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 Check out this video on how Google is trying to control the outcome of US election 2020 (and steer opinions in general on a global scale). 
 Since Google and YouTube has so much reach in the world I think it's a good idea to get at least a few more people aware of the manipulation going on. 
 I dislike all forms of censorship, including self-censorship caused by vague rules or fund starvation. Freedom of speech is a concept existing outside of law. 

[hide]        Several large companies are banding together to get rid of wrongthink. Tim Pool does a good job discussing the subject.        [hide]

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ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 14/7 -2019 19:25:23 Ended: 15/7 -2019 04:22:02Flashes: 1 Posts: 5
File: shantae-x-risky.swf-(4.71 MB, 720x720, Other)
[_] Anon 3396182
>> [_] Anon 3396184 Man the audio is catchy af. Is it from the game? Someone spoonfeedme a link to mp3.
>> [_] Anon 3396190 mmhhhhmmm nice.
>> [_] Anon 3396225 >># Sreach up Shantea ost "burning town" or "we love burning town", that's all u get
>> [_] Anon 3396232 I'm always a bit disappointed when the filenames are accurate.

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 25/2 -2019 01:21:23 Ended: 25/2 -2019 21:54:41Flashes: 1 Posts: 2
File: Shantae.swf-(4.71 MB, 720x720, Hentai)
[_] Anon 3382328
>> [_] Anon 3382334 jolly good show

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 20/1 -2019 04:24:33 Ended: 21/1 -2019 03:35:45Flashes: 1 Posts: 5
File: Shantae.swf-(4.71 MB, 720x720, Hentai)
[_] Anon 3377560 Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anon 3377596 >transvestite porn you lost me
>> [_] Anon 3377610 >># >Having bad taste you lost me
>> [_] Anon 3377636 >># it's not transvestite but remove balls balls on futa were a mistake
>> [_] Anon 3377694 >># Futanari without balls? It's like a cone without icecream. Full-packaged Futanari only the True Futanari - The True Hermaphrodite.

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 31/12 -2018 05:41:46 Ended: 31/12 -2018 23:04:58Flashes: 1 Posts: 5
File: PP34 Shante.swf-(4.71 MB, 720x720, Hentai)
[_] Anon 3374951
>> [_] Anon 3374993 futa ruins so much porn. just put on a strapon and keep it in reality instead of making it more gay and unenjoyable for many.
>> [_] Anon 3374994 >># >being so insecure you allow a girldick to ruin your fap Sucks to be you, anon
>> [_] Anon 3374998 >># What are you, gay?
>> [_] Anon 3375041 >># yeah. let the girl put on a cold emotionless unfeeling plastic phallus that totally makes it better than her thrusting in ecstasy and cumming buckets no, futa is great, just the balls are a really unneccesary addition of current year cucks balls are not needed to put penor into vagoo if anime chicks can have dicks they can magically cum without any testicles as well, thank you very much

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 16/9 -2018 14:04:15 Ended: 16/9 -2018 20:35:50Flashes: 1 Posts: 1
File: Shantae.swf-(4.71 MB, 720x720, Other)
[_] Anon 3357840

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 30/8 -2018 17:06:42 Ended: 30/8 -2018 19:44:08Flashes: 1 Posts: 2
File: Shantae_Futa29_NR.swf-(4.71 MB, 720x720, Hentai)
>> [_] Anon 3355076 >># hawt

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 13/6 -2018 10:21:30 Ended: 13/6 -2018 10:21:30Flashes: 1 Posts: 1
File: Shantae.swf-(4.71 MB, 720x720, Hentai)
[_] Anon 3341043

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 22/3 -2018 02:59:44 Ended: 22/3 -2018 19:06:47Flashes: 1 Posts: 2
File: Shantae.swf-(4.71 MB, 720x720, Hentai)
[_] Anon 3324264 Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anon 3324361 >># I can't help but feel like this one needs something more.

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 19/2 -2018 03:48:55 Ended: 19/2 -2018 07:06:51Flashes: 1 Posts: 3
File: Shantae.swf-(4.71 MB, 720x720, Hentai)
[_] Anon 3316511
>> [_] wish it was me 3316513 this one is good
>> [_] Anon 3316561 One of the few PP flashes that are actually good.

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 14/1 -2018 08:07:53 Ended: 14/1 -2018 22:45:14Flashes: 1 Posts: 2
File: Shantae.swf-(4.71 MB, 720x720, Hentai)
[_] Anon 3308115
>> [_] Anon 3308215 >># I wish Risky had a dick too

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 6/1 -2018 04:47:09 Ended: 6/1 -2018 13:17:44Flashes: 1 Posts: 1
File: Shantae.swf-(4.71 MB, 720x720, Hentai)
[_] Anon 3306183

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 5/12 -2017 20:50:47 Ended: 6/12 -2017 04:13:02Flashes: 1 Posts: 5
File: Shantae.swf-(4.71 MB, 720x720, Hentai)
[_] Anon 3299217
>> [_] Anon 3299220 >># It's ok, but would be better if it was futa on futa.
>> [_] beefy Shrek 3299289 PP34 should make a patreon to put cum buttons for white dicks in the flash, because traps are gay and spread diseases documented by countless studies.
>> [_] Anon 3299300 The fact that PP34's traced flashes keep getting posted is the most disgruntling thing, honestly.
>> [_] Anon 3299301 >># What would make it better is getting rid of the guy who's not even fully on screen and a bit distracting and just have the two of them going at it

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 14/11 -2017 05:13:05 Ended: 15/11 -2017 02:35:34Flashes: 1 Posts: 10
File: Shantae.swf-(4.71 MB, 720x720, Hentai)
[_] Anon 3294440 Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anon 3294441 >not minus34 shantae >this traced shit another disappointing monday
>> [_] Anon 3294442 >># your disgusting face is disappointment
>> [_] Anon 3294471 >>Be me >>Making the internet rounds, going to my usual lurking spots. >>Go to /f/. >>Last bastion before pornhub. >>See "Shantae" >>It can only be 1 of 2. Please be the one with the futa. >>I realize, what I just hoped for. >>I realize I want to see a chick with a dick. >>Realize traps aren't gay.
>> [_] Anon 3294485 >># the mental hopscotch on u fags
>> [_] Anon 3294547 >trying too hard to be minus
>> [_] Anon 3294550 >># >minus8 trademarked porn flashes set to game soundtracks >being this new
>> [_] Anon 3294552 >># traps are gay, futas aren't traps.
>> [_] Anon 3294609 >># traps =/= futa m8 trap is a femme boy
>> [_] Anon 3294610 >shantae is the futa sigh

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 29/7 -2017 15:24:34 Ended: 30/7 -2017 02:07:30Flashes: 1 Posts: 4
File: Shantae.swf-(4.71 MB, 720x720, Hentai)
[_] Anon 3267681 Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anon 3267740 MOAR SHANTAE
>> [_] Anon 3267747 Ugh. Futa.
>> [_] Anon 3267784 Shantae seems more like a bottom to me, but I can't complain too much.

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 29/7 -2017 09:40:29 Ended: 9/10 -2017 10:10:11Flashes: 1 Posts: 4
/ > /fap/ > Thread 11724 Age: 65.02d Health: 0% Posters: 4 Posts: 4 Replies: 3 Files: 1+2
>> Anon 51889 [IMG] shantae.swf (4.72 MiB) 720x720, Compressed. 2731 frames, 25 fps (01:49). Ver32, AS3. Network access: Text: Yes. Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: [find in archive]
>> Anon 52756 >># hey wait a second, why does that girl have a PENIS?
>> Anon 52757 >># Because Internet. The wonderful world of porn is full of weird but ubiquitous tropes.
>> Anon 52913 >Futa Fuck yeah. >Slimy Balls Nope.avi Why is my fetishness so flawed.

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 15/5 -2017 18:19:25 Ended: 16/5 -2017 03:42:20Flashes: 1 Posts: 7
File: Shantae_Futa.swf-(4.71 MB, 720x720, Hentai)
[_] The Best 3244537 Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anon 3244540 >balls on a futa GAY AS FUCK
>> [_] Anon 3244560 >># >Liking noballs Kill yourself.
>> [_] Anon 3244623 >># >># >>gross semen-less dicks, ever 560 is right, noballs are gross
>> [_] Anon 3244642 I love big juicy suckable balls on my futa's >and no im not gay
>> [_] Anon 3244662 >># i didnt say i wasnt gay
>> [_] super adventourous 3244682 >># NIGGA u GAYE!

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 30/4 -2017 04:24:34 Ended: 30/4 -2017 17:02:42Flashes: 1 Posts: 4
File: Shantae_Futa29_NR.swf-(4.71 MB, 720x720, Hentai)
[_] Anon 3239714 Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anon 3239880 >># budget -8
>> [_] Sammy 3239887 >># Weird how shantae's hands are always hidden
>> [_] Anon 3239893 >># hands are hard to draw okay

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 16/4 -2017 04:29:11 Ended: 16/4 -2017 09:40:21Flashes: 1 Posts: 6
File: Shantae and Risky.swf-(4.71 MB, 720x720, Hentai)
[_] Bringing out [H] Anon 3234807 Bringing out [H]
>> [_] Anon 3234889 this flash is technically gay because all you can see is a penis. also the artist hides all the characters hands, good luck not constantly noticing that any more
>> [_] Anon 3234894 >># Balls make it gay.
>> [_] Anon 3234902 >># It's just shantae's hands that are hidden, but yes, it is weird
>> [_] Anon 3234922 >no missionary dropped
>> [_] Anon 3234923 >># >shantae's face during the titfuck idk something about that face just gets me going

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 10/4 -2017 05:42:32 Ended: 10/4 -2017 16:00:27Flashes: 1 Posts: 4
File: Shantae and Risky.swf-(4.71 MB, 720x720, Hentai)
[_] Anon 3233083 No condom? I too like to live dangerously
>> [_] Anon 3233143 Cartoons can't get pregnant. (yet).
>> [_] Anon 3233152 >># you don't know my wife! ;_;
>> [_] Anon 3233157 >># I know... physics! *ominous background thunder*

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 17/3 -2017 02:32:02 Ended: 17/3 -2017 04:33:50Flashes: 1 Posts: 3
File: Shantae.swf-(4.71 MB, 720x720, Other)
[_] Anon 3225396
>> [_] Normie 3225416 Does anyone know the music?
>> [_] Anon 3225420 >># Its a field theme from one of the games

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 25/2 -2017 20:03:23 Ended: 25/2 -2017 23:32:59Flashes: 1 Posts: 4
File: Shantae.swf-(4.71 MB, 720x720, Other)
[_] Anon 3218875
>> [_] Anon 3218881 >># need one of shantae and rotty to run run rottytops
>> [_] Anon 3218886 >># Testicles No thanks
>> [_] Anon 3218940 What's the music?

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 20/1 -2017 08:39:55 Ended: 20/1 -2017 11:06:42Flashes: 1 Posts: 3
File: Shantae.swf-(4.71 MB, 720x720, Other)
[_] Anon 3204405
>> [_] Anon 3204407 Why
>> [_] Anon 3204440 >># any more of their work?

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 25/12 -2016 00:13:13 Ended: 25/12 -2016 07:03:02Flashes: 1 Posts: 4
File: PP34 Shantae.swf-(4.71 MB, 720x720, Porn)
[_] Futa Shantae Anon 3193329 Unf. Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anon 3193345 Yes. More of this.
>> [_] Anon 3193352 Someone needs to make a nude hack for this
>> [_] Anon 3193460 >enjoying this low quality garbage

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 23/12 -2016 00:17:20 Ended: 23/12 -2016 06:28:21Flashes: 1 Posts: 9
File: Shantae.swf-(4.71 MB, 720x720, Hentai)
[_] Anon 3192472 Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anon 3192505 Whats with all the flashes where the camera just flies around everywhere
>> [_] Anon 3192507 >># because you have to make these boring 10 frames somehow interesting
>> [_] Anon 3192563 >># Still not 1/10000000 as bad as -8 and his vomit inducing flashes. >># This has multiple different scenes and cumshots doe
>> [_] Anon 3192567 I like the beat.
>> [_] Anon 3192593 Nice flash, though I think it would've been better without the random dude who peaces out a third of the way through.
>> [_] Anon 3192606 >># It's obviously meant to be making a statement to indicate that men do not possess as much sexual stamina as a female or a shemale does, and that as an extension the flash creator feels that shemales are going to eventually outbreed males because of their innately superior sexual attributes. Also I coulda sworn there was a fourth scene in this, am I crazy?
>> [_] Anon 3192618 >># Mandella Effect. I think you and I come from the timeline where this flash had a fellatio scene.
>> [_] Anon 3192643 this guy wishes he was -8

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 26/11 -2016 00:41:52 Ended: 26/11 -2016 09:32:36Flashes: 1 Posts: 15
File: PP34 Shante.swf-(4.71 MB, 720x720, Hentai)
[_] Anon 3181559 Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anon 3181562 looks like someone's trying to be minus8
>> [_] Anon 3181564 >># That much is obvious. I think that it's good and copying minus8 isn't all that bad if you ask me.
>> [_] Anon 3181565 >># PP34 did start out by modding minus8's stuff, so of cause PP34 take inspiration from minus8.
>> [_] Anon 3181572 This is better than -8.
>> [_] Anon 3181574 >># I agree. Maybe the animation is a bit stiffer, but it's better.
>> [_] Anon 3181593 >># "a bit" is an understatement. I fully agree with you, but this animator could really benefit from improving his animation skills.
>> [_] Anon 3181644 fukken saved
>> [_] Anon 3181647 left in playing in background just for music, thanks bro
>> [_] Anon 3181651 >># I wouldn't go that far, but at least PP34 puts out new stuff. Minus8 puts out a 12 frame loop every month or so and then throws a fucking melodramatic shitfit and purges his latest account
>> [_] Anon 3181652 >># >># i have no idea what you see as "better". at most i'd say its on the same level as -8.
>> [_] Anon 3181660 >># Lit!!
>> [_] Anon 3181690 >># >># Either way, nobody gets better without practice so I look forward to seeing more stuff from this person. I've never heard of the person that made this before, but I know I'm digging it.
>> [_] Anon 3181703 >no tits Well it was good otherwise. >># >Minus8 puts out a 12 frame loop every month or so and then throws a fucking melodramatic shitfit and purges his latest account And also might suffer legal punishment if he didn't because pornography is illegal in South Korea.
>> [_] Anon 3181713 >># when will this meme end?

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 28/10 -2016 00:42:34 Ended: 28/10 -2016 04:52:02Flashes: 1 Posts: 5
File: Shantae.swf-(4.71 MB, 720x720, Hentai)
[_] Anon 3168271
>> [_] Anon 3168305 now this is podracing
>> [_] Anon 3168308 I've never lost a boner so hard due to poor animation
>> [_] Anon 3168318 good trace of characters and -8 style concept, but the genitals, animation, and directing are lacking
>> [_] Anon 3168372 >># Not bad at all. I like it. __

[BN408UE]F !!!
ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 21/10 -2016 01:42:17 Ended: 20/12 -2016 18:27:13Flashes: 1 Posts: 64
/ > /fap/ > Thread 9959 Age: 53.7d Health: 0% Posters: 35 Posts: 64 Replies: 62 Files: 1+2
>> Anon 40252 [G] [IMG] PP34 Shante.swf (4.72 MiB) 720x720, Compressed. 2731 frames, 25 fps (01:49). Ver32, AS3. Network access: Text: Yes. Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: [find in archive]
>> Anon 40253 god damn dickgirls... i dont get it. what's wrong with just using a strap-on? then it would be straight. i would have praised this if she had just used a strap-on. why does every artist feel the need to take it into gay fantasy land, drives me nut.
>> Anon 40255 >># Futa on girl isn't all that gay imo
>> Anon 40256 >># >"then it would be straight" >two people of the same sex engaging in intercourse is straight >># It's a biological female with male genitalia See above
>> Anon 40257 >># >># >filthy normies talking shit about futa on female Futa on girl is less gay than male on female.
>> Anon 40258 >># >two people of the same sex engaging in intercourse is straight good point, you got me there. i still don't get why chicks with dicks are more common than chicks with strap-ons in drawn porn.
>> Anon 40259 wow this is like minus8 level good but even better
>> Anon 40265 Yeah, the gay or not gayness of futa on futa could be debated by both sides to no end, and I get if futa isn't someone's thing, but I don't understand how people could think futa on female is somehow gay from a male perspective. You have more female involved than straight sex.
>> Anon 40266 >># You might find this interesting: hq4 tl;dw Dickgirls are most interesting to straight men according to statistics and neuroscientists.
>> Anon 40267 strap on is literally beta gay fantasy stuff.
>> Anon 40269 WOO!
>> Anon 40271 >># Possibly most interesting to straight men but an extreme niche amongst men all together.
>> Anon 40272 This is fun to watch because of the music but the soft core camera angles leaves something to be desired.
>> Anon 40274 >># a wise "man" once said: " there are no Girls with Dicks, just Guys with Tits"
>> Anon 40276 >># >two people of the same sex engaging in intercourse is straight autism.
>> Anon 40280 >># >futa Into the trash it goes.
>> Anon 40287 Aside from the whole Futa vs Non Futa debate, I'd like to take the time to slightly sing this person's praises. Peachypop's work is good, and its obvious that they aim to be something like -8 if not better. However as it stands now, they seem to sit in the category of Reskins and things of the like. It is nice to see that they have the ability to animate their own things (From what looks like scratch, I wouldn't know completely.) I'd have to say it's a lot more rigid than -8's work. Now everyone knows -8's work can be amazingly spastic and fucking everywhere, but that does not change the idea that his quality of animation is smooth and somewhat seamless. Overall PP34 is looking to be another great NSFW animator of the same likeness of -8, that's always amazing to have. Time will show us how good they can get.
>> Anon 40295 >># >you can use the seekbar >the camera is not autistic so you can see what is happening It's better than -8.
>> Anon 40296 It's way too soon to start declaring him being better than -8, I think you guys are quick to forget all the fun flashes -8 has made. Many are not just sexy but actually fun to look at even if you have no intention of fapping. Besides, the camera is still moving around in this Shante flash. If PeachyPop34 start adding a "still camera"-button for those who would like the option (like me) I'll consider the notion of him maybe being better than -8. >># You probably know what I meant. Even muslims doesn't consider two women together wrong like two men being together (as long as the purpose is to entertain a man).
>> Anon 40313 I just wanna weigh in on this futa conversation: Why is it more common than a strap-on? Because strap-ons don't cum, and it doesn't make sense to draw someone fellating a strap-on, or giving it a handjob, or giving it a titjob. Why futa at all? Because I want the best of both worlds. I wanna see a chick getting fucked because that is what my ape brain likes to look at, but straight porn still has some random dude in it and that dude isn't me and ape brain does not like that. Chick with a dick? That's still a lady body, with lady boobs and lady hips. Ape brain approves. No threat detected. Proceed with fucking. (Plus, futa dicka are always hairless and clean and nonthreatening. Hell, I'd suck a futa dick if she asked nicely.)
>> Anon 40318 If this person gets their animation to be a bit more fluid down the line, -8 just very well may have a rival.
>> Anon 40321 >># Female with a dick = She can Cum
>> Anon 40323 As always, good job!Minus 8 flash each time getting better and better. A fucking ZONE sitting and all rivet their teasers rather than the game before finish. >># A couple of years ago and I avoided futas, but spending on the Internet for a while you start to masturbate a lot. In futa interest is that a man with the mind of the girl and by a dick. But in reality, men simply rearrange dick and sewed the chest, apparently turn.
>> Anon 40324 >># -8 didn't do this one.
>> Anon 40326 >># Might as well have. Everything this peachy pop asshole does is traced/stolen from other people.
>> Anon 40331 >># This guys gets it.
>> Anon 40335 >># Delicious broken English. Did you use google translate?
>> Anon 40337 >># >dickgirls >># >biological female >># >chicks with dicks Normalfag today too retarded for understanding what's hermaphrodite?
>> Anon 40342 >># Yes, English is not my native language, unfortunately my English skill is more directed to reading than to build sentences. >># Oh, I did not know it. Now I'm more upset, so I think needs to fap.
>> Anon 40354 >># >># >># I know a dick brings more to the scene than a strap-on (cum, juices, balls) but it's just healthier to use a dude/floating penis without body. First of all, you are the dude. She is playing around with your balls, not that other girl's balls. You're not supposed to look at the body of whoever's attached to the penis. Second of all, it's not real. You are getting hooked on a fetish that is impossible to make real. Sure you might find a dude that have put in breasts but it's not the same unless he has operated his entire skeleton. And you'll never have children, there's no future. Society will look at you weirdly. Don't get me wrong, if you want to fantasize about doing a girl doggy style and reaching around to find a penis that's fine. You can do whatever you want. What's driving me nut isn't the fact that dickgirls are in porn, it's how common it has become. Think about it, dickgirls really are in gay fantasy land. Most people aren't gay, chicks with dicks should be in the absolute margin of porn. They should be there but be uncommon. Yet it's everywhere. That's what's driving me nuts.
>> Anon 40358 >># Because you are assuming that liking dick == being gay. Dicks are great, they're just usually attached to big gross man bodies that are covered in hair and smell bad. If a dick was instead attached to a nice soft lady body that smells nice and isn't nearly as hairy then why would enjoying that sight make you gay? That whole "unhealthy fantasy that you can never achieve" applies to all animated porn. You're never gonna tentacle fuck a girl either, but I can still enjoy watching it, right?
>> Anon 40361 >># Hey you fuck didnt you see the title of the flash? I dont see minus 8. Im mad people think all internet porn is either zone or minus 8 FUCK YOU.
>> Anon 40362 >># Difference between dickgirl fantasy and tentacle fantasy is that you know the tentacle thing is fantasy while getting hooked on dickgirls is programming yourself to being gay while at the same time denying it. You said it yourself, you apparently don't think liking dicks is gay at all. Wishing your girl had a dick is being gay, same with talking about feminine dicks. Don't fool yourself people. Of course liking hairy, manly men is more gay than liking girly men but it's still gay. Especially if you want to touch the dick.
>> Anon 40363 >># >># >># >># >># >insecure A faggot can't stand the fact that he is gay and want to force that everyone is gay like him No, you are the gay. Only a faggot would care if futa is gay or not, just like only child/teens care if something is childish or not. Get over it, bro. Go such a dick IRL and stop trying so hard to show how manly you are on the internet, you are failing miserably.
>> Anon 40368 Nobody cares, seriously. Every time there is as same person who starts shitstorm.
>> Anon 40396 >futa is gay becuase the dick pounding the pussy is attached to a bootylicious female body instead of a manly gross male
>> Anon 40421 >># Futa is gay because you replace pussy with a dick. Why would you want dick instead of pussy if you aren't gay?
>> Anon 40428 >># Obviously cuz i can self-insert myself is there a dick there. >but male on female has dick pounding pussy I don't like looking another male that is not myself fucking a female.
>> Anon 40438 A hearty fap was had.
>> Anon 40440 >># What a pathetic thing to say. Remind me to tell you that you must be the one that like eating shit the next time you get uncomfortable around someone openly displaying how much he loves eating shit.
>> Anon 40443 >># Futa is not a pussy replaced with a dick, futa is a pussy with the addition of a dick
>> Anon 40455 >># Came here to say that. Dick without pussy is tranny-tier, and balls are gay regardless.
>> Anon 40484 the guy on the right has admirable stamina
>> Anon 40486 >># >># It's both. Futa can be either breast+dick+balls or breast+dick+pussy (both with otherwise female body type). I suppose it can be breast+dick+balls+pussy too but I haven't seen it as far as I can remember. I see a lot more "full package futanari" (breast+dick+balls) images around than the less gay (but still gay) breast+dick+pussy combo. At this point I'd almost go as far as to say both dick and pussy is rare (don't confuse the huge clit fetish with it being a dickgirl btw).
>> Anon 40500 >># This tbh, no balls futa is best futa.
>> Anon 40651 Futa is simply 2 chicks, but one has a dick you can 'associate' yourself into. On a scale from 0 for straight (dude on chick) to 10 for gay (dude on dude) this is literally a -8, because I have more chick and less dude. This is math, math never lies.
>> Anon 40654 >># 2+2=1, that was math and math never lies. Don't pay any attention to the fact that I have no idea how math works.
>> Anon 40659 >># Pitiful attempt at irony is pitiful
>> Anon 40660 oh boy. we can discuss this all year...i'm not a fan of futa. and don't tell me that the girl with a dick is the one i can 'associate' myself into. if you wanna talk about immersive, here's the thing, i'm not a female with a dick, i'm a guy with a dick. so i'd have an easier time to immerse myself if it was a dude fucking a girl. next. if i see 2 girls fucking each other, then a dick has no place here for me since my ape-brain likes girls without dicks, i like the girl, not the dick. if you enjoy it, fine. knock yourself out. i don't, so i leave this animation be and look for something that's more my kind of thing. okay? good. oh and, futa is that weird position of featuring 2 girls fucking each other, which would be gay if a girl likes it, since it's the same gender, it's perfectly okay with men since it's still two girls, the problem...or good part, whatever you view is, is the dick on one of them...or both. my question, would it also be okay if a Boy would have female genitalia? or would THAT be gay? which it shouldn't be, since, if a girl with a dick isn't gay, why would it be a boy with a cunt? it's just the same but reversed.
>> Anon 40679 >># Sure, why not, it is true for both sides and I am sure that something like this might already exists on the vastness of the internet. Hey, I am not judging what you need for immersion, being it a dildo, a flying dick or the whole dude, if your focus is on the chick then all hypothetical shit doesn't matter. You can watch an All-on-One-girl gangbang and still be 100% straight. I just can't stand the viewpoint that hurr-durr Futa is gay, if I have like 5/95 ratio of dude to chick instead of the "conventional" 50/50, and I like chicks as a straight guy, then that just doesn't add up. Between lesbian porn, which many straight dudes enjoy to the "conventional" which most do enjoy, futa is inbetween, tilted to the lesbian side of the scale. End of story. Do I care if that is unrealistic, no, why should I, most porn and most fetishes are not reflective of real life, get over yourselves. 30cm dicks, DD-tits or 20 minutes sessions or not the average, I know that and you should know, too, that is why you shouldn't apply (too much) porn to your sex life. Don't force your shitty insight of not getting it up after marathon fapping to a fetish of your choice down my throat, human sexuality is more complex then that and everybody is different.
>> Anon 40692 >># >Can't differentiate between irony and sarcasm Oh boy.
>> Anon 40738 >># >Arguing pointless shemantics of baseless claims Oh girl.
>> Anon 40739 >># And yes that was a typo, I meant semantics.
>> Anon 40741 >># >Arguing at all I agree with your initial point. You don't understand, but nevertheless, agree with my initial point. Glad we settled that one. 25xp for each of us.
>> Anon 40746 >># I am lost, did you post in this thread under another ID besides 'AC'?
>> Anon 41565 Hell, if you can't fap to it, sucks to be you. Maybe start a petition or movement to boycott futa artists, no? Nothing's gonna change me having had fun with this one, call me gay all you want.
>> Anon 41581 Can I just comment on how you guys are arguing about futa? You have a preference yea or nay. Grats. Nothing right or wrong about it. Meanwhile, I will be fapping.
>> Anon 41587 >># What's up with the fags complaining about complaining ? If you don't want to read the complaining, just don't read it. Dialectics enable the evolutive purity of the given topic, which in the omega makes the alpha unto it. There is not, and to be.
>> Jesus Crust 41596 Man fuck this sissy, faggot girl cock shit, I want some hard, throbbing MAN cock in this bitch. If you don't like that strong, fat man dick wit a six pack then yous a FAGGIT
>> Anon 41605 Can someone upload the new flash she got on Patreon? :P
>> Anon 41727 >># What's up with people complaining at all? It's as if there is a perceived moral high ground at all given the context, how about just fap to something normal and not from the frog posting imageboard, weirdo.
>> Anon 41743 >># My moral ground is way higher that yours tho, shitlord.
>> Anon 41744 >># >shitlord >inb8 it was ironic
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