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>> Ctrl-z Tails Samp 22jun2017(th)07:46 No.50587 OP P1

A new one of these

[IMG] 1498099956.ctrl-z_tailssamp[1].swf (43.3 KiB)
1024x768, Compressed. 48 frames, 30 fps (00:02).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>> Anonymous 22jun2017(th)10:45 No.50594 A P2R1

I wish my girlfriend had a pussy directly under her ribcage

>> Anonymous 22jun2017(th)12:04 No.50596 B P3R2

pretty sure it's supposed to be a camera angle going on here

>> Anonymous 23jun2017(fr)22:11 No.50629 C P4R3

man finally he picked up the the development again

>> Anonymous 24jun2017(sa)15:31 No.50640 C P5

can someone zoom out the flash i saw a couple of arrows when the flash was loading

>> Ctrl-z Tails Samp 24jun2017(sa)17:21 No.50642 OP P6R4

it dosen't go anywhere
i think its just part of a bigger scene and they just didn't clip out the arrows

>> Anonymous 24jun2017(sa)18:05 No.50643 D P7R5

Man I wish he would stop showing this bullshit zoom-ins and just finish the damn thing. This was
supposed to come out in fucking january.

>> Ctrl-Z 25jun2017(su)01:23 No.50648 E P8R6


Takes me literally 2 mins to make a sample that is pretty much cut and pasted. It takes HOURS to
make the animations depending on how many moving parts there are.

Don't you enjoy a little teasing before the action? But don't worry, the final product won't have
invasive nonsense like a simulator or tons of text to click through to get to the good shit. I
loath those type of things.

>> Anonymous 25jun2017(su)06:24 No.50652 F P9R7

I don't think these samples satisfy anyone. You would literally get the same point across if you
just updated your journal.

These are, no matter the amount of courtesy, a waste of time.

>> Anonymous 25jun2017(su)08:20 No.50657 G P10R8

not enough to really be considered a tease. This is more like a taster

>> Anonymous 25jun2017(su)08:24 No.50659 H P11R9

You don't understand. My dick needs this to come out.

>> Anonymous 25jun2017(su)09:52 No.50662 I P12R10

I'm going to make all the dicks white and there's nothing you can do about it, faggot.

>> Anonymous 25jun2017(su)20:21 No.50675 J P13R11

He could just not release it? You fucking moron.

>> Anonymous 26jun2017(mo)04:24 No.50682 D P14R12

I've been fine with the little teasing from the months and months of extra work it's taken. I get
you don't get paid for doing this, I'm just an impatient asshole. Is there a new ETA yet? I'd like
to stop checking your furaffinity page every day.

>> Anonymous 26jun2017(mo)06:54 No.50683 K P15R13

I don't see how that would make him the victor.

>> Anonymous 30jun2017(fr)01:56 No.50793 L P16R14

Same goes for us.

>> Anonymous 8jul2017(sa)18:56 No.51088 M P17R15

Get a Blogspot / Wordpress page, swfchan comments section is never going to make your life any

>> Anonymous 8jul2017(sa)19:00 No.51089 N P18R16

He uses a Furaffinity page to post progress updates.
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