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[_] Some shit I made. Anonymous 05/22/20(Fri)12:01:06 No.3429144

  I'm going to assume you clicked on the SWF before reading this, so I will apologize about the
  horrid voice acting ahead of time. I have no budget.

  Anyway, I posted this back when only the menu was functioning, and you guys helped me out with
  the issues I was having with it. Now I can safely say the entire animatic for this is done, and
  the more I think about it, the more of a feeling I get that I regret a lot of decisions I made
  when making this thing.

  Before I go about actually animating and finalizing all the scenes, I just need some critique on
  this crap in it's current state so I can make a list of changes that need to be made. Don't hold
  anything back; every bit of criticism will only help out in the long run. Thanks in advance.

Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anonymous 05/22/20(Fri)14:26:58 No.3429153

  use text to speech for voice acting.

>> [_] Anonymous 05/22/20(Fri)14:52:37 No.3429155

  im not the person you want for feedback, i thought it was great as is, lol

>> [_] Anonymous 05/22/20(Fri)15:40:28 No.3429168

  yeah, idk
  this smells of early newgrounds era furry flashes, if that's what you were going for it's fine

>> [_] Anonymous 05/22/20(Fri)16:20:12 No.3429176

  I enjoyed it a lot! Blackheart was very cute!

>> [_] Anonymous 05/22/20(Fri)16:38:24 No.3429177

  That's actually pretty cute. Like
  Says, it really reminds me of that kind of thing.
  As for VA's, I don't know, but you could hit up /soc/ voice threads and ask there.
  Also The tower looks like a benis lol

>> [_] Anonymous 05/22/20(Fri)17:53:28 No.3429190

  It's quite sweet, can't give any criticism though, not because there ain't any to give, I'm just
  bad at criticizing, sorry.
  Best of luck with the project.

>> [_] :v 05/22/20(Fri)18:12:56 No.3429194

  Certainly can't fault you for ambition, nj /f/gt

>> [_] Anonymous 05/22/20(Fri)19:15:04 No.3429200

  I'm a VA, you need help?

>> [_] Anonymous 05/22/20(Fri)19:35:02 No.3429203

  It's almost a good start, just needs some actual world building / character development, because
  there's only like two scenes worth of that, not enough to make anyone invested.

>> [_] Anonymous 05/22/20(Fri)22:17:05 No.3429222

  I'm surprised it's not porn and happy someone's making a legit flash animation in 2020!

  Hope you'll share the finished flash result with us and not just make it a video on youtube. (You
  can upload the flash animation on if it ends up too big for /f/ and link it
  from here.)

>> [_] Anonymous 05/22/20(Fri)22:34:03 No.3429225

  My suggestions:
  Cut the narration out as much as you possibly can. The same rules as filmmaking apply here. Show,
  don't tell. Narration is for books and flash is a visual medium.

  I don't feel like the minigames really add anything, certainly they aren't necessary. Unless you
  want to make the whole thing a point-and-click adventure I would stick to just animation

>> [_] Anonymous 05/22/20(Fri)22:40:20 No.3429228

  OP here.
  Thanks. Good to know that it is somewhat heading in the right direction.

  >this smells of early newgrounds era furry flashes
  Yeh, I was trying somewhat to evoke that feeling around the third act. Admitidly, this is just a
  redo of a project I made for school two years ago, when I was still a cringe teenager. It's not
  something that is to be taken too seriously. Lul.

  >As for VA's, I don't know, but you could hit up /soc/ voice threads and ask there
  I didn't know /soc/ had VA threads; I was under the impression that place was nothing but
  Facebook plebs trying to get laid. Thanks for the info, I'll definitely keep it in mind.

  Thank you. I'd take you up on the offer, but I don't know what I could offer in return; I'm a bit
  short on gas station buxx at the moment.

  Yee, I regret not rewriting the script to have more buildup. Thanks for the advice. I will add an
  extra act in between the second and third that goes a bit more in-depth about the scenario.
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