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>> 4ere4nik 19jan2016(tu)12:36 No.27024 OP P1

[G] You'll_vomit - 4ere4nik edition

My version of Gayer version of You'll_vomit

[IMG] You'll_vomit- 4ere4nik edition.swf (417 KiB)
720x480, Compressed. 1090 frames, 30 fps (00:36).
Ver10, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>> Anonymous 19jan2016(tu)21:28 No.27036 A P2R1


>> Anonymous 20jan2016(we)03:40 No.27039 B P3R2

less gay is good but i cant unlearn what i know

>> Anonymous 20jan2016(we)06:25 No.27042 C P4R3

Couldn't quite fix that cum, could ya?

>> Anonymous 20jan2016(we)08:16 No.27052 D P5R4

You forget a thousand things every day.
How 'bout you make sure this is one of 'em?

>> Anonymous 20jan2016(we)08:38 No.27054 E P6R5

You're still gay OP. We all know the truth. Have no shame.

>> Anonymous 20jan2016(we)09:18 No.27055 F P7R6

I approve of your quote of choice.

>> Horsie 20jan2016(we)12:22 No.27066 G P8R7

Neat!, but now we need a futa version, a furry version, a FNAF version, and an Undertale version.

>> Anonymous 20jan2016(we)15:05 No.27067 H P9R8

>>27066 A futa version would be any different from the original how?

>> Anonymous 20jan2016(we)15:52 No.27068 I P10R9

That joke went so far above your head it's in outer space now.

>> 4ere4nik 20jan2016(we)17:12 No.27069 OP P11R10

futa version have no balls

>> Horsie 20jan2016(we)17:21 No.27070 G P12R11

That was no joke. I DEMAND all the versions.
I'm on the Internet, I'm entitled to all my wishes.

>> Anonymous 20jan2016(we)21:11 No.27073 J P13R12

minus8 is cute!

>> Anonymous 20jan2016(we)21:44 No.27074 F P14R13

Calm down temmie.

>> Anonymous 21jan2016(th)19:55 No.27081 K P15R14

Fuck, now I have autism. Thanks.

>> Anonymous 22jan2016(fr)01:16 No.27085 F P16R15

That's not necessarily a bad thing.

>> Anonymous 22jan2016(fr)02:23 No.27086 C P17R16

Says a guy with Autism

>> Anonymous 22jan2016(fr)03:45 No.27087 F P18R17

Actually,yes,doesn't really bother me though.

>> Anonymous 27jan2016(we)19:43 No.27232 L P19R18

Am I the only one who's okay but the dick but disgusted by the fact that the guy's fucking a
30-year-old? Half that age is too old.

>> Anonymous 28jan2016(th)03:27 No.27248 M P20R19

Most of the people who draw/film/animate what you fap to are grown ass men.

>> Anonymous 28jan2016(th)03:38 No.27249 N P21R20

Dude, we fap to rule 63 all the time, grow up.

>> Anonymous 28jan2016(th)03:41 No.27250 N P22

Original gay version

>> Anonymous 28jan2016(th)06:14 No.27253 O P23R21

He has terminal autism. The only cure is death, pray that it is quick and painless.

>> Anonymous 28jan2016(th)08:27 No.27256 P P24R22

Oh my god, what the hell is your problem with autists?!

>> Horsie 28jan2016(th)10:11 No.27258 G P25R23

He's a boring run of the mill standard low grade troll.
He's not even trying. Or if he is, that's a sad sad thing.

Thank you. Now where are the rest?

>> Anonymous 28jan2016(th)16:18 No.27269 D P26R24

You know, at first I fucking hated you...

So I just sat back and watched your posts, trying to figure out what your objective. was.
I have figured it out now, and I'm convinced that you're the only non-retarded person left on here.

Funny how some things turn out.

>> Anonymous 28jan2016(th)17:29 No.27273 Q P27R25

Some of us here actually do have autism, even if it's high-functioning.
Not that I expect anyone to care. I have it, and I don't care.
I just wanted to express that, just so that no one can say 'It's not like anyone here has autism'.
Thanks. I will now go back to whining and being overly sensitive like the rest of you.

>> Horsie 29jan2016(fr)10:53 No.27306 G P28R26

Did you do the official tests? I thought I was too, but I failed the tests.
I still don't know what to think about it, I'm somewhat relieved that I don't have autism, but now
I don't have excuse for my social ineptness.

>> Anonymous 29jan2016(fr)18:14 No.27314 Q P29R27

I feel compelled to answer, since I brought it up: I had three different psychologists make the
same suggestion, all within two years of each other. As a kid I spent two years simultaneously in
the gifted program and in the mentally handicapped program - in two different schools. I'm in my
40's now, autism wasn't really a thing back then. Personally, I find my behaviors and difficulties
expressive of high-functioning autism. But I really don't like talking about it - especially in a
place like this. This should be a place for fappage. End conversation. Thank you. Me out.

>> Horsie 29jan2016(fr)19:58 No.27316 G P30R28

Sorry for making you answer, you didn't have to.
Anyway thank you for your response. I know this is a place for fappage, but this also a place where
I feel like I can talk any topic without worrying about taboos, awkward situations or even scaring
people away, that's why I asked you so naturally.

>> Anonymous 7feb2016(su)05:15 No.28525 R P31R29

what's the bg music btw

>> Anonymousé 7feb2016(su)10:50 No.28530 S P32R30

What are you, a fucking autist? A good 90% of the people on these boards have autism.

>> Anonymous 7feb2016(su)10:58 No.28534 T P33R31

i have like weird nipples
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