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Anthem Machine v1.2.swf
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ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 3/1 -2024 22:55:31 Ended: 6/1 -2024 08:44:32Flashes: 1 Posts: 25
File: Anthem Machine v1.2.swf-(9.79 MB, 1433x890, Other)
[_] 4cc dadfish !!KAFzWRgO7s2 3503001 The New Year is almost upon us and for the first time in a short while that means it's time for /f/'s appearance in the Winter Elite Cup! Hope you all enjoyed your holidays, I wanted to see how everyone felt about the team's last showing and if there were any further suggestions as well as drop the schedule. It looks like the first weekend will be January the 19th and will continue the following 2 weekends after that, I will try to have threads around our match times so keep an eye open. We'll get to find out who we play on the 14th when the draw occurs. As always links to the stream can be found at the homepage. With that out of the way lets get down to business. We had a strong showing in Autumn where we went undefeated in our group then immediately dropped a disappointing (but exciting) elimination game to the horsefuckers to send us home early. I'll post the current roster after this but as always, anything about the team is open for discussion for changes. Anthems, goalhorns, chants, players, any kit ideas, ad boards, anything about the presentation I will do my best to make it happen if it's something the board wants to see. I've already got a couple small surprises in store but anything /f/ related you want to suggest let me hear it here. If need be I can open up a poll for the roster but I think the board is slow enough to hash everything out in a thread. Everything on the wiki page is up to date if you want more details on all of our existing stuff at >what the fuck is a winter elite? Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] dadfish !!KAFzWRgO7s2 3503002 Currently the roster looks like this Lord Fulp Pepsi Man HAAAAAAAAAAAAN~ Bourbon House Integral Story Bro High Tension Japanese Goburin Monday Approaches >Renaming Takeo Ischi Osaka Xiao Mei Mei EDDIE! Resize The Flash Billy Herrington Dicewars! Gardevoir Paizuri Van Darkholme WRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRY Zone Party Hard Daily Dose DA HOOD Lolicatgirls Our silver medals are still Party Hard and the Doc, while our golds are Da Hood and Lolicatgirls who is also the captain. I've always been happy with the core of the team but I also like rotating some new/returning players into the lineup as well to keep things a little fresh. As far as "new" players go the only thing I could really come up with was OrinJam, this could be a replacement for the High Tension Goburin as our 2hu rep or someone else if we wanted to double up our 2hu reps. Just keep in mind that if we add someone someone else has to go. I'll be lurking the thread a bit tonight and keeping an eye on it, I'll try to reply to everything but wageslaving keeps me pretty busy. Also holy shitting dick nipples this flash finally works in Ruffle. If you want a link to the fuckhueg version that contains the full songs I've got a link here ImPxBYGDHWGsGhZHHvOlaitZGn7562_yc
>> [_] Anon 3503005 man i like orin jam, but perhaps it could be a chant instead of a player
>> [_] dadfish !!KAFzWRgO7s2 3503011 >># That's fair enough, it would be easy to loop that section of the song a few times into a good chant. If I had to pick someone from this lineup to drop I'd say >renaming, it's important to the board but not a beloved player, like I'm not hearing people go 'holy shit I can't believe >renaming didn't get in'. I think it could work better as an ad board like maybe use the text from original_filename.swf? That being said I haven't come up with anything that I think we're desperately missing in a player either.
>> [_] Anon 3503013 Have a free age on me! I don't watch but I still appreciate the tradition.
>> [_] Anon 3503025 I'm satisfied with the current roster. >replacing suika with orin DO NOT WANT
>> [_] Anon 3503026 I love these 4chan cups, never could find where to watch them currently though, plenty of reposts on youtube at least, the commentary is golden
>> [_] Anon 3503027 Last run was great. I like the team and with not much OC these days it's hard to come up with any suggestions for changes. I'm okay with switching the goblin for orin, but have no strong feelings one way or the other. /f/ is the only place an oldfag can still feel new again. I love the classic flashes being anthems for each team. If anything funny happens in who we draw with maybe I'll offer to make a shitty hyp again.
>> [_] dadfish !!KAFzWRgO7s2 3503028 >># Thanks anon, if you spot a gameday threas I'd encourage you to stop by and watch a match, we put on a pretty fun show >># Understood, just trying to get some ideas flowing, it doesn't have to be suika either 2 touhou reps would be justified. >># I'm trying to do a better job of getting threads up on days we have matches so keep an eye out but if you want to watch past ones damn near every cup match ever played is available at >># I feel the same way anon, thats why I love this place so much and why I want to do my best to represent what we've got here. Also forgot to mention last cup we won the Goal of the Tournament award for EDDIE's off the bench game winner vs /vg/
>> [_] Anon 3503032 oh shid almost time for winter camon /f/ score some fakkin goals
>> [_] Anon 3503033 man can't wait to hear final in the finals! GO /f/!
>> [_] John Moses Browning 3503034 Damn We are in the Elite Cup? >># Our roster is genuinely old as fuck. Like no joke, how old is the "newest" player? The meme/flash its based on that is
>> [_] Anon 3503036 >># you say that like it's a bad thing
>> [_] Anon 3503038 >># fantastic flash OP, good job!
>> [_] Anon 3503045 I made 3 adverts so far: Maybe I'll have more done by the 19th, currently have this unfinished chirumiru/cirno-flash oriented one; For such, if anyone has a good recognizable big 2hu side-profile tit shot, I'd be welcome to a link, the tit present is either a placeholder for such or will be turned into a silloheutte. Not sure what text/logo (originally intended the ramune from cirno bottle launch but it doesn't scale down well) I'll put in the central area, so suggestions welcome. Regarding chants: Zombie Nation - Kernkraft 400 / &t=22 (alternatively could be an anthem for SP I suppose) 1997.swf Some part of Link's_Barrel_Beat.swf Anthems(or goalhorns): I think if we win a good montage song would be: Hi-Fi - Пecня Цapeвны A low hanging fruit for anything where gay is relevant: , don't know where to place it same as above: >># Only suggestions I got are the same as last thread, the manticore (which.swf) as a backliner (I suggest over pepsi) and maybe toll booth (trip.swf) as a keeper Other advert ideas I have in mind in case someone wants to do them or gets ideas from them: rentry dot co/z4snx
>> [_] dadfish !!KAFzWRgO7s2 3503049 >># I will lose my fuckin mind if I get to hear Finale played as an anthem >># Without looking my guess would be Monday Approaches. I think that's part of the strength of the team. Almost everything here is classic and even people with a cursory knowledge of 4chan know what most of the players are. To add to that, what can you think of /f/ related that came out in the last 5 years? We should stick to the classics and for the most part we have. >># That first catbox file is empty, I dig the idea for the Chirumiru one it looks good so far. Maybe just use the text from the swf itself? I'll admit to opening a lot of swfs up with the decompiler to use as assets for team stuff, it's pretty easy. We do have 1997 as a chant, we have an assload of chants so it probably doesn't get played very often but it is there I swear. Baby boy/whatcouldthisbeiwonder.swf is our goalhorn for /cm/, the Meet n Fuck theme is pretty good, I'm trying to think of where we could use it. As for the other songs I'm not sure what to do with them either. I wanna hear some more opinions on bringing back Manticore (he played on the team about a decade ago), I'm not against it, it'll be a difficult player to get a model for but I don't think it'd be a bad flash game rep. Pepsiman has been on the team for a good while and while I'd hate to cut him he also works double duty as a player for /vr/. Like where your head is at though, some good suggestions and please reupload the ad boards, we could definitely use them.
>> [_] John Moses Browning 3503053 >># I guess I am mildly sad we didnt have any big new flashes/memes in the past years
>> [_] Anon 3503055 >># If manticore is done perhaps its model could be nice in the same way that /i/ does their models, should it not be too difficult (and known), nor cause headaches with kits. Considering he's a vector drawing and it would stand out given there's not many 2d on the team aside from resize's head and >renaming (I think in part?). Here: , Not sure if this site does anything with the image quality, though they look fine so it's inconsiquential anyways. Did a dl prompt for you even emerge? I tried the zip and it worked on my end. If I complete some more ads before cup, is it fine if I just upload it here rds/Gallery ? I can edit the gallery linked above in case not. I don't do any instant messaging.
>> [_] Anon 3503065 >># Seconding.
>> [_] dadfish !!KAFzWRgO7s2 3503067 >># Of these 3 I like the "Enable Flash" one the most but I feel it's still a bit empty, maybe we add to it or link to the archive at I'm not sure I get the other 2, the Rei(?) one has some noticable compression effects in it and yellow one also might be a little hard to make out from farther off. The Chirumiru is the best imo, we'll probably have to take the tit out though or at least make it less obvious cause all the ad boards have to be able to get shown on a youtube stream. I'll make a note to myself to check that imgbox gallery if you want to keep uploading there. I'm onboard with doing Manticore in the /i/-style player, I think I can make that work. I also wanna keep Pepsiman around though so I'm suggesting we drop >renaming in favor of Manticore and I can work up a renaming adboard. One last adboard I had an idea for was that I'd really like a "Fuck Adobe" board somehow but I've had trouble getting something that looks good. Here's a mockup of about the best draft I have, hopefully it jogs someones noggin for other ideas to make it look good. Maybe we work the Fuck Adobe into the enable flash player one?
>> [_] dadfish !!KAFzWRgO7s2 3503068 >># would probably help if I put a link where I said I was going to huh? It's early and I am unfortunately retarded Fuck Adobe
>> [_] Anon 3503083 >># /v/ hymn completely schwach reflecting it's weak pedophile moderator, and the complete degenaration into a worthless /porn/ board.
>> [_] Anon 3503097 >/t/ >not yoho a pirate is free you are a pirate ( lol limewire )
>> [_] Anon 3503098 >># /t/ already uses that for their goalhorn
>> [_] Anon 3503100 >># >># >># Rei(yes) is a parody using . Enable flash is indeed the most minimal but I disagree that it needs more, just shouldn't be the status quo. It's befitting for it to be such cause it's meant to simulate an ad that wasn't able to load cause it itself is a flash and that is how it would appear most recently. A similar one could be based off the yellow out of date notification that would be more filling, and I suppose I'd be fine with it. Though I don't think it would have same meta-appeal so to speak as such has only ever been a small popup as opposed to something that fills the screen. Both it and an older version of the puzzle piece can be seen in out-of-date.swf. I'll probably make a yellow alt form, cause it's so low effort, later. If links were to be added to ads in reference to being out of date I would think it would be or some similar link. In regards to potential combination the two obvious main ways to do it: The yellow drop-down overlaying it from above or as the puzzle piece as a central seperator if the words were made to be more even length-wise somehow. Could maybe do it linguistically but maybe not, for instance screw adobe does that linguistically but then both are odd which conflicts with your usage of the logos, so probably not. Well either way, I think both combos look too cluttered with the current implementation. Regarding your idea more generally, I think the thing to think about is what background to overlay it on, I like the idea of using the logos for one or both of the words and since they're mostly transparent it might be fine as is if you find something suitable. How many ad slots are there total (in the stadium)? Perhaps that divided by 2 is the optimum amount to have.

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 17/9 -2023 15:24:19 Ended: 20/9 -2023 00:32:47Flashes: 1 Posts: 20
File: Anthem Machine v1.2.swf-(9.79 MB, 1433x890, Loop)
[_] 4CC dadfish !!KAFzWRgO7s2 3499379 It's almost time once again for /f/ to make another run at the Autumn Babby. Before I get started I'd like to thank Smudgey for running the team solo for all these years, he's decided to take a well earned break so I'll be stepping up to take over. I'm the aesthetics monkey who has been helping the team for a couple years and I now have the honor of running this beautiful dumpster fire. So with that out of the way we've got a few things to cover. First, previous management has made some changes to our anthems and goalhorns that I've decided to implement, changelog is as follows; /ck/ goalhorn to combo5 /sci/ anthem to mandelzoom /o/ goalhorn to cruising around /vg/ anthem to tunnelsnakesrule /diy/ goalhorn to DO IT-CON /y/ goalhorn to Fucksauce /b/ anthem to Rainbow Trololol, goalhorn to Successful Troll is Successful /f/ goalhorn to hy048 /co/ goalhorn to this cant wait a month /vmg/ anthem is Angry Birds theme, goalhorn is Bananaphone All of this should be currently reflected in the Anthem Machine swf, however I haven't added them to the wiki as I am searching for a solution to our problem of finding a reliable host for our audio files for playback/download. Everything is on the table and open to debate and I'd like to hear your thoughts, this is about the will of the board above anything else and I want to maintain the open door policy of the past. I do want to warn you that my approach to the """tactical""" side of this is going to be somewhat lacking and if anyone has an interest in helping out I am more than willing to hand over tactical control to a more competent /f/ren. I'll post the current roster here shortly and we can talk over who should be added/dropped to the team, I am currently very happy with our selection of medals but we do have room to make some changes as well. >who is this faggot and what the fuck is he talking about
>> [_] dadfish !!KAFzWRgO7s2 3499380 Here is the current roster, under the 4 medal rules for Autumn our medals are Party Hard, Daily Dose, DA HOOD, and Lolicatgirls ResizeTheFlash! Integral Story Bro Dicewars! Gardevoir Paizuri Monday Approaches Osaka Zone Daily Dose Party Hard DA HOOD Lolicatgirls (Captain) Lord Fulp HAAAAAAAAAAAAN~ High Tension Japanese Goburin Van Darkholme Bourbon House Pepsi Man Xiao Mei Mei >Renaming WRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRY Billy Herrington Takeo Ischi EDDIE! If necessary we can do a poll but I feel the board is small and slow enough to hash out whatever differences anyone has in a thread or two. I'll be around for much of today and if this thread lasts into the week I'll check in as often as I can to reply to every shitpost (You) can fire off, so lets hear it.
>> [_] Anon 3499383 oh hey someone is taking over managing after all i'd say glad to have you aboard but it sounds like you've already been here for a while, hope PES treats you better than it did Smudgey at least.
>> [_] dadfish !!KAFzWRgO7s2 3499395 >># I have no illusions that PES is going to be any kinder to me than it has been to anyone else, I don't have a great understanding of football and I'm not good at vidya but I'll do what I can to make our matches entertaining to watch if nothing else. A couple things I forgot to mention, in case we get jannied or someone needs to contact me directly there is a discord server here however my plan is to conduct all team business on /f/ and hopefully to have a thread going on match days. I have a loop or two of OC swfs planned so hopefully that will let us hang around for the weekend. Other thing I forgot to mention was if anyone wants the fuckheug version of this swf with the full anthems I have a link to it here ImPxBYGDHWGsGhZHHvOlaitZGn7562_yc
>> [_] Anon 3499398 >># Wouldn't /v/'s anthem make more sense on /m/?
>> [_] Anon 3499400 >># It goes back to the board-tans.
>> [_] Anon 3499402 Just noticed the sauce links don't work in Ruffle, I'll have to think of a fix. I'd like better anthems for /pw/ and some of the others that aren't flash or /f/ related. How about Alone Again for /adv/?
>> [_] Anon 3499403 Not sure if I'll be watching, but goodluck dadfish!!
>> [_] Anon 3499404 >># /ic/ Should get an anthem out of this remix: > BVrA
>> [_] Anon 3499408 >># anon that is literally the anthem that /ic/ already uses they're also dead and not playing anyone anytime soon
>> [_] Anon 3499412 >># The /pw/ anthem is more of a nod to both Lolicatgirls (The Game) and Wrasslin as a whole (HHH's old entrance theme) /adv/ uses Crying Game because of one of the tabs in Megaloop.swf
>> [_] dadfish !!KAFzWRgO7s2 3499413 >># I didn't know about the megaloop tab, its struck me as a kind of odd choice but that makes more sense. I get the /pw/ one I just feel like there's something golden out there wrestling related we're missing, maybe I'm nuts. >># Thanks anon, I'm going to try to make threads for the weekends we play like I said so hopefully as many people can watch as possible. There's a link to past matches on if anyone is interested
>> [_] Anon 3499414 The only change in the roster I could imagine would be Dicewars! -> Something Sim Date Saturday related Other than that we are ready to rape / get raped. But this is just an idea, since this Sim Date Saturday thing started only a couple weeks ago.
>> [_] Anon 3499438 >># SDS guy has the same amount of "claim" to a board rep as that /ic/ guy producing OC and I'd approach both with the same level of vitriol as Hat/JOX guy a number of years ago, arbitrarily changing a player (especially a starter) is just rewarding some guy for forcing a meme and not accurately reflecting a shift in board culture that the team is supposed to represent. I get that /f/ has been stagnant for years at this point but there needs to be stronger justification beyond "some guy started doing this a few weeks ago".
>> [_] Anon 3499449 >># nigger, what have you not seen consoles combine, faggot?
>> [_] dadfish !!KAFzWRgO7s2 3499453 >># >ready to rape/get raped That's the spirit anon. I'm inclined to agree with >># I want to see if Sim Date Saturday has any staying power with the board, at the moment it looks like 1 guy just blowing his load of 5 flashes to post every weekend. I do wish we had a better [G]ame representative than Dicewars but our file size limit makes some iconic flash games un-postable to /f/.
>> [_] Anon 3499456 >>>/discord/
>> [_] Lighto ~ 3499470 >># >at the moment it looks like 1 guy just blowing his load of 5 flashes to post every weekend I know that feel >-<
>> [_] Anon 3499479 How come /jp/'s anthem isn't jp's themesong.swf?
>> [_] Anon 3499488 >># /jp/ use that song themselves
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