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Discovered:23/12 -2016 00:17:20

Ended:23/12 -2016 06:28:21

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File: Shantae.swf-(4.71 MB, 720x720, Hentai)
[_] Anonymous 12/22/16(Thu)18:15:43 No.3192472

Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anonymous 12/22/16(Thu)19:23:14 No.3192505

  Whats with all the flashes where the camera just flies around everywhere

>> [_] Anonymous 12/22/16(Thu)19:27:41 No.3192507

  because you have to make these boring 10 frames somehow interesting

>> [_] Anonymous 12/22/16(Thu)21:56:53 No.3192563

  Still not 1/10000000 as bad as -8 and his vomit inducing flashes.

  This has multiple different scenes and cumshots doe

>> [_] Anonymous 12/22/16(Thu)22:15:17 No.3192567

  I like the beat.

>> [_] Anonymous 12/22/16(Thu)23:02:45 No.3192593

  Nice flash, though I think it would've been better without the random dude who peaces out a third
  of the way through.

>> [_] Anonymous 12/22/16(Thu)23:29:39 No.3192606

  It's obviously meant to be making a statement to indicate that men do not possess as much sexual
  stamina as a female or a shemale does, and that as an extension the flash creator feels that
  shemales are going to eventually outbreed males because of their innately superior sexual

  Also I coulda sworn there was a fourth scene in this, am I crazy?

>> [_] Anonymous 12/22/16(Thu)23:41:47 No.3192618

  Mandella Effect. I think you and I come from the timeline where this flash had a fellatio scene.

>> [_] Anonymous 12/23/16(Fri)00:27:54 No.3192643

  this guy wishes he was -8
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