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[_] this is how it goes Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)05:03:49 No.3286453

Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)07:51:08 No.3286473

  >pseudo edgy cookie cutter position

>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)07:54:59 No.3286474


>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)08:23:14 No.3286479


>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)08:31:58 No.3286481


>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)09:44:31 No.3286488

  >were bad people because we kill animals

>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)09:58:16 No.3286489

  Humans haven't ever really done anything good for the planet have they?

>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)10:13:32 No.3286491

  our ancestors that only hoped to not get eaten by some animal would like to have a word with you.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)10:52:28 No.3286503


>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)14:32:08 No.3286543

  The only point that it makes that is worth noting is near the end about over-consumption.
  Everything else just seems kinda silly. Killing things for sustenance is natural, mass-killing
  like we do now drains the resource pool faster than it can be replenished.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)15:25:13 No.3286551

  Define "good for the planet"

>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)15:30:42 No.3286552

  Stupid liberals, aliens don't exist

>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)15:49:39 No.3286558

  steve cutts seems to acknowlege that man has done awesome stuff.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)16:11:42 No.3286561

  I wonder if they realise that half of the animals that humanity is supposedly brutally murdering
  were bred by human activity and wouldn't exist otherwise

  spoilers: they fuckin don't because this was made my psuedointellectual morons

>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)16:57:01 No.3286568

  liberal hipster hippie pussies have no right to complain unless they literally give up every
  single thing about civilization and go live in the wilderness, naked, and hunt with their bare
  hands and eat wild fruits and berries. Not even fire or wooden tools are allowed, as that soon
  becomes a slippery slope into CIVILIZATION.

  Only then will I legitimately listen when they bitch about the progress of mankind.

  It's ironic, because these liberal hipster cunts always talk about how great science is and how
  everyone who opposes them are "backwards thinking bigots who stand in the face of SCIENCE and
  PROGRESS" and yet here they are bitching about MUH PLANET ABLOOBLOO

>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)17:03:01 No.3286569

  why didn't he kill and eat the aliens?

  other than that it's pretty baller

>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)17:06:52 No.3286570

  yeah, seems like a rad dude

>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)17:51:15 No.3286580

  >being this buttmad

>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)18:07:58 No.3286583

  Lesson learned - next time kill the aliens as well.

>> [_] Procyonidae 10/11/17(Wed)18:21:33 No.3286584

  Genocide of other humans comes to mind.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)18:30:13 No.3286587

  what an edgy ending with them aliens really showing the bad guy who's the boss. damn

>> [_] :v 10/11/17(Wed)18:36:32 No.3286590

  not awooo~


>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)19:04:41 No.3286596

  Holy shit that mother fucker didnt give a fuck, he just went in fucked shit up and made
  civilization from fucking magic. he didnt even glance at the animals he killed he just
  slaughtered them like the badass motherfucker he is, goddamn

>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)19:15:18 No.3286599

  yeah but he just sat there like a dummy and let the ayylmao's curbstomp him
  what happened to those cool guns of his?

>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)19:30:47 No.3286600

  He wasn't a true /k/ommando. After he bent the earth to his will he rested on his laurels rather
  than turn his eyes to the stars. He should have suspected the aliens immediately, technology
  implies belligerence after all.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)19:44:59 No.3286602

  Dude straight up did not have a fuck to give. He just couldn't be assed to care. Cold blooded as

>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)20:08:53 No.3286607

  you silly if all of them go out there they might team up and that might lead into civilization

>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)20:46:23 No.3286613

  This thread is full of butthurt edgelord twelve year olds trying really hard not to admit mankind
  is a plague on nature.

  No, we're bad people because we refuse to leave any shred of land unharmed for the rest of the
  life on Earth. When all the remaining salmon on the planet is shitty grey farm-raised garbage and
  land all but a select few domesticated creatures like cows are wiped off the face of the planet,
  fucktards like you will be to blame.

  >hey we're good people remember how we bred some animals to be dependent on us and then tortured
  them for thousands of years, generation after generation?

  They aren't mad at all human technology, retard. People who complain about this kind of thing are
  typically arguing that we've overstepped our boundaries by taking over the entire planet and
  becoming the next mass extinction event.
  So you sincerely think the whole planet should be some sort of nigger megalopolis then? You're so
  pathetically determined not to look like a tree-hugger that you've decided you honestly think
  it's okay to dump garbage into the oceans, wipe out entire forests and wreck our atmosphere with
  unnaturally high CO2 and methane emissions? I'm glad your inbred offspring will be forced to live
  with your lazy, moronic, short-sighted, selfish actions.

  You people are fucking stupid.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)20:52:59 No.3286615

  Which is more likely?

  >One person made up a fuckton of evidence that global climate change is real and convinced nearly
  the entire scientific body of his lies to make money in the stock market
  >A bunch of lobbyists were hired by filthy kike petrol company owners to bribe their horrific
  actions into staying legal and are now trying and succeeding in convincing a bunch of
  Dumbfuckistanis that the laziest route, the one where they don't change anything about their
  disgusting lifestyles, is also morally sound

>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)20:53:19 No.3286616

  by mankind I think you mean the behavior of unchecked greedy rich

  normal people can function in pretty clean and sustainable societies

  America was actually pretty clean and sustainable until the latter half of the 19th century when
  bad people got wealthy and in control of a massive system of rape and pillaging to sustain the
  endless growth of "GDP" or whatever.

  If you want a good example of a modern 1st world nation that doesn't fuck up nature because its
  culture isn't fucked over yet and it doesn't have open borders then look at Japan.
  Ever been to Japan? Very clean, they respect and preserve nature.

  Yes modern European nation's have become fucked and are ruining the planet along with copy cats
  like China & India who only became that way because of Western leadership controlling or helping

  But quit acting like all people are part of it... its the 1% not the 99%

>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)21:00:43 No.3286626

  Earth abides

>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)21:39:15 No.3286635

  lol what a fucking retard. people didnt know that we could fuck up the earth, now we do, and
  practically everyone on earth who isn't starving to death are currently fixing the mistakes that
  people made in the past. you aren't because you're a worthless waste of space but keep being mad

>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)22:00:57 No.3286638

  He's obviously a masochist, he hired those ayy lmaos to help him get his rocks off thats why they
  were so hesitant to stomp on him in the first place

>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)22:17:15 No.3286640

  >Blaming all of man kind
  Maybe one out of 10 million people are directly responsible for anything you're complaining about
  unless if you think buying products from corporations who do this thing makes you directly
  responsible, in which case you're a hypocrite unless if you've somehow managed to connect to the
  internet on a rock.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)22:18:22 No.3286641

  If anything, you're the butthurt 12 year old. Edgy PETA activists are all universally butthurt
  liberals and teenagers.
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