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>> Anonymous 6aug2017(su)17:29 No.52263 OP P1

Samus & Little Mac BJ

Before you crucify me, little mac is not black.
Various art taken from Jadf, theycallhimcake and my own.

My collection:

[IMG] Samus&LittleMac.swf (106.1 KiB)
360x410, Compressed. 2 frames, 50 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>> Dumper 6aug2017(su)17:30 No.52264 OP P2

ah fuck i forgot the nickname w/e

>> Anonymous 6aug2017(su)18:24 No.52267 A P3R1

Another good one as always.

>> Janemba Juice 6aug2017(su)21:40 No.52269 B P4R2

Make a sound version

Yo this would be a lot more enjoyable with sound y'know? But idk how you'd do that considering it's
not a loop but rather a rng sequence kinda thing

>> Anonymous 6aug2017(su)21:49 No.52271 C P5R3

Where is the knot?

>> Anonymous 7aug2017(mo)03:05 No.52280 D P6R4

I see this being re-used by Copypasta Redhead in less than 2 months.

>> Anonymous 7aug2017(mo)04:59 No.52283 E P7R5

Requesting white version.

>> Anonymous 7aug2017(mo)15:18 No.52288 F P8R6

delicious deepthroat

>> Anonymous 8aug2017(tu)07:22 No.52313 G P9R7

This looks similar to redminus

>> Dumper 8aug2017(tu)14:44 No.52323 OP P10R8

Adding sound wouldn't be a problem and I originally planned to. It's just that I couldn't find
enough Samus voice clips of her being muffled/stuffed.

Knot today.

That good or bad?

>> Anonymous 8aug2017(tu)16:07 No.52324 F P11R9

I ate two strings yesterday and when they came out they were tied together, I shit you knot.
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