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[_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)01:32:48 No.3286407

>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)02:09:14 No.3286417

  >he got the job because he was the best applicant
  no, he got it because they can pay him a fucking dollar a day

>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)02:33:02 No.3286422

  They're only hired in Texas because low pay-rate and a shitload of hours that someone with proper
  skills and education are busy juggling school rather than just working a full-time job to get by.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)02:34:50 No.3286423

  >Carlos Mencia

  huh. that's nice but where's the real comedian who wrote these jokes first?

>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)04:55:07 No.3286449

  And yet the right wing narrative is that he came here to steal money directly from the
  government. Because if you can cross the border, you suddenly have the ability to get into every
  state/federal welfare program imaginable.

  The business owners want illegal immigrants to come to America.

  Farmhands. Cooks. Janitors. Landscapers. Trash collectors. Housekeepers. Busboys. Nurses.
  Construction workers. Maids. Servants.

  All of these jobs and more are needed, but the businessmen don't want to pay them a decent wage.
  The businessmen want to live as kings and lord over their slaves, but the environment isn't
  suitable to that idea just yet. Give them time and they'll accomplish that goal.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)05:17:42 No.3286456

  What a retard.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)06:23:16 No.3286464

  wait carlos mencia was thin??

>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)10:37:18 No.3286497

  Forgot how thin Carlos was early on...

  The correct answer is big international business (globalists / zionists ) like no boarders for
  cheap labor and errosion of national identity.

  The left and government likes it because immigrants use more government hand outs and become
  dependent, meaning life long left voters.

  Bleeding hearts like it because their "good intentions" and virtue signaling hasn't caught up to
  them yet.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)11:10:12 No.3286506

  communist detected

>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)11:11:19 No.3286507

  The wall is being built, and your Looney Left leaders let themselves get painted into a corner.
  >all this salt, on /f/ of all places

>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)12:50:21 No.3286521

  Works harder than you.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)12:52:23 No.3286522

  In what way is this comedy?

>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)12:52:48 No.3286523

  Beats your basement.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)12:54:15 No.3286524

  Dumb FUCK detected!

>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)13:09:26 No.3286526

  >like no boarders for cheap labor and errosion of national identity.
  This is the dumbest shit ever. In a country with the size and diversity of the US, national
  identity is basically just "Yeah, I'm American." Everyone brings in the culture of their
  motherland and has the culture of their region, but there's barely anything that spreads across
  the entire country.

  Nevermind that the entire AG industry is built off of immigrant labor, because no one else will
  do it and you can't automate picking fruit in any worthwhile way, and the lack of immigrant labor
  this year has resulted in millions of dollars of food being wasted because no one will pick it.

  Oh wait, no, it's a giant conspiracy to repress white people. My bad.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)13:17:18 No.3286527


>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)13:23:44 No.3286529

  >open flash
  >cancer preloader not even centered
  >fuck it let's see what it is
  >see a stand up comedian
  >close flash

  Don't waste my fucking time.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)14:02:09 No.3286536

  WTF what's up with these replies!?
  I want /leftypol/ to leave
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