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[_] Anonymous 03/14/19(Thu)14:25:40 No.3384251

  Halo Reach for PC got announced a few days ago.
  Posting a classic in celebration.

Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anonymous 03/14/19(Thu)18:05:02 No.3384268

  Truly a classic

>> [_] Anonymous 03/14/19(Thu)19:14:07 No.3384282

  cant beat the classics

>> [_] Anonymous 03/14/19(Thu)23:50:32 No.3384303

  Ok now that's a classic.

>> [_] Anonymous 03/14/19(Thu)23:56:52 No.3384304

  >3 anons immediately call the animation a classic
  I thought All Your Base was considered classic. At least Mr.Stabby or something.
  Christ I'm old.

>> [_] Anonymous 03/15/19(Fri)01:09:19 No.3384315

  yeah, i cant wait to play it, but as the same time i'm worried. if halo reach in xbox was filled
  with hackers and cheaters, cant wait to see how long it takes for them to get to the pc version.
  i hope they make it so you can just search for servers on the net, thanks to that i can still
  play the Halo CE.

>> [_] Anonymous 03/15/19(Fri)02:35:28 No.3384316

  you're an idiot.

>> [_] Anonymous 03/15/19(Fri)06:15:04 No.3384324

  /v/irgins cancer...

>> [_] Anonymous 03/15/19(Fri)11:20:57 No.3384333

  On the announcement tweet, they said that Reach and the Master Chief Collection would have a
  custom game browser. I hope that means that players will be allowed to host their own game

>> [_] Anonymous 03/15/19(Fri)11:28:10 No.3384334

  I mean once something's at least a decade old, you're allowed to consider it a classic

>> [_] Anonymous 03/15/19(Fri)12:23:18 No.3384340

  I'd say there's a quality value to it as well.
  Shit from 10 years ago won't be classic.
  Stupid newgrounds attentionwhoring by Egofaptor isn't a classic.
  Maybe his remake of Awesome Center would be a classic, because it was the only good and the
  remake has some actual production value, even if the file itself isn't over 10 years old
  NCH's remake of /v/ rage, isn't a classic for example, because he cut parts of it (WHERE'S
  CONSOLES CAN'T COMBINE FAGGOT), because he though "hurr durr people won't understand that in
  todays world anymore".
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