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File: nazi kitty.swf-(262 KB, 278x300, Loop) [_] Anonymous 11/26/20(Thu)13:23:24 No.3447251 Marked for deletion (old). >> [_] Anonymous 11/26/20(Thu)13:38:25 No.3447253 uh, that thing is a Nazi its offensive, even as a joke lets not post this again >> [_] Anonymous 11/26/20(Thu)13:47:28 No.3447254 >>3447253 MORE NAZI FLASH >> [_] Anonymous 11/26/20(Thu)14:39:28 No.3447260 >>3447253 hehehehe >> [_] Anonymous 11/26/20(Thu)15:36:09 No.3447270 >>3447253 Where do you think you are new/f/riend? >> [_] Anonymous 11/26/20(Thu)19:50:56 No.3447302 >>3447270 It's a joke, my guy. >> [_] Anonymous 11/26/20(Thu)21:26:05 No.3447311 >>3447253 its a character from an anime where the enemies are nazis, you dolt. hellsing ultimate >> [_]

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D: 26/11 19:35 U: 27/11 13:34 C: 27/11 14:56Flash files: 1 Posts: 17
File: Joe Biden Strokes and Sniffs a Loli.swf-(7.16 MB, 464x512, Other) [_] Anonymous 11/26/20(Thu)22:03:10 No.3447321 >> [_] Anonymous 11/26/20(Thu)22:06:38 No.3447322 biden is 4chan's ambassador in the white house. >> [_] Anonymous 11/26/20(Thu)22:23:44 No.3447324 Pedo removed soon my bros >> [_] Anonymous 11/26/20(Thu)23:57:05 No.3447329 I still can't believe how much of a joke USA's election is. How can you not have ID verification when voting? We're supposed to believe Joe beat Obama with 11 million votes when Joe barely campaigned AND had a huge corruption scandal just a few weeks before election day? Plus there's all these weird videos of him touching girls and women, not to mention all the clips of him being unable to string two sente

Joe Biden Strokes and Sniffs a Loli.swf[W][I]WIKI

D: 27/11 04:07 U: 27/11 08:23 C: 27/11 09:07Flash files: 1 Posts: 12
File: breakfast princess.swf-(4.59 MB, 1100x750, Loop) [_] Anonymous 11/26/20(Thu)05:57:13 No.3447222 Eat Your Meats Marked for deletion (old). >> [_] Anonymous 11/26/20(Thu)06:23:51 No.3447223 I like it >> [_] Anonymous 11/26/20(Thu)08:07:52 No.3447225 not bad >> [_] Anonymous 11/26/20(Thu)10:55:10 No.3447233 This is great. >> [_] Anonymous 11/26/20(Thu)11:11:23 No.3447235 hawt >> [_] Anonymous 11/26/20(Thu)12:08:22 No.3447241 MEAT!!!! >> [_] Anonymous 11/26/20(Thu)12:37:13 No.3447246 >nigger music >> [_] Anonymous 11/26/20(Thu)15:16:07 No.3447264 >>3447246 Nothing is ever good enough for you, is it? >> [_] Anonymous 11/26/20(Thu)16:13:38 No.3447277 Really fokking good! >> [_] Anonymous 11/26/20(Thu)17:44:23 No.3447287

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D: 26/11 12:01 U: 27/11 08:17 C: 27/11 08:27Flash files: 1 Posts: 21
File: CoC_1.0.2_v._04.swf- (8.11 MB, 1000x800, Game) [_] Anonymous 11/26/20(Thu)04:54:21 No.3447218 Have you /f/ags actually given this game a try? It's literally the best flash RPG I've ever seen, if it weren't for the fact that's it's a porn game it would be the best text based adventure game I've ever played. You can do just about fucking anything in this god forsaken game, you can become an animal, a slime, you can fuck literally anything. You can have a dick and tits. You can gather a cult following, gain reputation, friends, relationships, own property, you can even fucking influence the socioeconomic structure of society. This fucking dog shit porn flash game is amazing. >> [_] Anonymous 11/26/20(Thu)07:31:22 No.3447224 >It's literall


D: 26/11 11:01 U: 27/11 01:52 C: 27/11 07:50Flash files: 1 Posts: 12
File: take a drug.swf-(6.5 MB, 320x240, Other) [_] Anonymous 11/25/20(Wed)06:22:50 No.3447129 What OS do you use? I'm on OpenSUSE. Thinking of trying out FreeBSD. Marked for deletion (old). >> [_] Anonymous 11/25/20(Wed)06:31:05 No.3447130 >>3447129 templeOS >> [_] Anonymous 11/25/20(Wed)11:32:00 No.3447143 Xubuntu. >> [_] Anonymous 11/25/20(Wed)12:00:37 No.3447144 >>3447129 OS/2 >> [_] Anonymous 11/25/20(Wed)12:08:19 No.3447145 Gentoo >> [_] Anonymous 11/25/20(Wed)13:36:23 No.3447149 >>3447129 Windows 10 (LTSC edition) >> [_] Anonymous 11/25/20(Wed)15:15:03 No.3447155 >>3447129 Depends on the computer. >> [_] Anonymous 11/25/20(Wed)15:50:22 No.3447164 >>3447129 Windows 7 mainly >> [_] Anonymous 11/25/20(Wed)16:52:2 4

take a drug.swf[W][I]WIKI

D: 25/11 12:26 U: 26/11 07:43 C: 26/11 08:41Flash files: 1 Posts: 12
File: Tsurupettan.swf-(5.77 MB, 480x320, Japanese) [_] possibly LAST touhou tuesday Anonymous 11/24/20(Tue)06:03:56 No.3447029 Post your very very BEST today! Marked for deletion (old). >> [_] Anonymous 11/24/20(Tue)07:17:41 No.3447034 >>3447029 Supports ends on the 31st of December anon. >> [_] Anonymous 11/24/20(Tue)09:40:57 No.3447043 >>3447029 is it christmas today where you live anon? >> [_] Anonymous 11/24/20(Tue)10:09:53 No.3447048 >>3447029 What do you know that we don't, anon? >> [_] Anonymous 11/24/20(Tue)10:56:41 No.3447056 if only >> [_] Anonymous 11/24/20(Tue)15:21:24 No.3447071 >>3447029-san is such a shining example of truNEETism that he not only forgot the weekday but the month too. >> [_] Anonymous 11/24/20(Tue)


D: 24/11 12:12 U: 25/11 05:25 C: 25/11 07:32Flash files: 1 Posts: 16
File: [S] Jack - Ascend.swf-(4.38 MB, 650x450, Other) [_] Anonymous 11/22/20(Sun)14:22:25 No.3446777 finished it recently, good fun Marked for deletion (old). >> [_] Anonymous 11/22/20(Sun)15:11:00 No.3446802 >>3446777 nice job, OP I got somewhere around after the first intermission once and haven't had the courage to pick it up again yet >> [_] Anonymous 11/22/20(Sun)15:15:51 No.3446803 >>3446802 yeah, I was burning through it, like a few hundred pages a day, because I wanted to watch the flashes as they were supposed to be seen before flash kicks the bucket. you should probably get on it too before it's too late. >> [_] Anonymous 11/22/20(Sun)15:46:27 No.3446808 >>3446777 was it worth it? >> [_] Anonymous 11/22/20(Sun)16:14:40 No.34

[S] Jack - Ascend.swf[W][I]WIKI

D: 22/11 20:25 U: 23/11 23:22 C: 23/11 23:39Flash files: 1 Posts: 13
File: 4chan4evar.swf-(2.12 MB, 550x400, Other) [_] The flash archive uses an emulator! Anonymous 11/22/20(Sun)08:36:30 No.3446739 Wow. When did it happen? Check it out: https://www.4chan.or g/flash It's not perfect, but it works. That means they intend on keeping it around after flash support breaks. Thanks, hiromoot! Marked for deletion (old). >> [_] Anonymous 11/22/20(Sun)09:11:33 No.3446740 >>3446739 Doesn't work for me. >> [_] Anonymous 11/22/20(Sun)10:42:33 No.3446748 >>3446739 I'll be damned... That's pretty cool. Still a long way to go for ruffle but it has some activity recently: uffle-rs/ruffle/graph s/contributors The road map at uffle-rs/ruffle/wiki/ Roadmap haven't been updated for

4chan4evar .swf[W][I]WIKI cakeformoo t.swf[W][I]WIKI

D: 22/11 14:41 U: 23/11 20:12 C: 23/11 20:59Flash files: ~2 Posts: 84
File: reload_this_I_Dare_Y ou.swf-(2.42 MB, 720x480, Other) [_] Anonymous 11/21/20(Sat)22:35:21 No.3446694 >> [_] Anonymous 11/22/20(Sun)10:39:51 No.3446747 wait, that flash loop of sakaki rolling around with maya, what's it called? I don't have that. >> [_] Anonymous 11/22/20(Sun)10:53:03 No.3446750 >>3446747 turn out it's just Sakaki_rolling.swf >> [_] Anonymous 11/22/20(Sun)10:59:17 No.3446753 I couldve swore that I saw that babby one in the flash tube >> [_] Anonymous 11/22/20(Sun)11:12:30 No.3446756 >>3446753 that's probably because you did. also, it's "flash tub". >> [_] Anonymous 11/22/20(Sun)11:16:36 No.3446757 >>3446756 Goddammit, I always tought that it was a tube! Well, the more you know. Anyway, cya later, fellow goon >>


D: 22/11 04:37 U: 23/11 01:10 C: 23/11 06:58Flash files: ~1 Posts: 13
File: white.swf-(9.64 MB, 480x270, Anime) [_] Anonymous 11/21/20(Sat)22:50:59 No.3446698 >> [_] Anonymous 11/21/20(Sat)23:16:08 No.3446702 wjat is that anime again? >> [_] Anonymous 11/21/20(Sat)23:26:13 No.3446704 >>3446702 Nichijou >> [_] Anonymous 11/21/20(Sat)23:35:58 No.3446705 >>3446704 thanks >> [_] Anonymous 11/21/20(Sat)23:58:18 No.3446706 i person who sings this song is a Jew >> [_] Anonymous 11/22/20(Sun)00:52:34 No.3446711 >>3446706 Who cares bitch >> [_] Anonymous 11/22/20(Sun)03:04:56 No.3446721 >>3446711 me >> [_] Anonymous 11/22/20(Sun)04:00:05 No.3446722 >>3446711 me >> [_] Anonymous 11/22/20(Sun)10:30:43 No.3446746 >mfw I just mute it and enjoy Nichijou clips >mfw no face >> [_] Anonymous 11/22/2


D: 22/11 04:56 U: 22/11 22:35 C: 23/11 07:46Flash files: 1 Posts: 11
File: YTPMVBR.swf-(3.99 MB, 480x270, Other) [_] Anonymous 11/21/20(Sat)20:46:08 No.3446678 at 2010 flash kept strong, now we are in 2020, do you all have some ideas of how the future will be? Maybe tendencies change and we get something good for the world wide web like a new format or new patterns that doesn't suck. Marked for deletion (old). >> [_] Anonymous 11/21/20(Sat)21:35:33 No.3446683 >>3446678 2020: flash plugin is bricked 2022: last browser known to man removes support for NPAPI 2023: W3C bans usage of all old browsers globally 2025: flying cars and nobody remembers flash 2026: the china virus kills the last dark-skinned person in africa 2027: pewdiepie brings back knowledge of "lost swf web format" after randoming a page on wikip


D: 22/11 02:49 U: 22/11 22:17 C: 22/11 23:15Flash files: 1 Posts: 18
File: Attention 4chan.swf-(158 KB, 550x400, Other) [_] GET IN HERE Anonymous 11/21/20(Sat)14:14:37 No.3446614 /flash/ is using ruffle. This means /f/ (probably) won't get BALEETED! Marked for deletion (old). >> [_] Anonymous 11/21/20(Sat)14:26:48 No.3446616 good, now people will finally stop doomposting. >> [_] Anonymous 11/21/20(Sat)14:32:20 No.3446617 Was there an announcement somewhere that I missed? >> [_] Anonymous 11/21/20(Sat)16:53:00 No.3446634 >>3446614 >/flash/ ? >> [_] Anonymous 11/21/20(Sat)16:55:07 No.3446636 >>3446634 4chan's flash archive of stuff moot personally liked. I don't think it's updated anymore unfortunately ;_; >> [_] Anonymous 11/21/20(Sat)17:27:13 No.3446638 >>3446636 I've never

Attention 4chan.swf[W][I]WIKI

D: 21/11 20:16 U: 22/11 07:14 C: 22/11 10:55Flash files: 1 Posts: 18
File: heap_of_trouble.swf- (5.17 MB, 320x240, Other) [_] Anonymous 11/20/20(Fri)22:30:17 No.3446532 >> [_] Anonymous 11/21/20(Sat)04:38:10 No.3446559 ONE NAKED MAN >> [_] Anonymous 11/21/20(Sat)04:58:52 No.3446562 TWO NAKED MEN >> [_] Anonymous 11/21/20(Sat)05:19:05 No.3446564 THREE NAKED MEN >> [_] Anonymous 11/21/20(Sat)05:33:17 No.3446565 FOUR NAKED MEN >> [_] Anonymous 11/21/20(Sat)06:15:08 No.3446571 FIVE NAKED MEN >> [_] Anonymous 11/21/20(Sat)06:25:28 No.3446572 SIX NAKED MEN >> [_] Anonymous 11/21/20(Sat)06:43:26 No.3446574 SEVEN NAKED MEN >> [_] Anonymous 11/21/20(Sat)07:17:00 No.3446575 >>3446559 >>3446562 >>3446564 >>3446565 >>3446571 >>3446572 >>3446574 C-C-C-COMBOBREAKER!! !!! >> [_] Anonymous 11/21/


D: 21/11 04:33 U: 22/11 01:39 C: 22/11 04:11Flash files: 1 Posts: 36
File: 404.swf-(360 KB, 550x400, Other) [_] Final Flash Anonymous 11/20/20(Fri)22:41:21 No.3446533 If you got to choose the last flash to ever be posted on this board, which one would you pick? >> [_] Anonymous 11/21/20(Sat)05:53:11 No.3446569 lolicatgirls.swf >> [_] Anonymous 11/21/20(Sat)07:51:40 No.3446577 goodbye4chan.swf >> [_] Anonymous 11/21/20(Sat)08:03:24 No.3446580 >>3446577 also, endof4chan.swf >> [_] Anonymous 11/21/20(Sat)08:20:12 No.3446582 ^_^.swf >> [_] Anonymous 11/21/20(Sat)09:00:47 No.3446587 >>3446533 I really don't know but I do know what I would post for the first of January. friday_at_last.sfw because what better way is there to celebrate the first friday of the year? >> [_] Anonymous 11/21/20(Sat)09:11


D: 21/11 04:42 U: 22/11 00:52 C: 22/11 04:09Flash files: 1 Posts: 15
File: friday_at_last.swf-( 1.02 MB, 550x400, Loop) [_] Anonymous 11/20/20(Fri)07:08:41 No.3446454 Can't believe the Chinese Corona Pandemic is still going. Marked for deletion (old). >> [_] Anonymous 11/20/20(Fri)09:53:54 No.3446465 >>3446454 and it'll be ongoing for a while still >> [_] Anonymous 11/20/20(Fri)10:07:23 No.3446466 Vaccine sounds like the only way to solve this. Cant expect people to be responsible. >> [_] Anonymous 11/20/20(Fri)10:20:07 No.3446468 it'll get worse before it gets better. >> [_] Anonymous 11/20/20(Fri)16:14:18 No.3446489 Wonder if it's a political move to hype up Corona again so that people forget that the election isn't over yet and we still don't know who will be the president. If Trump wins after the ne


D: 20/11 13:11 U: 21/11 03:51 C: 21/11 04:32Flash files: 1 Posts: 17
File: very-shy-girl.swf-(1 53 KB, 550x700, Hentai) [_] Anonymous 11/19/20(Thu)08:08:33 No.3446306 /f/ is just for XXX Marked for deletion (old). >> [_] Anonymous 11/19/20(Thu)10:02:34 No.3446327 thats /b/ >> [_] Anonymous 11/19/20(Thu)10:05:45 No.3446329 >tab doesn't show what's clickable It's shit. >> [_] Anonymous 11/19/20(Thu)10:31:52 No.3446331 >>3446329 you gotta work for your porn fag >> [_] Anonymous 11/19/20(Thu)10:48:23 No.3446332 this is extremely challenging pornography. >> [_] Anonymous 11/19/20(Thu)11:36:51 No.3446335 >>3446329 Click the fish. Then, lift her shirt. There is a spot to her left about a 1/3rd of the way down her skirt, in the white area about halfway between her and the left border. When you mouse over t


D: 19/11 14:10 U: 20/11 01:46 C: 20/11 01:59Flash files: 1 Posts: 12
File: gensokyo-soon.swf-(3 .65 MB, 1450x1046, Anime) [_] I will miss you /f/riends Anonymous 11/18/20(Wed)03:53:45 No.3446216 Marked for deletion (old). >> [_] Anonymous 11/18/20(Wed)05:22:43 No.3446222 thanks for the memories /f/ >> [_] Anonymous 11/18/20(Wed)10:41:41 No.3446236 Has it actually been announced what the fate of the board will be after December? There's a couple of projects actively trying to build projectors and a web based flash emulator. It doesn't have to die. >> [_] Anonymous 11/18/20(Wed)11:01:44 No.3446237 >>3446236 the mods have thought about implementing ruffle (see success.swf) there's no reason to delete /f/ just because the embed button disappears; plenty of other chans have file-sharing boards without embed function


D: 18/11 09:56 U: 19/11 20:41 C: 19/11 21:38Flash files: 1 Posts: 37
File: Zeitgeist.swf-(4.5 MB, 640x480, Other) [_] Anonymous 11/18/20(Wed)02:24:35 No.3446213 >> [_] Anonymous 11/18/20(Wed)03:42:20 No.3446214 Ahahaha, good shit >> [_] Anonymous 11/18/20(Wed)03:52:14 No.3446215 wtf is this "zeitgeist movement"? >> [_] Anonymous 11/18/20(Wed)04:36:28 No.3446218 >>3446215 The Zeitgeist Movement or TZM advocates what they call a resource based economy which they define as the application of the scientific method toward social concern. Their argument is the reason why there's poverty and pollution is because the market does not hope to solve those problems because the market is not science. Instead the market is about the idea that the ownership of possessions is what brings happiness when it's healthy social relat


D: 18/11 08:30 U: 19/11 12:00 C: 19/11 21:40Flash files: 1 Posts: 15
File: miyuka trans.swf-(2.6 MB, 800x800, Hentai) [_] Anonymous 11/17/20(Tue)18:48:27 No.3446182 /f/ is just for XXX >> [_] Anonymous 11/17/20(Tue)19:44:09 No.3446184 >I suppose it wouldn't hurt to let you do this just once... >but it's not like I love you or anything... if you insist, miyuka. >> [_] Anonymous 11/17/20(Tue)20:20:55 No.3446187 does anyone know of a flash player where the scroll wheel doesn't control volume? I have a bunch of his translated flash games but the scroll wheel doest work. >> [_] Anonymous 11/17/20(Tue)21:27:59 No.3446195 Whatthefuckdidyoujus tfuckingsayaboutme,yo ulittlebandit?I'llhav eyouknowIgraduatedtop ofmyclassinRedflag,an dI'vebeeninvolvedinnu meroussecretAirstrike sonAl-Quaeda,andIhave over300confirmedkills .Iamtra

miyuka trans.swf[W][I]WIKI

D: 18/11 00:53 U: 19/11 08:33 C: 19/11 10:24Flash files: 1 Posts: 11
File: BLUE HOUR.swf-(7 MB, 550x400, Loop) [_] Anonymous 11/16/20(Mon)15:12:35 No.3445927 We blue now. Marked for deletion (old). >> [_] 02e8ff0ad 11/16/20(Mon)15:14:18 No.3445928 I'M BLUE >> [_] Anonymous 11/16/20(Mon)15:19:00 No.3445932 I'M BLUE abu di abu die abu di abu die abu di abu die abu di abu die abu di abu die abu di abu die abu di abu die abu di abu die abu di abu die abu di abu die abu di abu die abu di abu die abu di abu die abu di abu die abu di abu die abu di abu die abu di abu die abu di abu die abu di abu die abu di abu die abu di abu die >> [_] Anonymous 11/16/20(Mon)15:59:05 No.3445948 WHY IS EVERYONE BLUE!!?!? >> [_] Anonymous 11/16/20(Mon)16:10:52 No.3445951 email field is back now?? >> [_] 02e8ff0ad 11/16/20(Mon)16


D: 16/11 21:17 U: 17/11 05:33 C: 17/11 06:44Flash files: 1 Posts: 13
File: Lain eyez.swf-(174 KB, 255x180, Loop) [_] /f/ now has global IDs 02e8ff0ad 11/16/20(Mon)13:59:28 No.3445897 The end times have come. Marked for deletion (old). >> [_] Anonymous 11/16/20(Mon)14:22:31 No.3445901 well there are only fifty people who browse this board anyway, we might as well get to know each other better. >> [_] Anonymous 11/16/20(Mon)14:40:27 No.3445904 >>3445897 Wait what? >> [_] 02e8ff0ad 11/16/20(Mon)14:41:37 No.3445905 >>3445904 >>3445901 Wait, are you not the same anon? >> [_] Anonymous 11/16/20(Mon)14:42:07 No.3445906 >>3445905 No, I'm the second one and haven't been on /f/ today before now. >> [_] 02e8ff0ad 11/16/20(Mon)14:49:42 No.3445910 >>3445906 Okay, that's weird. Every anon is assigned some w

Lain eyez.swf[W][I]WIKI

D: 16/11 20:01 U: 17/11 03:09 C: 17/11 03:29Flash files: 1 Posts: 69
File: lainloop.swf-(3.51 MB, 1280x720, Loop) [_] [A] [I] [N] Anonymous 11/16/20(Mon)10:43:27 No.3445854 What are these strange dummy Email addresses that appeared on /f/ just now? They seem to be persistent with your IP, across the entire board. They act like pseudo IDs. Very strange. Is /f/ dying? Marked for deletion (old). >> [_] Anonymous 11/16/20(Mon)10:51:56 No.3445855 They are visible on all devices and browsers, and affect OPs as well. They are definitely hex numbers. No clue what they stand for. Probably internal poster IDs. >> [_] Anonymous 11/16/20(Mon)12:59:35 No.3445870 Can the /f/ mod please explain this? >> [_] Anonymous 11/16/20(Mon)13:13:43 No.3445872 MODS HELP >> [_] 02e8ff0ad 11/16/20(Mon)13:24:58 No.3445876 >>3445872


D: 16/11 16:45 U: 17/11 00:34 C: 17/11 01:33Flash files: 1 Posts: 21
File: hey.swf-(7.45 MB, 480x360, Other) [_] Is /f/ dying? Anonymous 11/15/20(Sun)22:29:19 No.3445804 Marked for deletion (old). >> [_] Anonymous 11/15/20(Sun)22:37:27 No.3445805 >>3445804 hope not >> [_] Anonymous 11/15/20(Sun)22:40:03 No.3445806 >>3445804 Since birth >> [_] Anonymous 11/15/20(Sun)23:09:55 No.3445813 >>3445804 yeah >> [_] Anonymous 11/16/20(Mon)01:07:55 No.3445821 It's OK, nothing lasts forever. We had a good run. >> [_] Anonymous 11/16/20(Mon)02:46:33 No.3445826 At least we'll never become as bad as /v/ >> [_] Anonymous 11/16/20(Mon)05:54:37 No.3445831 >>3445806 this >> [_] Anonymous 11/16/20(Mon)06:40:42 No.3445833 >>3445804 we've been a corpse for a while and a corpse is best left alone in peace


D: 16/11 04:33 U: 16/11 22:34 C: 16/11 23:06Flash files: 1 Posts: 25
File: cant stump.swf-(5.23 MB, 720x800, Other) [_] Anonymous 11/15/20(Sun)22:51:55 No.3445809 >> [_] Anonymous 11/15/20(Sun)23:10:10 No.3445814 >>3445809 lmao >> [_] Anonymous 11/16/20(Mon)02:14:03 No.3445825 hola ie anon >> [_] Anonymous 11/16/20(Mon)02:57:54 No.3445827 306. >> [_] Anonymous 11/16/20(Mon)07:11:14 No.3445835 holy shit this site truly did die in 2016 which explains why 2020's meme cycle wasnt as great. curse google, for all eternity. >> [_] Anonymous 11/16/20(Mon)08:53:49 No.3445845 he can try again in 2024, be the next Grover Cleveland >> [_] Anonymous 11/16/20(Mon)09:17:01 No.3445846 flash won, html5 stole it from us, flash deprecation is not happening >> [_] Anonymous 11/16/20(Mon)10:01:08 No.3445848 >>3445845

cant stump.swf[W][I]WIKI

D: 16/11 04:56 U: 16/11 21:22 C: 16/11 23:26Flash files: 1 Posts: 13
File: ufl_moar.swf-(1.54 MB, 320x240, Loop) [_] Anonymous 11/15/20(Sun)20:45:27 No.3445797 >> [_] Anonymous 11/16/20(Mon)01:08:36 No.3445822 Sauce for anime and song? >> [_] Anonymous 11/16/20(Mon)01:20:30 No.3445823 >>3445822 Answering my own question for the benefit of others... Song Sauce: Watergate - Heart Of Asia (Orbit 1 Remix) Anime Sauce (Not so confident on this one but probably right...): Nurse Witch Komugi-chan Magikarte >> [_] Anonymous 11/16/20(Mon)03:29:47 No.3445828 >>3445823 you're a very nice person >> [_] Anonymous 11/16/20(Mon)10:17:37 No.3445850 >>3445823 Thank you! >> [_] Anonymous 11/16/20(Mon)10:20:49 No.3445852 >>3445850 >mailto:02b99990d what the fuck is happening, am I the only one who can see


D: 16/11 02:49 U: 16/11 20:54 C: 16/11 22:33Flash files: 1 Posts: 12

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