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[_] 4CC dadfish !!KAFzWRgO7s2 09/17/23(Sun)11:15:13 No.3499379

  It's almost time once again for /f/ to make another run at the Autumn Babby. Before I get started
  I'd like to thank Smudgey for running the team solo for all these years, he's decided to take a
  well earned break so I'll be stepping up to take over. I'm the aesthetics monkey who has been
  helping the team for a couple years and I now have the honor of running this beautiful dumpster
  fire. So with that out of the way we've got a few things to cover. First, previous management has
  made some changes to our anthems and goalhorns that I've decided to implement, changelog is as
  /ck/ goalhorn to combo5
  /sci/ anthem to mandelzoom
  /o/ goalhorn to cruising around
  /vg/ anthem to tunnelsnakesrule
  /diy/ goalhorn to DO IT-CON
  /y/ goalhorn to Fucksauce
  /b/ anthem to Rainbow Trololol, goalhorn to Successful Troll is Successful
  /f/ goalhorn to hy048
  /co/ goalhorn to this cant wait a month
  /vmg/ anthem is Angry Birds theme, goalhorn is Bananaphone
  All of this should be currently reflected in the Anthem Machine swf, however I haven't added them
  to the wiki as I am searching for a solution to our problem of finding a reliable host for our
  audio files for playback/download.
  Everything is on the table and open to debate and I'd like to hear your thoughts, this is about
  the will of the board above anything else and I want to maintain the open door policy of the
  past. I do want to warn you that my approach to the """tactical""" side of this is going to be
  somewhat lacking and if anyone has an interest in helping out I am more than willing to hand over
  tactical control to a more competent /f/ren.
  I'll post the current roster here shortly and we can talk over who should be added/dropped to the
  team, I am currently very happy with our selection of medals but we do have room to make some
  changes as well.
  >who is this faggot and what the fuck is he talking about

>> [_] dadfish !!KAFzWRgO7s2 09/17/23(Sun)11:16:57 No.3499380

  Here is the current roster, under the 4 medal rules for Autumn our medals are Party Hard, Daily
  Dose, DA HOOD, and Lolicatgirls

  Integral Story Bro
  Gardevoir Paizuri
  Monday Approaches
  Daily Dose
  Party Hard
  Lolicatgirls (Captain)
  Lord Fulp
  High Tension Japanese Goburin
  Van Darkholme
  Bourbon House
  Pepsi Man
  Xiao Mei Mei
  Billy Herrington
  Takeo Ischi

  If necessary we can do a poll but I feel the board is small and slow enough to hash out whatever
  differences anyone has in a thread or two. I'll be around for much of today and if this thread
  lasts into the week I'll check in as often as I can to reply to every shitpost (You) can fire
  off, so lets hear it.

>> [_] Anonymous 09/17/23(Sun)14:44:50 No.3499383

  oh hey someone is taking over managing after all
  i'd say glad to have you aboard but it sounds like you've already been here for a while, hope PES
  treats you better than it did Smudgey at least.

>> [_] dadfish !!KAFzWRgO7s2 09/17/23(Sun)18:17:36 No.3499395

  I have no illusions that PES is going to be any kinder to me than it has been to anyone else, I
  don't have a great understanding of football and I'm not good at vidya but I'll do what I can to
  make our matches entertaining to watch if nothing else.
  A couple things I forgot to mention, in case we get jannied or someone needs to contact me
  directly there is a discord server here however my plan is to conduct
  all team business on /f/ and hopefully to have a thread going on match days. I have a loop or two
  of OC swfs planned so hopefully that will let us hang around for the weekend.

  Other thing I forgot to mention was if anyone wants the fuckheug version of this swf with the
  full anthems I have a link to it here

>> [_] Anonymous 09/18/23(Mon)04:17:27 No.3499398

  Wouldn't /v/'s anthem make more sense on /m/?

>> [_] Anonymous 09/18/23(Mon)06:19:10 No.3499400

  It goes back to the board-tans.

>> [_] Anonymous 09/18/23(Mon)08:19:38 No.3499402

  Just noticed the sauce links don't work in Ruffle, I'll have to think of a fix.
  I'd like better anthems for /pw/ and some of the others that aren't flash or /f/ related. How
  about Alone Again for /adv/?

>> [_] Anonymous 09/18/23(Mon)08:54:17 No.3499403

  Not sure if I'll be watching, but goodluck dadfish!!

>> [_] Anonymous 09/18/23(Mon)08:54:42 No.3499404

  /ic/ Should get an anthem out of this remix:

>> [_] Anonymous 09/18/23(Mon)12:50:25 No.3499408

  anon that is literally the anthem that /ic/ already uses
  they're also dead and not playing anyone anytime soon

>> [_] Anonymous 09/18/23(Mon)14:10:36 No.3499412

  The /pw/ anthem is more of a nod to both Lolicatgirls (The Game) and Wrasslin as a whole (HHH's
  old entrance theme) /adv/ uses Crying Game because of one of the tabs in Megaloop.swf

>> [_] dadfish !!KAFzWRgO7s2 09/18/23(Mon)15:11:10 No.3499413

  I didn't know about the megaloop tab, its struck me as a kind of odd choice but that makes more
  sense. I get the /pw/ one I just feel like there's something golden out there wrestling related
  we're missing, maybe I'm nuts.
  Thanks anon, I'm going to try to make threads for the weekends we play like I said so hopefully
  as many people can watch as possible. There's a link to past matches on if anyone is

>> [_] Anonymous 09/18/23(Mon)15:32:12 No.3499414

  The only change in the roster I could imagine would be
  Dicewars! -> Something Sim Date Saturday related
  Other than that we are ready to rape / get raped.
  But this is just an idea, since this Sim Date Saturday thing started only a couple weeks ago.

>> [_] Anonymous 09/18/23(Mon)20:01:07 No.3499438

  SDS guy has the same amount of "claim" to a board rep as that /ic/ guy producing OC and I'd
  approach both with the same level of vitriol as Hat/JOX guy a number of years ago, arbitrarily
  changing a player (especially a starter) is just rewarding some guy for forcing a meme and not
  accurately reflecting a shift in board culture that the team is supposed to represent.
  I get that /f/ has been stagnant for years at this point but there needs to be stronger
  justification beyond "some guy started doing this a few weeks ago".

>> [_] Anonymous 09/18/23(Mon)21:28:51 No.3499449

  nigger, what
  have you not seen consoles combine, faggot?

>> [_] dadfish !!KAFzWRgO7s2 09/18/23(Mon)21:33:51 No.3499453

  >ready to rape/get raped
  That's the spirit anon. I'm inclined to agree with >>3499438 I want to see if Sim Date Saturday
  has any staying power with the board, at the moment it looks like 1 guy just blowing his load of
  5 flashes to post every weekend. I do wish we had a better [G]ame representative than Dicewars
  but our file size limit makes some iconic flash games un-postable to /f/.

>> [_] Anonymous 09/18/23(Mon)22:52:03 No.3499456


>> [_] Lighto ~ 09/19/23(Tue)13:58:35 No.3499470

  >at the moment it looks like 1 guy just blowing his load of 5 flashes to post every weekend
  I know that feel >-<

>> [_] Anonymous 09/19/23(Tue)18:40:37 No.3499479

  How come /jp/'s anthem isn't jp's themesong.swf?

>> [_] Anonymous 09/19/23(Tue)20:30:29 No.3499488

  /jp/ use that song themselves
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