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Discovered:26/11 -2016 00:41:52

Ended:26/11 -2016 09:32:36

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File: PP34 Shante.swf-(4.71 MB, 720x720, Hentai)
[_] Anonymous 11/25/16(Fri)18:39:31 No.3181559

Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anonymous 11/25/16(Fri)18:41:28 No.3181562

  looks like someone's trying to be minus8

>> [_] Anonymous 11/25/16(Fri)18:56:07 No.3181564

  That much is obvious. I think that it's good and copying minus8 isn't all that bad if you ask me.

>> [_] Anonymous 11/25/16(Fri)18:57:20 No.3181565

  PP34 did start out by modding minus8's stuff, so of cause PP34 take inspiration from minus8.

>> [_] Anonymous 11/25/16(Fri)19:16:48 No.3181572

  This is better than -8.

>> [_] Anonymous 11/25/16(Fri)19:26:08 No.3181574

  I agree. Maybe the animation is a bit stiffer, but it's better.

>> [_] Anonymous 11/25/16(Fri)21:38:08 No.3181593

  "a bit" is an understatement.

  I fully agree with you, but this animator could really benefit from improving his animation

>> [_] Anonymous 11/26/16(Sat)00:28:06 No.3181644

  fukken saved

>> [_] Anonymous 11/26/16(Sat)00:34:09 No.3181647

  left in playing in background just for music, thanks bro

>> [_] Anonymous 11/26/16(Sat)00:47:43 No.3181651

  I wouldn't go that far, but at least PP34 puts out new stuff.

  Minus8 puts out a 12 frame loop every month or so and then throws a fucking melodramatic shitfit
  and purges his latest account

>> [_] Anonymous 11/26/16(Sat)00:49:00 No.3181652

  i have no idea what you see as "better". at most i'd say its on the same level as -8.

>> [_] Anonymous 11/26/16(Sat)01:08:55 No.3181660


>> [_] Anonymous 11/26/16(Sat)02:35:55 No.3181690

  Either way, nobody gets better without practice so I look forward to seeing more stuff from this
  person. I've never heard of the person that made this before, but I know I'm digging it.

>> [_] Anonymous 11/26/16(Sat)03:12:29 No.3181703

  >no tits
  Well it was good otherwise.

  >Minus8 puts out a 12 frame loop every month or so and then throws a fucking melodramatic shitfit
  and purges his latest account
  And also might suffer legal punishment if he didn't because pornography is illegal in South Korea.

>> [_] Anonymous 11/26/16(Sat)03:27:54 No.3181713

  when will this meme end?
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