_] Anonymous 08/04/18(Sat)23:32:55 No.3350270 >>3350267 You better do better than that Kris > Leaf and deserves better treatment. >> [_] Anonymous 08/04/18(Sat)23:44:31 No.3350273 >>3350267 yellow jizz is DISGUSTANG >> [_] Anonymous 08/05/18(Sun)00:08:49 No.3350277 >>3350270 What kind of treatment we talkin' bout? >> [_] Anonymous 08/05/18(Sun)01:30:20 No.3350296 >>3350267 i love this artist; its getting better >> [_] Anonymous 08/05/18(Sun)04:13:10 No.3350323 Feel like I've seen this style before (not talking about the other flash with Be

Kris loop.swf[W][I]WIKI

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[GZOLX5J]ARCHIVED ! http://boards.4chan.org/f/thread/3350262
File: airpressure.swf-(2.36 MB, 640x480, Game) [_] Anonymous 08/04/18(Sat)22:55:28 No.3350262 Marked for deletion (old). >> [_] Anonymous 08/05/18(Sun)00:50:07 No.3350289 oh right. allegory for drug addiction. havent seen this shit for almost a decade. >> [_] Anonymous 08/05/18(Sun)01:14:49 No.3350294 >>3350289 I'm pretty sure it's actually a cutting addiction, not drug abuse, given what the Nurse says: "you didn't hit any nerves or arteries" and "why did you do it?", which imply him missing the arteries in his wrists/thighs, and her assuming it was a suicide attempt. >> [_] Anonymous 08/05/18(Sun)01:58:33 No.3350301 >>3350289 >>3350294 this is literally the gayest thing since gay came to gaytown. why did you ever make it that far? >> [_


D: 5/8 04:58 U: 6/8 01:57 C: 6/8 02:38Flash files: 1 Posts: 13
[SJWJQLN]ARCHIVED ! http://boards.4chan.org/f/thread/3350259
File: knotty-saria.swf-(6. 07 MB, 960x660, Other) [_] Anonymous 08/04/18(Sat)22:33:07 No.3350259 Marked for deletion (old). >> [_] Anonymous 08/05/18(Sun)00:21:14 No.3350278 You can tell it's Shadman because the dog's asshole pucker has more detail than the cock, pussy, or girl combined. >> [_] Anonymous 08/05/18(Sun)00:46:26 No.3350287 >>3350259 Is this suppose to be "edgy" Just looks like a man child with bad animation skills threw together some wannabe edgy shit >> [_] Anonymous 08/05/18(Sun)02:01:37 No.3350302 >>3350278 >>3350287 pretty obvious bait considering this was done by Spazkid and just hosted on the shad site, hence the preloader try harder kiddos >> [_] Anonymous 08/05/18(Sun)02:30:36 No.3350311 >>3350278 but where is


D: 5/8 04:38 U: 6/8 01:05 C: 6/8 02:27Flash files: 1 Posts: 11
[A704O2M]ARCHIVED ! http://boards.4chan.org/f/thread/3350242/hear-all-about…
File: News Update.swf-(9.96 MB, 1280x720, Other) [_] Anonymous 08/04/18(Sat)21:21:14 No.3350242 Hear all about it! Marked for deletion (old). >> [_] Anonymous 08/04/18(Sat)21:42:56 No.3350247 >>3350242 now I'm ultimately redpilled >> [_] Anonymous 08/05/18(Sun)00:55:02 No.3350291 i dont know who is parodying who anymore. >> [_] Anonymous 08/05/18(Sun)02:43:20 No.3350314 >>3350291 life is a parody of death >> [_] Anonymous 08/05/18(Sun)10:11:09 No.3350349 >>3350314 Death does not exist Neither do parodies >> [_] Anonymous 08/05/18(Sun)10:16:14 No.3350350 I lol'd >> [_] Anonymous 08/05/18(Sun)12:07:19 No.3350358 kek e k >> [_] Anonymous 08/05/18(Sun)12:12:48 No.3350360 Is this Fake News? >> [_] Anonymous 08/05/18(Sun

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[PDDB2VE]ARCHIVED ! http://boards.4chan.org/f/thread/3350159
File: Burger ($2,000).swf-(9.47 MB, 640x360, Other) [_] Anonymous 08/04/18(Sat)09:00:41 No.3350159 Marked for deletion (old). >> [_] Anonymous 08/04/18(Sat)09:11:20 No.3350160 >>3350159 >Using a metal spoon for caviar Dumb motherfucker. I wouldn't pay a dime for that burger. >> [_] Anonymous 08/04/18(Sat)11:52:10 No.3350191 you would have to pay me to eat that shit >> [_] Anonymous 08/04/18(Sat)12:25:06 No.3350195 >okay now lets put some gold foil in your food and now its worth a lot of money xD this is meme bullshit for the dumb nouveau riche. >> [_] Anonymous 08/04/18(Sat)12:41:16 No.3350196 Isn't gold, like every other heavy metal, toxic? Can't you get heavy metal poisoning from gold? >> [_] Anonymous 08/04/18(Sat)12:43:31 No.3350

Burger ($2,000).swf[W][I]WIKI

D: 4/8 15:01 U: 5/8 08:20 C: 5/8 08:49Flash files: 1 Posts: 23
[NHG2PYF]ARCHIVED ! http://boards.4chan.org/f/thread/3350166/flan
File: flan.swf-(3.61 MB, 480x272, Loop) [_] flan Anonymous 08/04/18(Sat)09:49:40 No.3350166 flan Marked for deletion (old). >> [_] Anonymous 08/04/18(Sat)10:07:43 No.3350173 [F] [L] [A] [N] >> [_] Anonymous 08/04/18(Sat)10:51:32 No.3350179 flan >> [_] Anonymous 08/04/18(Sat)10:56:55 No.3350180 I >> [_] Anonymous 08/04/18(Sat)11:07:31 No.3350183 AM >> [_] Anonymous 08/04/18(Sat)11:09:46 No.3350184 IRON >> [_] Anonymous 08/04/18(Sat)11:11:21 No.3350187 FLAN >> [_] Anonymous 08/04/18(Sat)17:53:59 No.3350221 I believe we have encountered the middle of this conversation. >> [_] Anonymous 08/04/18(Sat)21:37:30 No.3350246 FLAN! >> [_] Anonymous 08/04/18(Sat)22:17:50 No.3350255 Look, the only way out of this is to consult Holly


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[YBFEGML]ARCHIVED ! http://boards.4chan.org/f/thread/3350154/onk
File: honk.swf-(3 MB, 1000x563, Hentai) [_] ONK Anonymous 08/04/18(Sat)08:28:49 No.3350154 >> [_] Anonymous 08/04/18(Sat)08:37:36 No.3350155 >>3350154 why is this tagged H? does OP have an eight-bit gay clown fetish? >> [_] Anonymous 08/04/18(Sat)08:44:37 No.3350156 >>3350155 It's tagged [H]ONK >> [_] Anonymous 08/04/18(Sat)08:55:37 No.3350157 >>3350156 Should have been [H] [O] [N] [K] tbqh >> [_] Anonymous 08/04/18(Sat)09:50:47 No.3350167 >>3350155 >>3350157 newfags >> [_] Anonymous 08/04/18(Sat)10:00:34 No.3350170 >>3350167 Said the summerfag. >> [_] Anonymous 08/04/18(Sat)16:04:56 No.3350207 >>3350170 t. gaiaonline poster >> [_] Anonymous 08/04/18(Sat)21:45:45 No.3350248 I want to play an old retro fps in excatly


D: 4/8 14:34 U: 5/8 04:22 C: 5/8 06:33Flash files: 1 Posts: 11
[RH6TUBX]ARCHIVED ! http://boards.4chan.org/f/thread/3350178/you-should-be-…
File: Pearls Before Swine.swf-(147 KB, 640x480, Other) [_] You Should Be Able to Solve This Anonymous 08/04/18(Sat)10:46:07 No.3350178 Some notes to help people win: There are three easily-achievable unwinnable scenarios, which occur when you have to remove pearls and the field consists of: >a row of 3, a row of 2, and a row of 1 >two rows with the same number of pearls >three rows with one pearl each If you think carefully, you can work out the best possible first move, and it's easy from there. >> [_] Anonymous 08/04/18(Sat)11:03:44 No.3350182 Do his animations mean anything? After my first move, he used to scratch his head, which made me think I was doing good. But now he just goes "aha!" >> [_] Anonymous 08/04/18(Sat)11:12:41 No.335

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File: samefagging.swf-(3.2 MB, 550x309, Loop) [_] Anonymous 08/03/18(Fri)18:32:04 No.3350050 Marked for deletion (old). >> [_] Anonymous 08/03/18(Fri)22:19:37 No.3350092 nice flash op >> [_] Anonymous 08/03/18(Fri)22:20:48 No.3350093 >>3350092 I agree, this post shows that op has excellent taste in .swf files >> [_] Anonymous 08/03/18(Fri)22:30:39 No.3350094 fucking retards all of you >> [_] Anonymous 08/03/18(Fri)22:52:03 No.3350095 >>3350092 >>3350093 >>3350094 samefagging >> [_] Anonymous 08/04/18(Sat)00:28:12 No.3350110 >>3350094 >>3350095 Samefag detected >> [_] Anonymous 08/04/18(Sat)03:20:59 No.3350132 Everybody here are dumb hamsterposters kys >> [_] Anonymous 08/04/18(Sat)03:27:28 No.3350133 >>3350132 but an


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