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>> Anonymous 29apr2017(sa)06:59 No.48931 OP P1

[IMG] Powerless v0.1.swf (305.1 KiB)
800x600, Compressed. 3 frames, 30 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: No. Video: No.
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>> Anonymous 29apr2017(sa)08:22 No.48938 A P2R1

The original more animeish artstyle looked better, now she looks like something out of John Persons.

>> Anonymous 29apr2017(sa)08:30 No.48939 B P3R2

Okay, it took a while, but I managed to slay all the niggers.
What now?

>> Anonymous 29apr2017(sa)11:46 No.48943 C P4R3

You dumb fucking retard. They're regular (Minotaurus) NPCs. Walk up to one (they're not violent
until you start stabbing them with that piss pocket knife), and then click on the main character.
That brings up a dialog menu.

>> Anonymous 29apr2017(sa)17:29 No.48950 D P5R4

Is there any actual sex in this game?

>> Anonymous 29apr2017(sa)17:40 No.48951 E P6R5

Since the dev is a cunt and refuses to put a tutorial in his game, pretty much stating if you're
too stupid to figure it out then you don't deserve to play his game, would anyone mind explaining
the controls.

>I'm too stupid to figure out shitty controls and I'm stuck staring at a tree because the dev is a
vapid cunt

>> Anonymous 29apr2017(sa)19:06 No.48958 F P7R6

If you change your outfit, I went with the mostly nude one, and talk to one of the NPC's you can
get an incomplete sex scene. Click on yourself away from the NPC's to change stuff, also there's a
rock up north that's a dev menu.

>> Anonymous 29apr2017(sa)20:40 No.48959 G P8R7

i can here to fap not kill hordes of black men *triggered*

>> Anonymous 29apr2017(sa)20:44 No.48960 H P9R8

Then you came to the wrong place.
This is a sophisticated training simulation designed to help you cope with the future.

>> Anonymous 29apr2017(sa)22:21 No.48962 OP P10R9

Dev here.

I didn't put in a tutorial because it would be a waste of time. The game is not nearly complete
enough and this is intended more as something to screw around with and get feedback on the basic
mechanics. Also to see if the mechanics are intuitive. I've been working slowly on this for a long
time and my followers have been watching my updates and I wanted to give them something to show the
game is real.

I discuss all of this on my blog, but I thought I'd dump the game here because I find the criticism
here is harsh but very useful.

Interesting. I did take a few hints from his art style but apart from that, this game will have
nothing to do with the degenerate content of his work if you're worried about that.

>> Anonymous 29apr2017(sa)22:47 No.48963 I P11R10

Honestly the ui is a little counter-intuitive at times. Are you open for help? I'm bored af and
want to practice some coding shit.

>> The Dangers of Strangers 30apr2017(su)00:30 No.48964 J P12R11

The game looks like it has a tone of potential! I hope there's more to it all then a handful of
different sex scenes with some races - Though the incomplete scene looks promising! I'm itching for
that story as well. Keep up the good work, Dev!

>> Anonymous 30apr2017(su)01:45 No.48966 D P13R12


I highly recommend having some sort of option to enable/disable combat so that you don't
accidentally attack enemies while approaching them

>> Anonymous 30apr2017(su)09:20 No.48986 A P14R13

No, I don't care about John Person's work, it's just I find John's work ugly.
The fact I prefer how she looked before is a matter of personal taste to be honest.

>> Anonymous 30apr2017(su)11:44 No.48990 K P15R14

I've sussed out that you click on things and then the pc to interact with them, but they have to be
in range.
The cursor has 3 colors; green, red, and pink.
red- in range, green- out of range, pink- on pc

What I can't find out is, how do you move? I assume it's all mouse controlled, according to a LoK
forum post. Clicking and holding out of range/in range, clicking on pc then the ground, click and
dragging, doesn't work.

Why not just go with wasd/d-pad?

>> Anonymous 30apr2017(su)18:12 No.49002 L P16R15

You just click outside of your bubble and your character walks to it. Like other top down mouse
only things.

>> Anonymous 30apr2017(su)19:21 No.49006 K P17R16

Clicking outside of the bubble doesn't work, either. I suppose the problem could be on my end, but
I'm up to date on flash.

>> Anonymous 30apr2017(su)20:21 No.49007 M P18R17

Also,lesser the aggression of the minotauruses or some shit
Accidentally swinging shit near them without even hitting them triggers them for some reason

>> Anonymous 30apr2017(su)21:05 No.49008 N P19R18

very 0.1

>> Anonymous 1may2017(mo)15:28 No.49020 E P20R19

Hey Dev. Putting it out there. Your controls are not intuitive. I get that you need to click shit.
That's fine. But your movement controls in particular, pardon my language but, are shit. They are
absolute garbo. They don't always work. Here's a suggestion, stick with the traditional. Don't fix
something that's not broken. Don't try to re-invent the wheel. Etc. Use WASD or the arrow keys. Or
at the very least some sort of key input to move the character. Also, maybe not start the game in a
tree where the player can't even see there character. And if you DO decide to start behind an
object, perhaps make the object transparent?

TLDR: Players need some sort of audio or visual clue to figure what your controls are and don't
change controls if they already work.

Keep up the hard work.

>> Anonymous 1may2017(mo)19:26 No.49025 OP P21R20

Thanks. I'm considering ditching combat altogether or going for a turn-based approach. I can't seem
to make combat flow well enough. It's not the most important part of the game so it won't make much
of a difference if it goes turn-based.

>> Anonymous 1may2017(mo)22:10 No.49032 O P22R21

Am I missing something? I can't see any characters or bubbles that everyone' talking about. Just a
curser and a forest background.

>> Anonymous 1may2017(mo)22:49 No.49033 P P23R22

bit of feedback for mr dev
in general I think controls are pretty good. I also didnt realise that you could click on the
character when the green bubble pops up for speech, but once I read that it made decent sense. I
would advise maybe a little text bubble icon appearing or something. Also shows you when a
character is friendly.
What another anon said, the click to attack thing is a bit awkward around friendly npcs. I do
appreaciate the mouse-only control scheme though, please stick to that. None of that wasd nonsense
If possible, could you turn off the massive screen shaking that happens when you bump into an
obstacle? simply not having the screen move should be clear enough that you cant pass through.

Other than that, this looks good! I personally quite dig the art style, dont know what it looked
like before, but this looks pretty slick to me.
All in all, very promising, and I'm greatly looking forward to seeing future versions.

>> Anonymous 1may2017(mo)23:50 No.49034 Q P24R23

I didn't have any issues with movement, but yeah starting under a tree with no idea where you are
is kinda weird. The only controls I had issue with was talking to NPCs, it's not very intuitive at
all. And I'm assuming the fact that I killed an NPC, facing the wrong way, from across the map is a

>> Anonymous 2may2017(tu)00:03 No.49036 R P25R24

I double >>48938. The player character looks really retarded now.

>> Anonymous 2may2017(tu)07:25 No.49047 OP P26R25


And the idea for movement is that there are two circles around the player when you move the cursor
close to the player. Clicking outside the outer circle directs the player to walk to that point
(cursor is green). Clicking between the circles attacks nearby enemies (cursor is red). Clicking
within the inner circle (ie on the player, cursor is pink) seduces angry enemies if the girl's
outfit is charming enough, but is ineffective if not. If near a calm enemy, the blue circle appears
which is clicked to start conversation. If near an item that can be picked up, the gold circle
appears which is clicked to pick up the item.

This is not at all intuitive and I am thinking I will remove combat altogether, or go with a
turn-based approach. I'm not great at programming so perhaps the whole AI business is a little too
much for me. But the mouse-only control scheme is here to stay, one hand must be free at all times.

I had a lot of complaints that the artwork was monstrous before. Can't please everyone I guess. I
had started a couple of sex scenes in the old style and they looked like crap. This new style is a
little more polished.

>> Anonymous 2may2017(tu)07:46 No.49048 S P27R26

Waiting for actual working sex scenes

>> Anonymous 2may2017(tu)11:19 No.49052 K P28R27

I'm clicking around the screen w/ a green cursor, but there is no movement. Does the pc in this
game move very slow like in pet project, or is she getting snagged on rocks or something? Is there
a specific area/path you need to click? The menus work fine-no problem there.

>> Anonymous 2may2017(tu)12:20 No.49054 C P29R28

Lemme just say, this game's movement plays so much better than your previous game, the one with the
post-apocalyptic sex zombies.

>> Anonymous 2may2017(tu)23:42 No.49063 T P30R29

Just wanna say, the art is pretty good compared to PET.

Do you want a helping hand on the art department?

>> Anonymous 5may2017(fr)03:57 No.49130 U P31R30

How did anyone struggle with the controls? Are you guys stupid?

...Wrong place to ask that I guess.

>> Anonymous 5may2017(fr)21:53 No.49151 V P32R31

Well this is unplayable. I'm not just trying to be a dick either, I would like to play the game,
but I literally cannot make the character move away from the trees. I get that your supposed to
click to make the character move but so far jack shit has happened. I've tried clicking when the
icon is green, red, pink, clicking and holding, clicking and dragging, and have pushed just about
every button on the keyboard hoping for some kind of reaction.

>> Anonymous 6may2017(sa)19:14 No.49188 W P33R32

The controls are intuitive enough.
Movement is handled like Diablo. (click the road to move your dude out of the trees at the start)
Swing your sword by click and holding within the circle surrounding your character.
Approach an NPC and click on the green circle that appears over your character to initiate dialogue.
Change your clothes to something more revealing to initiate sex with an NPC (no content).

Needs lots of work. Likely wont develop much beyond what we see here if past experience is any

>> Anonymous 16may2017(tu)21:27 No.49541 P P34R33

Yo, mr dev guy, any news on an updated version?

>> Anonymous 28may2017(su)23:16 No.49939 P P35

this dude isnt coming back is he

>> Apache Helicopter 29may2017(mo)16:54 No.49967 X P36R34

well shit, this shit have some potential but WHAT IS THE CONTROL FOR STABBING SHITS.

>> Anonymous 16aug2017(we)01:21 No.52531 Y P37R35

The creators tumblr is here: Asked them in the past what their
process is for the project and it seems like it's not particularly high up there since the person
uploads more comission work than anything. Only way I could see this getting done is if enough
people bug them/ask them to make a patreon page so there is incentive for them to get back on this.
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