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ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 14/5 -2024 23:05:03 Ended: 14/5 -2024 23:05:03Flashes: 1 Posts: 1
File: dwarven_complete_v1_a.mod.swf-(1.63 MB, 500x430, Game)
[_] dice wars 3507730

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 23/4 -2024 18:25:55 Ended: 25/4 -2024 18:38:04Flashes: 1 Posts: 7
File: dwarven_complete_v1_a.mod.swf-(1.63 MB, 500x430, Game)
[_] Anon 3506962
>> [_] Anon 3506964 Time 1:44
>> [_] Anon 3506975 are there any other controls? stuck and feel like im missing something
>> [_] Anon 3506983 yeah that gold key eludes me. 37/40 and 3/4 braziers lit. I don't know if I'm missing something else.
>> [_] Anon 3507003 >># the golden arrow keys are diggable
>> [_] Anon 3507016 >># 1:54. and 4 out 5 pink heads
>> [_] Anon 3507038 >># fukken nice

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 18/12 -2023 06:32:37 Ended: 20/12 -2023 03:19:11Flashes: 1 Posts: 5
File: dwarven_complete_v1_a.mod.swf-(1.63 MB, 500x430, Game)
[_] Eyemaze Anon 3502349
>> [_] Anon 3502355 Very cool. Didn't even know there was some flash about Lineage 2.
>> [_] Anon 3502363 I knew this game was awesome, but I forgot just how great it really is. Very tight zelda-dungeon-esque adventure exploration game.
>> [_] Anon 3502367 Just found out the ending text changes when you beat the game fast enough. Holy soul
>> [_] Anon 3502410 this is the guy whose wife left him while he was battling a heart condition, hope he recovered...

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 15/3 -2021 23:11:32 Ended: 16/3 -2021 23:25:28Flashes: 1 Posts: 2
File: dwarven_complete_v1_a.mod.swf-(1.63 MB, 500x430, Game)
[_] Anon 3461819
>> [_] Anon 3461857 boo yaa this again

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 5/10 -2020 00:04:03 Ended: 6/10 -2020 00:29:33Flashes: 1 Posts: 20
File: dwarven_complete_v1_a.mod.swf-(1.63 MB, 500x430, Game)
[_] It's time... John Moses Browning 3441727 Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anon 3441778 What the fuck is this game What are the controls
>> [_] Anon 3441782 >># says it right at the first screen doesn't it? you just walk around with the arrow keys and sometimes click the things on your inventory bar
>> [_] Anon 3441786 Am I an idiot? I can't get the key on the pillar surrounded by buttons.
>> [_] Anon 3441789 >># 1. go room to the right next to it 2. push button 3. ??? 4. profit
>> [_] Anon 3441790 >># I did that and see the patterns it shows but I don't understand how to input them.
>> [_] Anon 3441792 >># 1 nigga 2 niggas 3 niggas 4 5 niggas 6 niggas 7 niggas door
>> [_] Anon 3441793 What do I do after I get the first key? Every room is a dead end, I've collected everything and have no more doors left to open, the room with the cart rails has no way to activate it, I've spent the last 15 minutes going through every room mashing tab to pixelhunt and found nothing. The fuck am I supposed to do?
>> [_] Anon 3441802 >># The key also opens chests.
>> [_] Anon 3441811 >># Did that, got a stick and a bag. Still stuck at a dead end. I swear if its some stupid floor tile switch you're supposed to just randomly walk on while wandering, I'm gonna go bananas.
>> [_] Anon 3441812 >># I am stuck here too.
>> [_] Anon 3441813 >># Do you have to flip the train tracks in a specific way?
>> [_] Anon 3441814 >># Thats what I was thinking but there doesn't seem to be a "correct" way of setting them, it looks as though the puzzle involves switching tracks while they're being used.
>> [_] Anon 3441815 >># You're right, don't worry about the tracks just now. You're next step is to make the magnet, but you haven't got all the parts yet, there should still be a chest for you to open.
>> [_] Anon 3441816 >># There are 0 chests left to open. I got a bag, and a stick, all other chests are behind either gold doors or in inaccessible parts of the map.
>> [_] Anon 3441817 >># I found it. There is a walk-thru wall in the spiral maze thing.
>> [_] Anon 3441818 I just finished, good luck to you anons. Also don't worry about getting soft-locked, I don't think it's possible.
>> [_] Anon 3441821 >># Yeah I just found that as well
>> [_] Anon 3441826 And I seem to be stuck again. Got the magnet, did the two cannons, fell through the floor in the dark room and got the item below. No candle or hammer.
>> [_] Anon 3441828 I can't seem to find the bone.

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 28/2 -2020 22:27:08 Ended: 29/2 -2020 08:19:27Flashes: 1 Posts: 1
File: dwarven_complete_v1_a.mod.swf-(1.63 MB, 500x430, Game)
[_] Anon 3419709

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 19/8 -2016 19:25:49 Ended: 20/8 -2016 01:04:54Flashes: 1 Posts: 13
File: dwarven_complete_v1_a.mod.swf-(1.63 MB, 500x430, Game)
[_] Classic [G] Anon 3135262
>> [_] Anon 3135318 wtf do i do after the second item? i keep getting stuck lol
>> [_] Anon 3135320 >># Did you ever play Doom? Hump walls nigga, what kind of playa gives up after the first trap?
>> [_] Anon 3135326 >># lol and i'd hoped doom logic wouldnt have to apply...
>> [_] Anon 3135333 This game sucks
>> [_] Anon 3135339 >># >># You dont have to wall hump. Just pay attention to the walls. Specifically the shadows of them
>> [_] Anon 3135358 >># Read: i dont get it
>> [_] Anon 3135360 How do I get the moon thing in basement E3
>> [_] Anon 3135362 >># Look at the wall shadows.
>> [_] Anon 3135365 >># Do you have the map? I'm about to finish the game, and I can't figure out how am I going to move that metal block. No secret passages in sight.
>> [_] Anon 3135372 Knw for all the people having trouble, I finished it without help, playtime was 2:01
>> [_] Anon 3135375 00:46 No help
>> [_] Anon 3135378 >># Dropped in from above, 1:59 Propably would have stumbled into that hole sooner or later.

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 22/10 -2014 14:07:44 Ended: 22/10 -2014 18:58:20Flashes: ~1 Posts: 57
File: dwarven_complete_v1_a.mod.swf-(1.63 MB, 500x430, Game)
[_] Anon 2571677
>> [_] Anon 2571687 I am so fuckng lost, what.
>> [_] Anon 2571691 >># Push the arrow keys to walk around.
>> [_] Anon 2571692 holy fuck not this shit again I beat it the last time, and the time before that I'm not doing it again
>> [_] Anon 2571693 Any hint on how to make anything in here except get stuck?
>> [_] Anon 2571695 How the hell do I use these items?
>> [_] Anon 2571696 >># >not wasd keys pleb tier game I got the silver(ish) key and opened all the things I could find with it, now where do I go?
>> [_] Anon 2571697 >># Pay attention to the shadows next to the walls. >># Most of them, you don't - they open doors when you collect them. But you can use keys by clicking on them.
>> [_] John Moses Browning 2571698 >this game again Time to waste another 2 hours? I don't know
>> [_] Anon 2571701 >># don't forget, you're here forever
>> [_] John Moses Browning 2571703 >># I already got 100% at this game and there are many other flash games I wasted my time to But it feels really good to be here forever
>> [_] Anon 2571707 How do you use items? Or combine them, whatever.
>> [_] Anon 2571710 >># keep doing things and you'll find out you don't need to go and ask for someone to hold your hand just because something isn't explained explicitly with a pop-up tutorial
>> [_] Anon 2571713 >># Thanks for the answer, dipshit. It's not particularly clear that you need to go back to the book.
>> [_] Anon 2571719 Hey, Eyezmaze It's been a while
>> [_] Anon 2571720 >># you got the answer yourself in like 2 minutes though, so good job also I figured the big greyed out button on the book would've clued you in once you realize you can't do anything from the menu
>> [_] Anon 2571723 >># not the same anon, anon
>> [_] Anon 2571733 What does the cannon in the basement with a crystal do? I turned it and aimed at the crystal but can't hit it. There's nothing I could do except for that, because I got no pickaxe or golden key.
>> [_] Anon 2571737 do I have to try and error my way through the dark room or is there a hint somewhere how to get through?
>> [_] Anon 2571738 >># You should craft the lighter to light a torch I guess
>> [_] Anon 2571739 >># I think you need the candle, mate
>> [_] Anon 2571740 >># go to the room at the top left of the swivelling cannon, there's an item behind the torch >># you get a candle later
>> [_] Anon 2571745 >># thanks, anon :3
>> [_] Anon 2571751 Ha, the ending's written in moonrunes!
>> [_] Anon 2571753 How do you get the final object in the room with the stairs to the book? It's the only one left for me.
>> [_] Anon 2571754 >># Go play in the room south of that. Then try and work out how to get the other one that's left for you.
>> [_] Anon 2571756 >># Oh right, thanks.
>> [_] Anon 2571777 i miss one moon where are them?
>> [_] Anon 2571780 >># Highlighted on your map.
>> [_] Anon 2571783 >># how to take the one in map B1 3 E
>> [_] Anon 2571786 >># Push blocks around and use your magnet.
>> [_] Anon 2571789 >># I think you have to get above it and find a hole to drop you down.
>> [_] Anon 2571792 Need help with room you start in. How do I get past the water to the trees?
>> [_] Anon 2571795 >># there's something else you can burn
>> [_] Anon 2571800 >># What other bits of scenery are there?
>> [_] Anon 2571801 I'm stumped on 37 items can't figure out how to get the second key which I believe I need. Can't figure out what to do in the complete room....
>> [_] Anon 2571802 >># Watched a walkthrough. I'm at the very last part. Fucking solution.
>> [_] Anon 2571804 >># >># I'm in a similar spot and I found that key hole (but have no key) and got the rock to flick the metal block to break the walll down.
>> [_] Anon 2571806 I really hate flash games that does not scale to full screen and/or disables right-click zoom. It's vector graphics, fucking make use of them!
>> [_] Anon 2571810 >># >># There are four entrances to the gold key room. One involves falling (the hole is nearby). One involves teleporting (the teleport is nearby). One is a staircase (probably this is how you first got in). One you just walk in from an adjacent room (use your map!).
>> [_] Anon 2571814 >Dwarf Complete (Walkthrough Part 1) uE >mfw 161789 views
>> [_] Anon 2571815 >># Figured it out, had to use a pick axe on the blocks at the start haha
>> [_] Anon 2571819 So what's with that treasure chest in the room with like 8 sets of stairs?
>> [_] Anon 2571825 >># It's the map. You don't need it per se, but makes things easier.
>> [_] Anon 2571829 what the hell do i do in the room with the all the switches
>> [_] Anon 2571836 I remember playing these games when I was a little younger. Bit a internet nostalgia to say.
>> [_] Anon 2571838 >># Go check another room, then practise your counting.
>> [_] Anon 2571840 >># i hit the switch in the other room, if thats what you mean
>> [_] Anon 2571844 Complete!!! 2:41.... so bad... ejeje
>> [_] Anon 2571845 is there a non-tiny frame version of this?
>> [_] Anon 2571858 >># Literally got it right after i wrote that ... fuck
>> [_] Anon 2571869 >># i wish... best you can do is go to: &n=dwarven_complete_v1_a.mod.swf and play it. press "Fit" below the flash and then "Scale". swfchan magically forces it to stretch to fullscreen
>> [_] Anon 2571871 >># also be sure to select "prevent a" and not "prevent b"
>> [_] Anon 2571873 Well if its possible to fuck up in a way that you need to restart your save I guess I did that and now im giving up.
>> [_] Anon 2571914 Where do i find the bone?
>> [_] Anon 2571917 1:29 time

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 25/9 -2014 06:35:07 Ended: 25/9 -2014 08:41:15Flashes: ~2 Posts: 13
File: dwarven_complete_v1_a.mod.swf-(1.63 MB, 500x430, Game)
[_] >># Anon 2540877 Here you go anon. Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anon 2540879 >># i have forgotten about this. thanks
>> [_] Anon 2540885 Bait??? or is there a game here and im retarded???
>> [_] Anon 2540913 >># sorry, you are retarded
>> [_] Anon 2540927 Anyone know how to get the pair of boots off the metal box?
>> [_] Anon 2540982 >># how the fuck do i open the box with the switchplate all around it....
>> [_] Anon 2540991 Played this for an hour. Finally done.
>> [_] peniswrinkle 2540992 >># Beat the whole game in 10 min w/100% complete and spaceship lift-off Sick my duck anon
>> [_] Anon 2540995 >># nevermind, i stared at the symbols for a bit until it hit me.
>> [_] Anon 2541006 >># there is a false wall in the trick room on the 3rd item breh
>> [_] Anon 2541015 The hell do I find the bone?
>> [_] Anon 2541016 I am now a pink haired barrel rider. In my barrel flying saucer
>> [_] Anon 2541033 I played this years ago back when I browsed jay is games.

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 19/10 -2013 21:54:14 Ended: 20/10 -2013 00:44:10Flashes: 1 Posts: 33
File: dwarven_complete_v1_a.mod.swf-(1.63 MB, 500x430, Game)
[_] Anon 2149725
>> [_] Anon 2149729 >># how do you even play this, i got the first two items, the rest are behind rockwalls, the jew book tells me to make a magnet with parts i cant get to, and the only other accessable item traps me in the room you get it in.
>> [_] Anon 2149734 >># wait, i got it, when you refresh the page, it puts you back at the start with all your items still.
>> [_] Anon 2149748 >># now im stuck again. what the fuck it with the panels around the key pedestal? and the one on the other side with the shapes around it?
>> [_] Anon 2149751 >># they're numbered. Hit them in the right order.
>> [_] Anon 2149756 >># nothing changed, i tried all the patterns
>> [_] Anon 2149760 i got past the panels but im stuck at the eigth item and i just got the silver key
>> [_] Anon 2149761 >># 1 dot = 1 2 dots =2 and so on. I don't know how far you're gonna make it man if you're getting tripped up by this shit.
>> [_] Anon 2149780 >>>/b/511628386
>> [_] Anon 2149787 stuck in item 8
>> [_] Anon 2149789 >># i found it, at the spiral there's a piece of the wall at the left where u can walk through if you look closely at the shadows of the walls u can see there's a hidden door
>> [_] Anon 2149790 >># I love how everyone seems to get stuck on this one. I can understand missing the hidden passage through the wall, but come on "Tried all the patterns"? How do you do the single dot pattern? And even if you do all the patterns and it doesn't work people give up without trying something else
>> [_] Anon 2149792 >># Actually, you were never trapped. There's a hole in the wall. You can tell from the fact that that section of the wall looks a little different. However, considering you never realised how to solve the 8 button puzzle on your own, I don't hold out much hope for you completing the rest of the game.
>> [_] Anon 2149801 >># >spiral what spiral???
>> [_] Anon 2149802 >># Same here.. I've looked everywhere.
>> [_] Anon 2149803 >># nevermind
>> [_] Anon 2149806 >># Found it.. Finally
>> [_] Anon 2149810 >># i finally got it, but i was doing it backwards. i'd post a pic but i cant do that on this board for some faggoty reason
>> [_] Anon 2149816 >># okay on item 14 now, two buttons, wtf do they do. already busted everything with cannon
>> [_] Anon 2149827 >># Here, seeing as how your too stupid to play the game yourself, some hand holding! cE Or you can just watch someone else play, probally will be easier on your brain
>> [_] Anon 2149833 >># im still learning, just figured out that my dirt colored key can open the gold chests.
>> [_] Anon 2149840 >That Ice Puzzle It's like I'm playing Kablooey for the SNES all over again.
>> [_] Anon 2149853 >># Still learning is fine, but every time your stumped coming and asking for help is another
>> [_] Anon 2149857 >># oh, you thought all that bullshit at the beginning was me?
>> [_] Anon 2149873 Okay maybe I'm blind but I don't know where to go next. I got item 1,2,3,4 6&7 and 27&28
>> [_] Anon 2149874 >># Whoops, forgot item 5
>> [_] Anon 2149907 Where do you find item 5? I've got twenty items, missed 5 somewhere. Can't find the bone for a pickaxe, which would help me.
>> [_] Anon 2149910 I have 37/40 and I'm stuck... did the thing with the rockfinger but I cant find out how that was supposed to help me.
>> [_] Anon 2149911 Is there any other working button than the 4 arrows? I've got some keys but I've got no clues as how to use them
>> [_] Anon 2149912 I completed it!
>> [_] Anon 2149915 Gotta love that space ship ending. God damn.
>> [_] Anon 2149916 i need the stone to make the magnet??!! where is it?
>> [_] Anon 2149917 >># nvm, found out

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 13/9 -2013 23:39:16 Ended: 14/9 -2013 02:46:41Flashes: 1 Posts: 11
File: dwarven_complete_v1_a.mod.swf-(1.63 MB, 500x430, Game)
[_] Also worth a play. Anon 2111096
>> [_] Anon 2111104 yes, if you consider wasting 2 hours finding out what the fuck to do
>> [_] Anon 2111136 I have no idea what to do.
>> [_] Rei !p8eYCadcMo 2111159 Eyezmaze is good. The iOS version was better though.
>> [_] Anon 2111170 I'm fucking stumped on the buttons around the pedestal with a key on it
>> [_] Anon 2111174 I got the silver/grey key and now I have nothing I can do.
>> [_] Anon 2111175 look at the room next to it count the dots they tell you what the order is to get the key
>> [_] Anon 2111211 Solved in 38 mins. Once you do this a few times it becomes pretty easy.
>> [_] Anon 2111261 Did it in 1 hour 38 mins on first try.
>> [_] Anon 2111267 1 hour and 41 minutes, very fun puzzle game. Can be annoying at times but so much fun.
>> [_] Duster 2111270 >># I can't tell which buttons is which is it? 123 678 4 5 4 5 678 123 or something else?

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 19/6 -2013 19:01:15 Ended: 19/6 -2013 22:15:11Flashes: 1 Posts: 9
File: dwarven_complete_v1_a.mod.swf-(1.63 MB, 500x430, Game)
[_] Anon 2008539
>> [_] ghost !!sqS7gxThw0q 2008551 how do you use shit
>> [_] Anon 2008557 > get 2nd item > locked in room with no way out What the shit?
>> [_] Anon 2008599 >># look at the shadow of the walls there is a hidden path through them
>> [_] Anon 2008626 Up to 30 items. Wonder where the map is.
>> [_] Anon 2008629 >># thank you based anon
>> [_] Anon 2008659 IM ON A UFO TO THE MOON!!
>> [_] Anon 2008669 Best flash game I've played.
>> [_] Anon 2008683 Love Eyezmaze, the GROW series is amazing.

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 14/6 -2013 13:06:51 Ended: 14/6 -2013 18:46:14Flashes: 1 Posts: 9
File: dwarven_complete_v1_a.mod.swf-(1.63 MB, 500x430, Game)
[_] [A] [M] [E] [S] /f/ needs more 2003113
>> [_] Anon 2003120 k, how do you get out of being trapped in that first room
>> [_] Anon 2003124 >># look at the shadow of the wall
>> [_] Anon 2003143 awesome
>> [_] Anon 2003155 Best flash game ever
>> [_] Anon 2003160 ok wtf do i do after i get into the upper room
>> [_] Anon 2003195 Took me 1 and a half hours to complete this game.
>> [_] Anon 2003237 1:37 here Goddamn, I usually hate these zeldalike puzzle games (and zelda), but this one was good.
>> [_] Anon 2003248 1:11 : P step it up guyz

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 7/5 -2013 00:06:41 Ended: 7/5 -2013 04:10:32Flashes: 1 Posts: 7
File: dwarven_complete_v1_a.mod.swf-(1.63 MB, Game)
[_] Anon 1965410 Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anon 1965417 i admit i can't figure this one out. i always get locked in the room near the start and can not figure out how to escape
>> [_] Anon 1965422 you need a mod to play this? too hard for you noob?
>> [_] Anon 1965430 >># Check the wall shadows. You can walk through some walls
>> [_] Anon 1965494 dang, 19/40 stuck
>> [_] Anon 1965516 >># Keep the cannon pointed upwards and fire it. in the room that had two blocks, one still with an item, there will be a blast mark. push the block to that point, and fire the cannon again.
>> [_] Anon 1965664 >mfw people have trouble with this game

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 27/4 -2013 13:43:39 Ended: 27/4 -2013 21:29:20Flashes: 1 Posts: 14
File: dwarven_complete_v1_a.mod.swf-(1.63 MB, Game)
[_] l2 dwarf Lineage II 1956329 Still haven't completed this. Can't get the water to flood the final room Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anon 1956395 how can i build the magnet?
>> [_] Anon 1956403 Last time it was posted I spent an entire night finishing it. It was a frustratingly fun experience. Where is the sequel?
>> [_] Anon 1956404 >># Once you have solved the 1-8 puzzle and gotten the key, open the door above the key and get the equipment, go to the left room where there is a chest and get the first piece. Go all the way back to the room above the spiral that has a cannon that moves back and forward. Get the chest by shooting it down for the second piece. Go back to the room with the book and click on the red button in the magnet recipe page
>> [_] Anon 1956423 That fist looking thing above the Gold key room, move the metal block in front of the pointer finger. Then get to the top of the face building one screen left and push the button. Power flick!
>> [_] Anon 1956425 Okay cool game, but how to get pass the 'time' room? What's the best route?
>> [_] Anon 1956427 >># thank!
>> [_] Anon 1956448 how to get gold key
>> [_] Anon 1956521 How do I start? Got to the book thing but then everything is a dead end
>> [_] Anon 1956523 >># oh right you're meant to savescum well that's silly
>> [_] Anon 1956548 >># >># hahaha what you suck >># light all the damn torches >># I activate the buttons in this order: push block down, hit purple to the right, run left, magnet block down and then magnet self up, hit blue, dig out, go back down past the block, push other block right and down, dig down and to the right to reach red in the nick of time
>> [_] Anon 1956561 >># >hahaha what you suck The bow item. you have to reload your save to collect it
>> [_] Anon 1956578 got it, but with walkthrough
>> [_] Anon 1956594 turns out I was wrong, the walls without shadows are fake. also turns out there are quite a few of those

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 14/4 -2013 06:10:24 Ended: 14/4 -2013 09:50:18Flashes: 1 Posts: 47
File: dwarven_complete_v1_a.mod.swf-(1.63 MB, Game)
[_] Hint inside Anon 1942852 Watch the shadows on the walls because you can walk through some of them Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anon 1942912 I got trapped in some friggin walled box. Damnit.
>> [_] Anon 1942916 >># Read the hint I wrote. God EVERY fucking time this is posted some idiot gets stuck right away
>> [_] Anon 1942938 I'm stuck at number 22. with the two relics on the metal blocks. I can get one by pushing the block into the hole. But now I'm trying to figure out how to get the other. the hole is full D:
>> [_] Anon 1942954 How do I get the goddamn gray key? Am I supposed to step on all of the switches in a certain order?
>> [_] Anon 1942962 Grey key. press the switch on the other side of the room. then press the buttons in the order from smallest to largest designated by the circles that appear
>> [_] Anon 1942964 >># Oh, all right. Thanks.
>> [_] Anon 1942967 stuck with 21 items. Can't figure out how to get the item on the pedestal in the room with the white spinning portal. and what does that fucking button do that's in the room to the right of the pedestal? WAHT DO?
>> [_] Anon 1942974 stuck at 16 items, only usable is grey key
>> [_] Anon 1942984 How do you get the treasures on the ice?
>> [_] Anon 1942988 can't get the pickaxe for some reason despite having the rock and the stick??
>> [_] Anon 1942992 >># You need a bone too.
>> [_] Anon 1943009 33, furthest I've gone. I am tired as fuck and I want to quit but I can literally taste the ending near me.
>> [_] Anon 1943018 >># I'm stuck in the same spot too
>> [_] Anon 1943027 yay ufo ending
>> [_] Anon 1943029 Stuck at 18, how do I get that damn treasure on the ice? I've realized I had to use the magnet, but there's still one left...
>> [_] Anon 1943030 >># You should have the items to get the magnet, walk to that room with the book and get the magnet
>> [_] Anon 1943045 >># the rightmost steel block... magnet it from the bottom
>> [_] Anon 1943047 >># I hate this puzzle, thanks.
>> [_] Anon 1943050 >># same guy, I figured it out, the button that is in the room with the first cannon that is rotating where you shoot the pillars. the middle door leads to a button that turns the cannon that is at the door to the right of the first room with the 1st rotating cannon. There's also another button that makes the 2nd cannon aim up that you need to hit and that's around the 2 rooms after the left door of the 1st cannon, it will be in the right side door from there, the idea is that you fire the cannon in all directions with it aimed up to see where it lands, so when you head back up to the two pillars that hold the items, you place the other pillar where you fired it, this is also how you get that item on the pillar in the room with the warp which is the before the 2nd switch. To get to that cannon you need a magnet to pull that metal block to make a passage.
>> [_] Anon 1943058 Eh, can I get a hint to get past 22... I'm stuck with the two iron/metal blocks in the room and three doorways.... And I don't have a pick-axe
>> [_] Anon 1943060 \(^o^)/ woot! 2 hour and ture end!!!! I am a winner orz
>> [_] Anon 1943071 >># still trying to figure this out myself
>> [_] Anon 1943077 This Tiki Easter Island head eludes me, I just don't know how to ascend upon it's beauty.
>> [_] Anon 1943078 >># oh I get it, so with the 2nd cannon aimed up in the air, you first fire left and then fire up
>> [_] Anon 1943079 what is this shit
>> [_] Anon 1943085 BUT THIS IS NOT THE TRUE END
>> [_] Anon 1943086 Button on the tiki head is broken..... you click it but it doesn't stay active
>> [_] Anon 1943095 I lied about the button, my own impatience broke it
>> [_] Anon 1943097 got 39 of the 40 items cant get to the item in the top left corner of D4 and cant find the last piece of the crystal
>> [_] Anon 1943107 >># ffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
>> [_] Anon 1943109 >># The warps in the room below.
>> [_] Anon 1943115 Where are these moon pieces?
>> [_] Anon 1943119 >># How many do you have.. consulted the map?
>> [_] Anon 1943121 How do I get the bone?
>> [_] Anon 1943123 9/10 moon pieces, nothing showing on the map 39/40 items... I'm done
>> [_] Anon 1943124 How to gold key?
>> [_] Anon 1943125 44 minutes 1st time can be a bit difficult, second is fairly easy, this third time was effortless
>> [_] Anon 1943126 When you get the map, remember there is the main floor and a basement floor
>> [_] Anon 1943130 >># enter the room adjacent, in the same screen
>> [_] Anon 1943134 >># scratch that; I figured it out; just didn't check the basement floors.
>> [_] Anon 1943135 >># I know that feel. Both the last item and the last moon crystal are are on the initial room C3, but covered by water and inacessibe in any way. Using the gold key in the lock doesn't seem to do anything. C4 in both 1F and B1 seem to hold the answer but in B1 the stairs are covered with rocks and in B1 it seems to only be acessible by getting the fucking item I can't reach.
>> [_] Anon 1943136 Tips, because I'm generous 1. pay attention to shadows early on 2. chests can be opened with first key 3. burn the vines in the first room 4. large metal surfaces cannot be pulled; however, you can 5. if the situation arises, metal blocks can enter teleporters 6. pay attention to the position of some portal 7. if you can't enter from the current level, try from above 8. blocks usually retain their placement, plan ahead
>> [_] Anon 1943142 How the fuck do I get the bone for the pickaxe!!??
>> [_] Anon 1943143 >># Have you gotten to 18 yet? How far are you in?
>> [_] Anon 1943145 >># I'm at 20

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 28/2 -2013 22:21:20 Ended: 1/3 -2013 02:28:37Flashes: 1 Posts: 23
File: dwarven_complete_v1_a.mod.swf-(1.63 MB, Game)
[_] Step it up Anon 1899679 Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anon 1899688 Ca't click items in inv....
>> [_] Anon 1899705 >># Of course. Those are treasures, not meant to be equipped. You can find items that you can combine into useful tools over the course of the game.
>> [_] Anon 1899722 Can't figure out where to move on. Need the mining pick or the torch to get further, but don't know where to find the materials for either.
>> [_] Anon 1899723 What do?!
>> [_] napoon 1899740 >># then how do you combine or use the items then?
>> [_] napoon 1899743 how do you use the items to combine them?
>> [_] Anon 1899767 What in the anus is this shit?
>> [_] Anon 1899783 fucking welp i got about 25 items and got stuck im fucking done >># the book
>> [_] Anon 1899819 oh god , remember this game being hard as fuck
>> [_] Anon 1899820 what do i do with the 8 block and key in the middle? what is the combination?
>> [_] Anon 1899822 >># im so stupid i got it the numbers in the other room is the sequence to which one you have to step on
>> [_] Anon 1899842 >># I still dont get it
>> [_] Anon 1899846 >># step on the tiles in the same position as the circles indicated by how many there are (1 circle, then 2 circles, then 3 circles ect.)
>> [_] Anon 1899848 I loved this game Disappointingly easy after beating it 1-2 times
>> [_] Anon 1899867 Okay...i cannot move...
>> [_] Anon 1899870 Watch the shadows on the wall, like Zelda.
>> [_] Anon 1899873 And this was easy after the first 20 items. The cart and face-building was just annoying.
>> [_] Anon 1899880 I'm stuck after 20th item. How do I get one next to the black hole?
>> [_] Anon 1899882 >># lol ok I got it, you have to place the canon two maps to the right in it's direction and pointed upward
>> [_] Anon 1899906 got up to 34 items, this is a pain in the ass
>> [_] Anon 1899908 I did it! Got the true ending too. I'm off to the moon!
>> [_] Anon 1899915 im stuck on the head house looking thing

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 23/11 -2012 22:49:01 Ended: 24/11 -2012 02:22:17Flashes: 1 Posts: 14
File: dwarven_complete_v1_a.mod.swf-(1.63 MB, Game)
[_] Some [G] for /f/ Anon 1815155 It is beatable, you cunts. Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anon 1815162 >># like fuck. prove it.
>> [_] Anon 1815169 I remember beating this a long time ago >Protip, fake walls don't have a shadow
>> [_] Anon 1815202 1:20 first try
>> [_] Anon 1815203 buttons?
>> [_] Anon 1815206 i cant even do the first puzzle
>> [_] Anon 1815233 Fuckin' aliens. 2:20.
>> [_] Anon 1815243 where the hell is the bone?
>> [_] Anon 1815247 >># my issue as well.. ive got 2 completely dark rooms available that i cant figure out.. i cant reach the minecart track stuff but i can play with the tracks themself and i have access to a giant room with a weapon on a pedastal but i cannot figure out how to reach it. i have the magnet and the first key. i can see the 2nd key in one of the dark rooms but cant reach it. i have finished the ice puzzle and the cannon puzzles. i cannot get into the giant labyrinth near the beginning . it seems i need either the pick or the candle to do anhything from this point but cant find the bone or the leaf thing
>> [_] Anon 1815265 >># How do I use the switch in the ice puzzle?
>> [_] Anon 1815269 >># the switch is a reset button. use the magnet to move the metal blocks such that you can use them as a stopping point and get to the items if you move the metal blocks to a place that wasnt your intention and need to reset it you use the switch.. one of the items is achieved by moving just one block. the other you need to move both.. or at least thats how i did it.
>> [_] Anon 1815273 >># >># and as a reference for how far i am. i currently have 20/40 items and am at bounty hunter rank
>> [_] Anon 1815279 fuck first damn room everytime. selfsealing bullshit
>> [_] Anon 1815282 >># always check walls for shadows. if a spot isnt casting one there isnt a wall there

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 28/7 -2012 14:51:31 Ended: 28/7 -2012 22:32:57Flashes: 1 Posts: 34
File: dwarven_complete_v1_a.mod.swf-(1.63 MB, Game)
[_] Anon 1730283 Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anon 1730290 How do I do anything? I get caught in a trap and can't get out on the second room
>> [_] Anon 1730292 >># There's a gap in the walls. Look at shadows.
>> [_] Anon 1730294 Apparently I'm retarded because I just can't get the key in the room with the pressure plates
>> [_] Anon 1730296 >># You mean the drop holes? Just keep trying until you find the one path that leads to it. DON'T GIVE UP!
>> [_] Anon 1730304 >># Can't seem to get pass that either. There doesn't seem to be a proper clue for it
>> [_] Anon 1730305 Ahh, I remember this old thing. Fun times. >># The room has a sectioned-off part to the right that gives a hint. >># You're thinking of the room south of the key!
>> [_] Anon 1730306 >># Not the drop holes. The pressure plates in the room with the grey key don't seem to have a clue for them
>> [_] Anon 1730308 >># Can't seem to read the hint. It shows plates that aren't there
>> [_] Anon 1730314 >># >># Ah, I know where you're at. The number of dots corresponds to the order the pressure plates are plessed in. So one dot = first. Seven dots = seventh
>> [_] Anon 1730323 I made the magnet, got the first key as well as the wood, and the most recent treasure I found was the one I had to shoot at: from a cannon two panels away. I've stopped advancing though, because I can't seem to find the bone needed for the pickaxe: does anyone know where the bone is and how to get there?
>> [_] Anon 1730324 I've managed to fire the first cannon, but there's a second cannon a panel away with a moon on a crystal on it. I've aimed it properly, however the cannon doesn't seem to hit the crystal no matter what my timing is
>> [_] Anon 1730328 >># There's a second button that causes the canon to fire upwards. FIND IT!
>> [_] Anon 1730336 Stuck at 21 items here, I believe I've missed another room somewhere. I've found the big room near where the cannons are, but can't seem to find another place at all or how to cross the gorge, besides the one that has to be used with the magnet
>> [_] Anon 1730339 >># So it goes 9-1-3-2-6-5-7-4 right?
>> [_] Anon 1730340 >># Huh?
>> [_] Anon 1730341 >># For the part with the pressure pads and the statue thing
>> [_] Anon 1730343 >># Look at >># Is that what you're talking about?
>> [_] Anon 1730344 >># Never mind I thought it was you press that button in a order, like the 9th button you press first then the 1st button next... I looked up a walkthough and now I feel like a retard.
>> [_] Anon 1730345 >># Use the second cannon to fire at other angles
>> [_] Anon 1730346 Just need one more moon and I'll have completed the game. I must say, this has been fun!
>> [_] /co/mrade /sci/entist 1730352 yeah, great game I just can't figure out how to get that last moon! how to fill the gap?!
>> [_] Anon 1730353 >># Try thinking over the room and into a hole if you know what I am saying.
>> [_] Anon 1730361 what is the 4th click-to-use item from left ro right and how to get the final moon in B1-3E map guys? oh god i hate this game so much
>> [_] Anon 1730362 >># See >>#
>> [_] Anon 1730368 what the fuck, i'm stuck in the stone head. what are the controls ?
>> [_] Anon 1730370 >># Same as before, but you need to find the stairs. I'll give you a hint, they're on the left side of the head. Also, when you get to the second floor, you'll be able to see yourself through the stone heads eyes.
>> [_] Anon 1730373 >># yeah, it took me a bit to use the wall noises to map this out.
>> [_] Anon 1730378 still missing the leggings [3rd row, 6th column] and the blue jewel. herp derp
>> [_] Anon 1730380 >># aaand found the obvious. 1:33 4/5 faces lit up (no idea if it's good or not)
>> [_] Anon 1730383 >># Got about 17 minutes better than you. Congrats on beating it!
>> [_] Anon 1730385 2:48 with true ending. I'm done with this shit, never again.
>> [_] Anon 1730387 so what's the "mod" that the final form looks madokaish?
>> [_] Kim 1730506 Fuck you.. 29 items.. im right in front of the golden key and cant grab it. rage quit

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 9/7 -2012 23:53:30 Ended: 13/7 -2012 03:19:19Flashes: 1 Posts: 16
File: dwarven_complete_v1_a.mod.swf-(1.63 MB, Hentai)
[_] E L PAnonymous07/09/12(Mon)16:21No.1716432 ok i give up, how do i get the moon underneath the ufo room
>> [_] Anonymous07/09/12(Mon)16:53No.1716456 if this shit was real i would be dead before I solved it
>> [_] Anonymous07/09/12(Mon)17:05No.1716463 >># If I recall right, you have to get to it from "start" room, or actually beneath it. You have to transport extra metal block there from the smiley room.
>> [_] Anonymous07/09/12(Mon)17:06No.1716465 total play time: 0:35, 4/5 faces or something.
>> [_] Anonymous07/09/12(Mon)17:07No.1716467 FPS is horrid It just locks me in a room when i pick up the third item, every time. I don't get it, or know what buttons need to be pressed to get out.
>> [_] Anonymous07/09/12(Mon)17:08No.1716469 >># I can't get past that either... What exactly are the controls?
>> [_] Anonymous07/09/12(Mon)17:09No.1716471 >># There's a hole in the wall on the right side, look at the shadows. I know, it's really dumb.
>> [_] Anonymous07/09/12(Mon)17:10No.1716474 >># Pay attention to the shadows on the wall. There are places where you can walk through.
>> [_] Anonymous07/09/12(Mon)17:21No.1716479 The fuck do you get past the room with the floor switches and the key in the middle?
>> [_] Anonymous07/09/12(Mon)17:29No.1716485 There is a way to get out of that room just look real good at the walls.
>> [_] Anonymous07/09/12(Mon)17:30No.1716486 The room right next to it shows you the answer just click the little button. The amount of cirlces represent what button you push first.
>> [_] Anonymous07/09/12(Mon)17:32No.1716488 It's dangerous to go alone. Take this.
>> [_] Anonymous07/09/12(Mon)17:35No.1716490 >Trying to find the last moon >It's hidden in the room with like 100 rocks Fuck you.
>> [_] Anonymous07/09/12(Mon)17:58No.1716502 finished 1:02 I played before but forgot about a couple things.
>> [_] Anonymous07/09/12(Mon)18:22No.1716519 Fuck yeah, bet it. A couple of bullshit things in there, but for the most part it was pretty alright.
>> [_] Anonymous07/09/12(Mon)18:31No.1716529 I beat it finally!!!!!

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 5/7 -2012 01:40:28 Ended: 5/7 -2012 07:53:52Flashes: 1 Posts: 59
File: dwarven_complete_v1_a.mod.swf-(1.63 MB, Game)
[_] Collect shitAnonymous07/04/12(Wed)18:23No.1713072 Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)18:29No.1713079 WTF. I got 2 items and what now? I cant get the 3rd because its trap...
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)18:41No.1713087 >># It is not a trap. try walls.
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)18:43No.1713088 how do i magnet blocks on ice
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)19:10No.1713110 >># Do not think too complicated. You need to move only 2 blocks.
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)19:16No.1713114 >># Top left block goes up, bottom block right goes down. Enter from top of left wall and go: right, down, right, up, right, down, right, up.
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)19:22No.1713115 Anyone know where the bone is?
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)19:31No.1713119 I can't believe I remember how to do this game down to the last minute detail. About the true ending, though, I only now just noticed those protagonist heads in the lower corner. One of them was faded for me. What does that signify?
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)19:36No.1713122 this game is easy
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)20:06No.1713136 Where is the bone?
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)20:18No.1713140 IT WAS UFOS ALL ALONG!
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)20:19No.1713142 >># Clearing time perhaps?
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)20:23No.1713143 >># In one room there is steel wall. Use POWER OF MAGNETS!!1
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)20:24No.1713144 how do i control?
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)20:26No.1713145 How do i get that key surrounded by buttons?
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)20:30No.1713151 Tip to those getting stuck at finding bone: that cannon in the cloud room can shoot to other rooms too
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)21:09No.1713176 got the magnet, cleared everyting I can ( I think) where do I go next? I assume I'm looking for the bone but I've been searching every room, and no sign of a steel wall or a cloud room. Am I missing something? What direction am I supposed to be heading?
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)21:15No.1713180 >># Read right from the room where the stair to the book is, then up from that room, the set of rooms you are after are in that direction (up from the spiral room)
>> [_] nokoAnonymous07/04/12(Wed)21:16No.1713181 Got candle, Got pick, Got magnet, Done all i can find to do but cann't seem to advance, any tips? i have lit every light i can reach, taken every item i can get to, but i am still stuck.
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)21:16No.1713182 >># Help with this.
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)21:18No.1713186 >># The room next door, The button creates marks on the floor, number of circles = order of button press.
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)21:21No.1713188 1:16 first playthrough 10/10 op, fucking loved it
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)21:22No.1713190 >># I might just be retarded then because i've been doing that and i still can't get the key.
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)21:23No.1713191 >># start thinking with portals
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)21:25No.1713192 >># 813 2K6 574 The answer now in handy dandy number form Just make sure not to accidently step on the wrong one
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)21:29No.1713195 what do I have to do with the building and rock fist near the water?
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)21:33No.1713197 >># I've just come to accept that i'm autistic because i've been pushing the buttons in that order and still no key acquired.
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)21:43No.1713209 >># Did you know..picking the key up after doing that?
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)21:43No.1713210 >># If it's still not working i'm gonna vote bug and reload
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)21:47No.1713212 >># Yes of course. >># Have done that 3 times now.
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)21:48No.1713215 I have every item except those two shitty collectibles and that blue blob you have to get to craft the last item. So how do I get these things? The collectibles are on B1: D2 and 1F: D4.
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)21:56No.1713221 >># forget it, I figured it out.
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)21:58No.1713223 GOD DAMN GOLD KEY! WHY YOU NO MINE! cann't get the door to the last lamp, i have to be missing something but cann't for the life in me figure out what
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)22:01No.1713225 i must be really stupid o-o i've done the button thing, but now i'm unsure what to do, i can't seem to get anywhere else, or get any items
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)22:01No.1713226 >># >D4 TELL ME YOUR FUCKING SECRETS I WANT THOSE FUCKING PANTS
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)22:03No.1713229 >># Use the key on locks and boxes for ADVENTURE! you must click the key to use it
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)22:05No.1713230 >># I've done that much but can't seem to get anywhere else o-o unless i'm completely missing something o-o
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)22:07No.1713232 Da fuq... i just rode the cart straight through a wall... When you ride it in the second room bottom right most corner peice turn it to head towards the wall.
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)22:07No.1713234 >># Dw, found a wall i could go through... how did i miss that
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)22:09No.1713239 >># I am so lategame that everyone who knows the answer has left apparently, but i honestly cannot figure this out
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)22:15No.1713242 One last desperate Plea for help, it's 4am my brain is turning to mush but i cann't stop till it's finished, How do you get the last door to the gold key... Please, Someone
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)22:24No.1713246 I can't seem to get the last item in room D-4 on the first floor. What do?
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)22:25No.1713247 >># If you have the gold key and are asking this i ask you help me, if you don't Well you should put that back till you have the key
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)22:25No.1713248 ok stuck again. In the room above the swirl room. Done the first cannon thing, but ... not this second cannon. What does it even do. i know i can spin it,... but yea
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)22:27No.1713250 >># I have everything but that item and the blob thing. What you need help with?
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)22:27No.1713252 >># The other switch will flip the cannon up and down. It's around the corner.
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)22:29No.1713254 >># Obtaining the gold key, i cann't for the life in me get the last torch door to open. It's driving me to distraction Thank you for any help you can give
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)22:31No.1713256 >># Burn the moss next to the title in the start room.
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)22:33No.1713258 >># I have, But that just reveals a Gold lock, for which i lack the key
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)22:36No.1713260 I'm also stuck at the gold key part. I'm pretty sure it has to do with rooms C1 on the first floor and C3 in the basement, but I still can't figure it out.
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)22:37No.1713261 How do you get the two items at spawn once you get the water into the room?
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)22:48No.1713267 >Gold Key >Must have candle *Fucking duh* 1st Torch >Walk down into the room, shit yourself because you found the gold key, and light the torch. 2nd Torch >Break the leftmost rock above the GIANT rock that looks like a fist. Fall through the hole, light it up. 3rd Torch >After the water is running, head off to A2 and go in the portal you see there. Light the torch and portal back out. 4th Torch >In the room you start in, break the arrow keys using your pick. Head down and grab the item in the room. The door to the last torch opens. The entrance is through the rooms with a fuckton of stairs. There's your fucking key. D4's fucking pants MUST BE MINE HOLY SHIT!
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)22:52No.1713272 >># Got everything except those damned pants
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)22:58No.1713273 >># I DONT UNDERSTAND
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)23:08No.1713278 >># 8 blocks, 8 numbers. The first one you step on is the top middle one. 8 1 3 2 - 6 5 7 4 >># Notice how the "Complete" downstairs is metal? You'll need to switch it with the non-metal one.
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)23:14No.1713282 >># Just got it, the room south of those fucking pants. Different portals put you different places.
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)23:35No.1713295 Got the gold key and the ending....damn i wanted to make the last item but once i picked the last treasure the game ended
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)23:36No.1713297 >># Now you're thinking with portals
>> [_] Anonymous07/04/12(Wed)23:40No.1713299 There, in the end the dwarf chick gets the magic lift stone to fix her ufo and get the fuck out of be continued...also, more runes at the end

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 25/2 -2012 01:31:36 Ended: 7/3 -2012 12:42:09Flashes: 1 Posts: 28
File[dwarven_complete_v1_a.mod.swf] - (1.63 MB)
[_] [G] I could go for a new game /f/ Anon 1625332 Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anon 1625345 WHAT DO?!
>> [_] Anon 1625348 stuckin firstish room, how to get out?
>> [_] Anon 1625351 >># restart the game and click continue I dunno what to do after doing that and using one of the key
>> [_] Anon 1625354 >># I've figured it out, there's hidden walls in this hint:look at wall's shadows
>> [_] Anon 1625368 I got 21 and cant get the boots from the second iron box
>> [_] Anon 1625382 i've got 20. where the fuck do you find a bone?
>> [_] Anon 1625384 after the room with the cannon and the 3 columns you need to destroy there's a big room with a sword on a column and a white teleport things. how do you get to that smug fucker, just sitting there on his column?
>> [_] Anon 1625388 yeah, i'm 21 now and stuck..
>> [_] Anon 1625390 one of the cannons can go through rooms and destroy shit
>> [_] Anon 1625392 >># holy fuck, that worked! thanks anon!
>> [_] Anon 1625401 COMPLETED
>> [_] Anon 1625404 Whoa I remember this... so old...
>> [_] Anon 1625428 i launched the iron box into the wall with the rock hand thingy. now i'm in the starting room and the wall's broked and there's a little water but not enough to make the tree grow. how do i make that fucker grow?
>> [_] Anon 1625430 >># nevermind, i figured it out
>> [_] Anon 1625457 only need 1 last gold crescent thingy for full complete. no clue how to reach it. i know where it is, just can't reach it. i'm in the room, looking at him right now. YOU HEAR THAT YOU FUCK!? I'M LOOKING AT YOU! anyhow, how do i get to it? the way into the room from the left is blocked by a hole in the ground, no iron boxes in the room. i'm stuck..
>> [_] Anon 1625469 >># well, there are good news and bad news. the good news are that i figured it out and got the full complete (in about 2 hours) the bad news are that the gold crescent thingies are now extinct.
>> [_] Anon 1625482 Yeah, I'm missing the last two crescents. Totally stumped.
>> [_] Anon 1625502 This game has a fun bug: At the mine cart sequence, one of the turns (lower-left on second screen) lets you go off the screen if you aim left. No real negative effects though, just looks cool.
>> [_] Anon 1625506 >># Smiley face room. Iron block on the left side, make it go into the portal on the right
>> [_] Anon 1625510 I must suck at this because i cant even solve the 9 button puzzle to get the first key, what the fuck, the shit on the right makes no sense
>> [_] Anon 1625511 >># oh wait, they're 1-8...I get it FUCK
>> [_] Anon 1625515 took me 28 minuets awww yah
>> [_] Anon 1625517 >># I'm guessing you have the map? The teleport room that teleports you to the room below the complete room, that has a couple teleports and you can teleport a steel beem there, that gets one. The other, in the complete room, mine the arrow keys, hopefully you got the finger to launch the steel post and break the wall, burn the moss
>> [_] Anon 1625539 FUKKIN SPACE SHIP 1:23 niggers no guide fuck that was bullshit
>> [_] Anon 1625544 >># Haha, yeah, I remember it too, though the a.mod part I don't recognize. Also is this the version that only works on 4chan?
>> [_] Anon 1625563 th ending made me lul

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 27/7 -2011 17:29:08 Ended: 28/7 -2011 05:03:05Flashes: 1 Posts: 30
File[dwarven_complete_v1_a.mod.swf] - (1.63 MB)
[_] [G] Anon 1542257 whores n bitches
>> [_] Anon 1542279 how do i escape the small room?
>> [_] Anon 1542280 >># you are going to have to be much more specific than that, sorry
>> [_] Anon 1542290 I have the same problem. When you go down from the first map, there's a small room with an icon thing in it, when you go in, the door closes and there's no way out.
>> [_] Anon 1542291 Look on the right wall of the room. See the little bit that isn't shadowed? IT'S A SECRET TO EVERYONE
>> [_] Anon 1542297 what can u do with the items and how can u use them?
>> [_] Anon 1542300 i dont get this game after i come to the room where is a stone when i move on signs on the ground do appear i dont know what to do anymore lol.
>> [_] Anon 1542302 the true ending is untranslated.
>> [_] Anon 1542306 What true ending? What are you talking about?
>> [_] RebelArmadillo !sSSmsP6t5Q 1542318 The true ending. The one that it whispers to you about when you've collected all the equipment but not the crescents. Also, here's a tip for the signs on the ground: Count the circles.
>> [_] Anon 1542321 this game hardly seems complete
>> [_] RebelArmadillo !sSSmsP6t5Q 1542323 >># We must have different definitions of "complete," then.
>> [_] Anon 1542324 OP is a true bro. I remember playing this like 2-3 years and had forgotten about it. Thanks for the nostalgia. Also, sauce is some website called "Eyezmaze" with a bunch of weird/fun puzzle games.
>> [_] Anon 1542326 I got the parts for the magnet, where the hell do I get the bone for the pick!?
>> [_] Anon 1542331 >># I think the bone is past the second cannon room. There are two switches for it, one that turns the cannon , and another that elevates it. You want to elevate it, turn, and fire it north twice and west once. The shots will land in the next rooms, knocking loose a few items. If the items are still on pillars, just move the pillars so they're where the cannon craters are and fire again.
>> [_] Anon 1542337 I need the last Item. Its in the top left small room where the stairs to the Alchemy Chamber (Book for Item creating) is. How to get this one?
>> [_] Anon 1542338 >># The room just south of it should be full of teleport circles. The circles move you back to the room with the stairs to the Alchemy room, but the thing to note is that you keep the same x/y position after the teleport. I really like how the obstacle for one room is also the solution for another.
>> [_] Anon 1542344 Having difficulty trying to get the last few items, the gold key is a bitch to get so far.
>> [_] Anon 1542373 Can't get the last treasure in E3 Basement level. The damn metal block is in the corner, how the fuck am I supposed to get to the little pile of sand?
>> [_] Anon 1542377 >># try thinking with magnets. On the other hand, got 4/5. Some parts will always stump me even though I've played this before.
>> [_] Anon 1542381 >># I finally got it by going through the hole in the ground. I'm just stuck on the locked one in BD2 and in D4. Can't figure out what to do next, and I'm missing the last moon shard in BC4.
>> [_] Anon 1542383 i used a youtube guide like no one should
>> [_] Anon 1542387 Stuck on that final moonshard in C4.
>> [_] Anon 1542402 I have got the gold key. all u have to do is with the pick ax go to the first room (the one u started in) and break the tan arrows. it should open a stair case to where the final torch is.
>> [_] Anon 1542404 Completed it! Only took me 1:45 hr to do it. >># There's a hole on the top floor you need to fall down to get to the area with the sand & metal block. You'll fall next to the block if you do it right. >># The way to get the gold key was the biggest stumper for me. Use the pickaxe to smash the key blocks in the first room. You'll reveal a staircase and a switch. >># In the room with the smiley face, push the metal block into the upper right teleporter. Follow the block in and then push the block into the hole to get the last moon piece.
>> [_] Anon 1542415 Damn, this game is addicting, even though I already beat it a while back, I still can't help but keep playing.
>> [_] Anon 1542424 Gah! Finally got the last item in D4 and got the real ending!
>> [_] Anon 1542440 >># how do you get it?
>> [_] Anon 1542448 This was a fun game. Time to play it again, I suppose.
>> [_] Anon 1542450 can't get the moonstone or the item on the 1st floor in area C3

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 29/11 -2010 05:12:39 Ended: 29/11 -2010 18:24:12Flashes: 1 Posts: 27
File[dwarven_complete_v1_a.mod.swf] - (1.63 MB)
[_] [G] Collect shit Anon 1425981 Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anon 1425985 pff stuck after gitting the 3rd item
>> [_] Anon 1426004 Sucks. Don't bother. OPs a fag
>> [_] Anon 1426007 >># pssst, theres a hole in the wall
>> [_] Anon 1426008 >># got to 20 items, cant find the bone to make tourtch
>> [_] Anon 1426013 how the hell does the room with the 8 switches work. there are patterns but nothing does anything.
>> [_] Anon 1426017 fuck, what do in the room with the little cloud spinning that transports you to the room wiht the book?
>> [_] Anon 1426019 >># First button, second button, god you're retarded
>> [_] Anon 1426021 >># be more specific
>> [_] Anon 1426023 This entire game is modeled after Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap WTF
>> [_] Anon 1426025 >># Hit the button on the right side of the room and it will give you the pattern, go back to the left side, follow said pattern.
>> [_] Anon 1426028 How the hell do I get the gold key?
>> [_] anonymous 1426031 which ways should i move the metal boxes to get the 2nd object in that room
>> [_] Anon 1426035 ok guys, i finished, ask away, but be especific
>> [_] anonymous 1426036 >># in the room with the water. which ways do imove the metal boxes to get the second object
>> [_] Anon 1426051 I'm at 36/40. 6 moons, every material except the thing next to the moon. No gold key, no idea what to do.
>> [_] Anon 1426053 >># Aha, nevermind, found it
>> [_] Anon 1426054 >># But the second metal box were the crater is and the go to the room with the cannon annd make it shoot like the time you aimed for the moon
>> [_] Anon 1426061 Japanese to English translation Looking for new unknown items, and the journey to the moon ... Chimashita out. Thanks Google
>> [_] Anon 1426076 39/40 9/10 How do I get pants in 4d and moon in 3e. Ive beat this before but fuck if i can remember
>> [_] Anon 1426078 >># Nevermind about missing pants. Solution is in the dark room 4e, leftmost portal.
>> [_] Anon 1426098 finished the game, 100%. what's the jap text say at the end screenshot?
>> [_] Anon 1426103 the 8 buttons + the patterns doenst tell me shit
>> [_] Anon 1426124 Play Time: 1:00 4/5 Dwarf Lolis Aww.
>> [_] Anon 1426127 finished it! GOSH THAT WAS LONG
>> [_] Anon 1426181 >># replace the brown "COMPLETE" sign with the gray one. The gray one is made of metal that you can use your magnet on. The gray arrow is metal as well.
>> [_] Anon 1426194 where is the bone?

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 12/10 -2010 10:48:58 Ended: 12/10 -2010 10:48:58Flashes: 1 Posts: 1
File[dwarven_complete_v1_a.mod.swf] - (1.63 MB)
[_] [G] [A] [M] [E] [S] /f/ needs more 1393944

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 8/8 -2010 23:46:12 Ended: 9/8 -2010 05:43:05Flashes: 1 Posts: 20
File[dwarven_complete_v1_a.mod.swf] - (1.63 MB)
[_] [G] Collectan Anon 1340776 Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anon 1340790 i got trapped..
>> [_] Anon 1340791 .,,,
>> [_] Anon 1340793 what do? how do i open locked doors? How do i use items?
>> [_] Anon 1340797 >># On the second screen you gan escape through the false wall to your right (also thats how you get the moon on the room at the right)
>> [_] Anon 1340803 Have 19/40 items and a magnet, now I'm lost.
>> [_] Mornington Crescent !/MWAdEdFcQ 1340807 40/40, five heads. Awesome.
>> [_] Anon 1340808 How does I get first key? With them buttons.
>> [_] Anon 1340810 Where's the bone?
>> [_] Anon 1340811 help with the ice+ magnet screen!
>> [_] Anon 1340819 >># For one, you don't even have to move them. Go in the third opening from the left on top, then go L,D,L,D,L. The second, you have to move one, only one, it's the bottom block, but I forgot where to move it.
>> [_] Anon 1340853 where does i get bone?
>> [_] Anon 1340855 I can haz walkthrough?...Guide?...Item list?...vague hint?
>> [_] Anon 1340856 warf_complete.php#walkthrough here you go
>> [_] Anon 1340883 man, the solution to the ice rink puzzle doesn't work...
>> [_] Anon 1340895 Fuck Year! finally beat it.
>> [_] Anon 1340898 >># happy birthday
>> [_] Anon 1340929 ending sucks balls SPOILER ALERT: she has a ufo
>> [_] Anon 1340951 yes! just beat it without walkthrough! took about 1:15
>> [_] G. D. !!k1u7swmD0lH 1340972 Finally beat it myself. Made a lot of stupid mistakes throughout. I could have beat this in half the time if not for my constant mistakes.

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 12/7 -2010 11:33:01 Ended: 12/7 -2010 21:06:48Flashes: 1 Posts: 11
File[dwarven_complete_v1_a.mod.swf] - (1.63 MB)
[_] [G] [A] [M] [E] [S] /f/ needs more 1315456 Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anon 1315476 wtf is this shit
>> [_] Anon 1315487 how the fuck do I play this?
>> [_] Anon 1315504 warf_complete.php
>> [_] Anon 1315579 beat it, lol.. 2 hours later
>> [_] Anon 1315714 damn i have all the crescent i just cant find out how to get the second piece of the gem...
>> [_] Anon 1315782 WHERE THE FUCK IS THE BONE
>> [_] Anon 1315792 >># nevermind. found it
>> [_] Help needed Anon 1315806 Heeeelp please. How do i get the Key? U_U The Game is addicting, but i cant go on._.
>> [_] Anon 1315815 2:22 yikes lol
>> [_] Anon 1315830 fucking canon

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 19/6 -2010 22:19:53 Ended: 20/6 -2010 02:37:25Flashes: 1 Posts: 13
File[dwarven_complete_v1_a.mod.swf] - (1.63 MB)
[_] [G] Anon 1294281
>> [_] Anon 1294297 fuckin magnets, how do they work?
>> [_] Anon 1294299 retarded
>> [_] Anon 1294332 >># You misspelt "Awesome"
>> [_] Anon 1294383 herp im trapt
>> [_] Anon 1294389 >># Check the wall shadows. You can go through some
>> [_] Anon 1294393 The room with the key atop a statue with 8 switch steps in a box formation around it. 8 patterns on the right side, attempted to mimic them nothing happens My head is full of fuck
>> [_] Anon 1294395 >># Never mind I'm fucking retarded circles represent numbers which represent the order /facepalm
>> [_] Anon 1294427 i have silver key now what?
>> [_] Anon 1294428 >># Now, fuck your mother.
>> [_] Anon 1294433 >># Unlock silver herps with your silver derp.
>> [_] Anon 1294445 how do i open the waterway?
>> [_] Anon 1294456 Beat it... I don't want SPACESHIP to ruin the SHAPESHIP ending but RAPESHIP avoid this comAPESHITment if you don't like ALIENPUSSY spoiler. Spaceship... and alien bunny hat pr0n

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 3/6 -2010 04:17:54 Ended: 3/6 -2010 14:49:57Flashes: 1 Posts: 13
File[dwarven_complete_v1_a.mod.swf] - (1.63 MB)
[_] [G] [A] [M] [E] [S] /f/ needs more 1278109 Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anon 1278322 /r/ing guide
>> [_] Anon 1278326 I'm stuck on that damn bronze key... What's the pattern? Should I be looking at the buttons going in a clockwise circle? Plain left-to-right, line by line? And how should I read the symbols?
>> [_] Anon 1278329 >># the room beside it, there's a button, push it, and then there will the circle shapes in the ground from 1-6.
>> [_] Anon 1278344 There's walkthroughs on youtube if you really need 'em
>> [_] Anon 1278352 >># Got that, but no matter what combination I use, it won't accept it. I'm starting with the top-left button and numbering left to right, i've also tried going around the circle clockwise, I've tried reading the symbols in the next room to the right in the same manner, I've tried every combination of clockwise, left-to-right, counter-clockwise, and top to bottom, and nothing. I know I've done this before, but it refuses to work ;-; and of course, it's going to be something really stupid or obvious, like always...
>> [_] Anon 1278354 >># yup, figures, the symbols marked the buttons, not which number button should be pushed when...
>> [_] Anon 1278355 >># step on the spot that's 1, then, 2, then 3, etc etc.
>> [_] Anon 1278374 this shit sucks dick and people need to stop posting it.
>> [_] Anon 1278433 >># >I can't solve a single puzzle Fixed. I have fun with it when it's posted. However, something strange occurred at the end of my game. I got all 40 items and the blue gem, and nine of the crescent moons... But the 10th crescent moon (bottom right corner of the B1 half of the stairway puzzle) was completely and totally unreachable. Huh.
>> [_] Anon 1278436 >># There's a hole you fall through that lets you get there, it's in that weird stair maze, next to the first metal block you needed to move upstairs to continue.
>> [_] Anon 1278457 anyone know where i can find the bone? i'm stuck
>> [_] Anon 1278482 how do you activate that space-shuttle-like thing? lol.

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 22/5 -2010 23:32:22 Ended: 23/5 -2010 17:07:00Flashes: 1 Posts: 4
File[dwarven_complete_v1_a.mod.swf] - (1.63 MB)
[_] [G] More [G]ames Anon 1268169 Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anon 1268316 dfgher
>> [_] Anon 1268370 what am i supoesd too dooo
>> [_] Anon 1268379 EPIC

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 10/5 -2010 22:44:42 Ended: 11/5 -2010 04:24:37Flashes: 1 Posts: 27
File[dwarven_complete_v1_a.mod.swf] - (1.63 MB)
[_] [G] lets get more [G] Anon 1258064 Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anon 1258119 Took me an hour and 20 mins to beat. I have that music loop burned into my mind. The ending is odd. Over all, 9.5/10
>> [_] Anon 1258227 I don't get it. I've got two items, then what?
>> [_] Anon 1258234 this needs some explanation
>> [_] Anon 1258242 Got locked in a room 30 sec in... What are the controls besides arrow keys, and what the fuck are the little pictures I'm picking up?
>> [_] Anon 1258248 calling it now. 10/10 troll thread. and >># is OP
>> [_] Anon 1258249 that room you get trapped in in the first room... look at the shadows next to the wall, one square on the right is a fake wall I just beat it, some really nice puzzles, pretty difficult, but the ending was confusing as hell. That may be because I can't read moon runes though.
>> [_] Anon 1258251 >># You're amazing. I had jsut about given up. Lets pay attention from here on out.
>> [_] Anon 1258253 how do you play this?? I got trapped too after getting 2 items
>> [_] Anon 1258268 I remember this. The room with the key surrounded by buttons.. The adjacent room is the answer. 8 1 3 2 x 6 5 7 4 PROTIPS
>> [_] Anon 1258269 hmm im stuck at 21/40 i have gold rock and stick and made magnet
>> [_] Anon 1258271 >># Same, I need to find the bone to get any further I think, and have no idea where it is. Think I've looked everywhere twice too.
>> [_] Anon 1258275 >># ya the only place i can go are those dark rooms shall i wander aimlessly?
>> [_] Anon 1258278 >># I've tried the dark rooms, one of them I think I could brute force to get the item in the room it teleports you to given enough time. The otherone has invisible walls between you and the braziers. I can't find anything to do in either of them.
>> [_] Anon 1258280 >># I think I know where you're stuck There's a second cannon in the room up from the room with the first cannon, there are 2 buttons in nearby rooms, one of which you can use to turn it 90 degrees clockwise, and the other tilts it up, just go hit a button and go back and see what it did, just leave it tilted up, turn it to the left to shoot over the wall take out the pillar that an item is on, then you should be able to find your way from there. Sorry if that sounds kind of confusing, English isn't my first language
>> [_] Anon 1258290 Anyone know how to get the item that's on a block, in the room with the white portal?
>> [_] Anon 1258291 >># ahhh thats what the other button does thank you!
>> [_] Anon 1258294 >># Legend. I pushed one block into the hole to get the item on it, and there's another metal block i can push around, but it does nothing? I can't pull it out of the room, and there's nothing in it.
>> [_] Anon 1258295 >># Nevermind, I got it. it's that gun that tilts upwards again.
>> [_] Anon 1258304 stuck at 27/40 not fast enough to get past the long cannon...
>> [_] Anon 1258309 >># careful, you can get stuck there and have to restart if you pull the wrong block. correct way I think is push block forwards to get across first hole. Magnet block to right to get to purple switch. Magnet block to get to red swtich Magnet block by wall magnets. Magnet top wall magnet Run to blue win
>> [_] Anon 1258324 Oh fuck. 39/40 The last one to get is the one in one of the very fist rooms. The room above the magic book. It's in a sealed compartment, the door i guess opens after you pick that item up. Can anyone help?
>> [_] Anon 1258333 >># room full of teleporters. upper leftmost teleporter
>> [_] Anon 1258339 >># of course! It makes sense now >.<
>> [_] Anon 1258341 >># Burn the moss on the wall towards the right top corner, use gold key, use magnet to get to the new title that comes up, use magnet to get back on the arrow
>> [_] Anon 1258342 Play time: 1:48 Four of the five girl icon things lit up (whatever they are) And this: 新しい未知なるアイテムを求め、月へと旅出ちましたとさ
>> [_] Anon 1258343 >># I had that already :) But thanks.

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 6/4 -2010 00:31:07 Ended: 6/4 -2010 03:34:22Flashes: 1 Posts: 7
File[dwarven_complete_v1_a.mod.swf] - (1.63 MB)
[_] [G] Hint inside! Anon 1228420 Watch the shadows of the walls... Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anon 1228440 nigga this shit is gay
>> [_] Anon 1228493 complete already completed? now that takes the fun out of looking up the guide to complete, but saves the hassle of doing so. Also, cocks that is all.
>> [_] Anon 1228505 45 minutes to fly my wooden, steam powered space ship out of orbit. Ancient, lost dwarven technology is best lost technology.
>> [_] Anon 1228534 shit im stuck
>> [_] Anon 1228563 how do you win?
>> [_] Anon 1228595 how the fuck do I use items?

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 26/3 -2010 23:53:21 Ended: 27/3 -2010 07:47:23Flashes: 1 Posts: 10
File[dwarven_complete_v1_a.mod.swf] - (1.63 MB)
[_] [G] [A] [M] [E] [S] /f/ Needs More 1219310
>> [_] Anon 1219333 Walkthough?
>> [_] Anon 1219337 What no Chimera chest? Gay
>> [_] Anon 1219340 >># You're kidding, right? God damn newfags, always wanting to be spoonfed. NO SPOONING ALLOWED IN THIS THREAD!
>> [_] Anon 1219343 Lineage 2 icons? Fuck YEAH
>> [_] Anon 1219355 >># I agree, this is at least the 9000th time i've beaten this
>> [_] Anon 1219497 >># bu... but i want to spoon you anon. I CALL BIG SPOON.
>> [_] Anon 1219534 >># Break every rock. Open every chest. Take EVERYTHING. Win.
>> [_] Anon 1219539 wasd wtf else can I do?
>> [_] Anon 1219551 >># How? The keyboards, they do nothing!

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 3/3 -2010 01:47:37 Ended: 3/3 -2010 08:14:48Flashes: 1 Posts: 5
File[dwarven_complete_v1_a.mod.swf] - (1.63 MB)
[_] [G] Watch the wall shadows for openings Anon 1197589 Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anon 1197804 how do I get past the puzzle with the buttons?
>> [_] Anon 1197814 i'm so confused
>> [_] Anon 1197826 to get the bronze key you have to press the 8 buttons in order the order is on the floor in the opposite room. if you notice the markings on the floor are 1-8. that is the order to press the buttons in the room with the key.
>> [_] Anon 1197867 which button is 1 and which is 8?

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 21/2 -2010 21:11:11 Ended: 22/2 -2010 01:21:59Flashes: 1 Posts: 19
File[dwarven_complete_v1_a.mod.swf] - (1.63 MB)
[_] [G] DUMPIN MAH BEST I !sexUsnoozE 1189459 Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] sAmeFag !219sAmeFag 1189462 I made that tripcode! it is plus one #or'9;a,
>> [_] I !sexUsnoozE 1189472 A few people know it, I suppose, but I'm the only one to use it afaik.
>> [_] sAmeFag !219sAmeFag 1189474 Yeah not many do at all. I have it in a list of a few hundred I've made. I've used this one for a while but there has been an influx of fags using similar ones posting some dumbshit samefag revolution trash.
>> [_] I !sexUsnoozE 1189476 This is rather annoying, most of what I'm trying to post is saying its dup, even hough I haven't seen it here in days at least.
>> [_] Anon 1189489 shut the fuck up, the both of you.
>> [_] Anon 1189495 so how do i get past the door that shuts on me in the second room??
>> [_] Anon 1189507 >># You don't. There's another way out.
>> [_] Hyakkimaru !!JzuNn5Nc3Qu 1189512 The walls. They have the holes.
>> [_] I !sexUsnoozE 1189524 >># Are they glorious?
>> [_] Anon 1189531 >># nicccce
>> [_] Anon 1189534 Finished it. Fun game. Shame she never wears the bunny ears.
>> [_] Anon 1189535 >># Also classic Animu RPG cliche. The goddarn Mine-cart ride!
>> [_] Anon 1189537 A good waste of an hour
>> [_] Anon 1189538 where do you find the bone
>> [_] Anon 1189584 I won but I didnt get the last moon or that blue thing to make a crystal of pink
>> [_] Anon 1189607 How do I read the puzzle with the buttons?
>> [_] Anon 1189608 Wait nvm. I just realized the circles are the corresponding numbers for the buttons I need to press.
>> [_] Anon 1189618 what a strange game. the only winning move is not to play

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 31/1 -2010 01:11:38 Ended: 31/1 -2010 01:11:38Flashes: 1 Posts: 1
File[dwarven_complete_v1_a.mod.swf] - (1.63 MB)
[_] [G] Hint inside! Anon 1170284 Make sure you keep an eye on the shadows of the walls. Sometimes there is hidden paths through the walls

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 27/12 -2009 15:12:34 Ended: 28/12 -2009 03:45:49Flashes: 1 Posts: 39
File[dwarven_complete_v1_a.mod.swf] - (1.63 MB)
[_] [G] [A] [M] [E] [S] /f/ Needs More 1145784 Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anon 1145789 is this a troll :( i was so excited
>> [_] Anon 1145794 >># Nope. It's legit.
>> [_] Anon 1145801 so I got 30/40... can't figure out wtf to do.
>> [_] Anon 1145804 Gaaargh... one moon left, one treasure left, I can't figure out either of them.
>> [_] Anon 1145807 Hooray I won :D ..........but this is not the true ending... try full complete? ...RAAAAAAAAAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>> [_] Anon 1145809 got full complete. 1:12 playtime.
>> [_] Anon 1145810 Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Yeah, she flies off to space. Ess fun.
>> [_] Anon 1145813 >># GAAAHHHH!!! How do you get the last moon?!? The one under the UFO...
>> [_] Anon 1145814 >># Hokay, I finally figured it out. I needed to move a brick into the teleporter in the happy-face room.
>> [_] Anon 1145815 >># FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU i got 1:23
>> [_] Anon 1145816 I don't understand.. How do I get past the room with the 8 tiles and the pedestal with what looks like a key on it.
>> [_] Anon 1145838 Yays full complete 1:10 Good fun.
>> [_] Anon 1145860 I never do end up beating this. Always get stuck about halfway, after the ice room.
>> [_] naksiloth !6xqjXqgnW. 1145862 i always finish this aroudn 25 min... if you want to get 5/5 at the end you must do it under 20mins. which is considerably hard.
>> [_] Anon 1145875 Second room, get the treasure and then you're locked in the square. How get out?
>> [_] Anon 1145879 >># Goddamn, I always got 4/5 thinking i missed a secret, you really have to map out the fastest route to get 5!
>> [_] Anon 1145880 >># Here's a hint... the walls cast shadows, yes?
>> [_] Anon 1145881 >># You need to press the buttons in a certain order. Maybe the room on the other half of the screen has a hint?
>> [_] Anon 1145889 dwaven fighter
>> [_] Anon 1145950 >># I've been trying to figure it out, and I can't. the setup on the next room doesn't look like anything I can make on that one.
>> [_] Anon 1145951 >># Don't think of the patterns on the right as shapes, but as numbers.
>> [_] Anon 1145952 >># still not getting it =[
>> [_] Anon 1145954 Are we comparing playtimes? Because I got 00:32. Four heads. I just know if I could shave that 2 minutes off, I'd get all the heads.
>> [_] Anon 1145957 >># 1 ball = 1st 2 balls = 2nd 3 balls = 3rd. any ideas?
>> [_] Anon 1145961 I stuck at 20 items, seems like I can't get a bone.
>> [_] Anon 1145980 any walkthrough for this?
>> [_] Anon 1145992 >implying there are more than 21 items possible to get
>> [_] naksiloth !6xqjXqgnW. 1145994 >># >implying your not trolling
>> [_] Anon 1145995 >># >implying you're not trolling
>> [_] that game is awesome so free bump!! naksiloth !6xqjXqgnW. 1145997 >># >implying- NO U!
>> [_] Anon 1146002 >implying you can get the gold key
>> [_] Anon 1146003 I'm stuck on the part where there's the black room after the ice room, and the one in the basement, blacked out as well. I need a bone also. What do?
>> [_] Anon 1146005 >Implying you fail at this game.
>> [_] Anon 1146008 >># Just wait until you get all the pieces to form a candle. and go back to that room and light the torch.
>> [_] Anon 1146020 >># There's nowhere else for me to go atm
>> [_] Anon 1146038 where is the bone? help plz!
>> [_] Anon 1146041 >implying the last item is possible to get

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 29/11 -2009 00:17:58 Ended: 29/11 -2009 04:50:30Flashes: 1 Posts: 31
File[dwarven_complete_v1_a.mod.swf] - (1.63 MB)
[_] [G] Small hint inside Anon 1126606 Look at the shadows, sometimes it looks like there is a break in them, that means you can go through that wall Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Izumi Konata !!BOAKPXCbR3u 1126634 seriously halp on the ice puzzle, i cannot get that fucking item in the middle....
>> [_] friendsofsandwiches 1126635 Ice puzzle is fairly easy, just push the bricks to where you can slide around and pick up the stuff. If nothing else, trial and error on that one. The one that usually gives people a real headache is the button room, the robot head you walk around in the dark in, and the train to nowhere.
>> [_] Izumi Konata !!BOAKPXCbR3u 1126667 ffffffff- many buttons that do nothing and a connon that cannot shoot down the flying moon..
>> [_] Anon 1126669 How the heck do you even play this game? Can I only go up, down, left, and right? Can I use items or something?
>> [_] Izumi Konata !!BOAKPXCbR3u 1126675 I NEED A SKELETAL BONE!!111!!!
>> [_] Anon 1126677 OP here. It's been too long, anyone remember where you get the blue gem?
>> [_] Anon 1126680 >># When beat he game he first time, i gives you the blue gem. then to get the true ending, you need o upgrade the purple gem using the blue one.
>> [_] Anon 1126683 >># Crap, then I've forgotten something else. I have one item left and I forget how to get to it. Thanks though
>> [_] Anon 1126699 how do I get that last moon piece? it's under a rock in the stair maze, with a metal box. and a hole I'm guessing you need to get the box too.
>> [_] CAustin !!0/l4G2gi9Cp 1126700 >># How do you push the bricks? All I can do right now is slide around on my own. Do I need an item for it? The only clickable item I have is the key.
>> [_] Anon 1126708 I'm sure all you super puzzle guys are going to laugh at this, but there's a key on a pedestal and a bunch of symbols on the floor of the room next door...I can't make any sense of this, how do I get the pedestal?
>> [_] Anon 1126710 >># What's the difference between each symbol? You hit the buttons in the order, starting with one
>> [_] Anon 1126715 >># What are you trying to say?
>> [_] Anon 1126718 beat it and got the true ending took a 1 hour 28 minutes XD was a stupid hole in the stair maze to get that last moon
>> [_] Anon 1126720 >># How do you get the item in the upper left part of the room above the room with the book? (Where you make the items)
>> [_] Anon 1126725 >># Go to the room below with all the teleports and use the teleporter that's alone on the left side of the room.
>> [_] CAustin !!0/l4G2gi9Cp 1126750 >># Anyone? I know there's a way to move the bricks, because otherwise there would be no need for that reset button in the corner. I just have no idea how to push them. I press up against them but they don't go anywhere.
>> [_] CAustin !!0/l4G2gi9Cp 1126755 >># Oh wait, never mind. I just needed the magnet.
>> [_] Anon 1126766 >># Oh duh, thanks Anon
>> [_] Izumi Konata !!BOAKPXCbR3u 1126788 Halp in robot head please!
>> [_] Izumi Konata !!BOAKPXCbR3u 1126794 >># nmv got it
>> [_] Anon 1126799 >># What'd you do?
>> [_] Anon 1126800 We have liftoff. Time 00:37 However, this was my second time playing.
>> [_] Anon 1126801 >># Here's a tip for the giant stone head. Floor 1, the stairway is somewhere in the top left area. Floor 2, it's somewhere in the top right area, but there's walls in the way so you have to take a U shape. Then reverse.
>> [_] Anon 1126807 look up decesased crab on youtube, multipart playthru guide.
>> [_] Anon 1126813 were the fuck are the sexy dark elfs??
>> [_] Anon 1126816 how to get the moon and the item on the "complete" at the begining. plz halp
>> [_] Anon 1126821 >># Burn the mossy patch to the right. Insert gold key. Use magnet on metal logo. Use candle on trees.
>> [_] Anon 1126840 when you beat it, it said to be continued, is there a second game?
>> [_] Anon 1126865 WHERE IS THE SKELETAL BONE!??!!?

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 13/11 -2009 21:52:53 Ended: 14/11 -2009 06:43:22Flashes: 1 Posts: 17
File[dwarven_complete_v1_a.mod.swf] - (1.63 MB)
[_] [G] Dorf Fortress ain't got nothing on THIS! Anon 1114991 Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anon 1115028 Play Time: 00:46 (4/5 heads)
>> [_] Anon 1115029 How the fuck do you do this?
>> [_] Anon 1115051 >># Play Time: 00:28 (4/5 heads)
>> [_] Anon 1115089 I keep getting stuck.. what the fuck's going on!?
>> [_] Takazaki !xj5aoi8gEM 1115094 Holy crap! I remeber this game from along time ago! It took me ages to beat.. Let's see if I can do it again...
>> [_] naksiloth !6xqjXqgnW. 1115096 if you want 5/5 you must finish it about 20 mins
>> [_] Anon 1115103 what the fuck how do i select shit what is this i don't even
>> [_] naksiloth !6xqjXqgnW. 1115114 >># with your mouse may be?? also some tips: *check shadows of the walls when you're trapped. *some puzzles requires them to be completed under a limited amount of time. (such as cannonball and railway) *if you cant reach somewhere be sure that you fall to there from an above floor or just find a teleport to go there. *at the underground there's a book which lets you make recipes. if the button on the book is red, you can complete that recipe by clicking it.
>> [_] Anon 1115124 >># >># 26 minutes ;_;
>> [_] Anon 1115140 >># 24 ;_;
>> [_] Anon 1115168 stuck at the button pressing puzzle. wat do
>> [_] Anon 1115172 >># Head for the blue button first, then red, then purple.
>> [_] Anon 1115240 How do you get the water flowing?
>> [_] Anon 1115267 how do i get the gold key, it's on a pedestal in a room with three torches i can't get to
>> [_] Anon 1115268 Dwarf Fortress beats the shit out of this game.
>> [_] anon 1115304 where is the bone?

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 28/10 -2009 21:57:01 Ended: 29/10 -2009 07:07:20Flashes: 1 Posts: 95
File[dwarven_complete_v1_a.mod.swf] - (1.63 MB)
[_] [G] [A] [M] [E] [S] /f/ needs more 1102518 Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anon 1102525 Wait, I got trapped like 5 seconds into this game. The hell?
>> [_] Anon 1102545 How do you get through the room with the silver key and buttons?
>> [_] Anon 1102546 >># Look at walls' shadows. They reveal gaps. >># Follow the guide in the room to its east.
>> [_] Anon 1102551 >># Yeah, I'm not getting anything. I've tried all the patterns, but none of them work.
>> [_] Anon 1102552 >># The number of dots on the ground correspond to the order you put the button. For example, one dot is first, two is second, three is third, so and so on. So, the one dot is the top middle button. Push that one first, then move to the two-dot position. Etc etc.
>> [_] Anon 1102554 >># Derp. I feel stupid. Thanks.
>> [_] Anon 1102563 Okay, now I'm stuck on 20/40. If I had the bone, I'm pretty sure i could keep going.
>> [_] Anon 1102569 Ice sliding puzzle beat my face in.
>> [_] Anon 1102571 >># You can't get the second one without the magnet.
>> [_] Anon 1102572 >># Did you already get to the room with the rotating cannon that you gotta shoot by pressing on the button? In one room above that, behind the pillar, there's an item that opens the door to the left. Go north, and use the magnet on the large iron door. Get the two items to open a door to right. Go there. In this room will be two items on movable pillars. Move one into the hole, and the other near where the hole used to be. Go back to the previous room and find a side room with a fire pillar and a button. Press the button once. Go back to the room with the rotating cannon. See the room with a moat around it? Use the magnet to pull the block and make a bridge. The room next to that controls where the cannon aims in the next room, rotating it clockwise one turn (North to east to south to west to north etc). Go into room andnd see where the cannon is pointing. Go back and press the button until the cannon is pointing north.
>> [_] Anon 1102573 >># Go back into the room and press the button to fire cannon, get item, then leave and return and press the button again. Go back to the room with the items on two pillars and see where the ball hit. That's where you move the second pillar. Once you hit the pillar with the cannonball, you unlock the door to the room with the box with the bone inside.
>> [_] Anon 1102578 >># >># Forgot to mention you also need to fire off one shot to the west to unlock the path to the room with the two movable pillars.
>> [_] Anon 1102581 There's a room FILLED with digging sand piles, or whatever they're called. There's an item and a chest in this room. Dig west form the door until you get the item, then dig four piles past that item then north to get the hidden moon. You don't need to dig out the entire room.
>> [_] Anon 1102583 >># >># Thanks much, I'm groovin' again.
>> [_] Anon 1102588 I got a map. Is this awesome? Y/N
>> [_] Anon 1102592 how do i make items? i'm trying to make a magnet. i have the pieces...
>> [_] Anon 1102593 How come whenever I post this game it gets ignored? Anyways, I've gotten them all
>> [_] Anon 1102598 there are these buttons that seem to do nothing... what do they do?
>> [_] Anon 1102600 >># From the starting room, go south then east. Go down the stairs and go to the book. If you can make an item, the button at the bottom of the page will be red.
>> [_] Anon 1102601 >># >I've gotten them all. Are you sayin' you're the very best? Like no one ever was?
>> [_] Anon 1102605 >># Yup! To catch them is my real test. To train them is my cause.
>> [_] Anon 1102606 That last suit of armor and the pretty blue gem elude me.
>> [_] Anon 1102608 i can't reach the last moon, the one below the flying saucer... tips?
>> [_] Anon 1102610 >># ... I post, not one minute from completing it.
>> [_] Anon 1102612 >># 4/5 (1:19) is my score, by the way.
>> [_] Anon 1102615 i got the key what do i do now?
>> [_] Anon 1102616 Alright, there's a set of blocks surrounding this staircase in the room next to the second COMPLETE. How do I get around that?
>> [_] Anon 1102619 >># That's what /she/ said.
>> [_] Anon 1102625 >># I chuckled.
>> [_] Anon 1102628 >># There's two of 'em, right? In two separate rooms? Those control a nearby cannon. One points the cannon either ground level or in the air. The other controls the facing. Either north, south, east or west.
>> [_] Anon 1102631 >># Not until you beat the game.
>> [_] Anon 1102633 >># Shit. That means I'm stuck on 38/40. How do I get the one behind the stream in the starting room and the one in the room that's right before the alchemy chamber?
>> [_] naksiloth !6xqjXqgnW. 1102635 finished it again. this time about 30:00 mins... rated 4/5 again... i need to finish this under 20 mins which is quite impossible for me... :S
>> [_] Anon 1102636 >># Disregard that, I think I figured it out.
>> [_] Anon 1102638 woot done :)
>> [_] Anon 1102640 I won, furk year. That was fun, thanks OP.
>> [_] Alan Shore !De..W0m.u. 1102643 >># Protip: The COMPLETE symbol is made of metal
>> [_] Anon 1102644 Stuck at 37/40 and I have no clue what to do. I need to get tht golden key.
>> [_] Anon 1102658 >># same
>> [_] Anon 1102663 it takes around 1h to complete this 100%
>> [_] Anon 1102669 ok so i got the 10 crescent moons, where's the blue gem i need?
>> [_] Anon 1102670 >># uhh.. nevermind guess i cleared the game without it, what's it for then?
>> [_] Anon 1102672 >># you get that another piece after you collect all items. after that it allows to create that odd looking crystal which power up....
>> [_] Anon 1102675 >># yeah i guess i should actually keep playing before i ask questions, wasn't hard to figure out
>> [_] Anon 1102687 fffff. how do you get the two pieces in the ice part? i can get one with the magnet, but the other makes me >:|
>> [_] Anon 1102702 stuck on 2 parts. i can get 1 of 2 parts in the ice rink the other has that warp that leads to the ground.. how do i break the block that's standing upright? stuck at 19
>> [_] Mornington Crescent 1102704 Dem Dorfs, man. 5/5.
>> [_] Anon 1102706 stuck at 26. first of all theres the room where you have to put down all of the coloured blocks before the cannon goes off. and secondly the maze with an upstairs and a downstairs.
>> [_] I !sexUsnoozE 1102712 I'm stuck at 39/40, I got on top of the face building and hit the button that lowers the brown rocks to the right and makes what looks like a foot put out, but when I move back over there it has reset. WTF
>> [_] I !sexUsnoozE 1102713 >># OH WAIT, if I put the iron block there it could get kicked, nvm help.
>> [_] I !sexUsnoozE 1102722 Now I got the gem and have 9/10 crescents; the last one is in the rock in the 2 floor maze, but I can't at all find how to get there, the iron is in a place that can't be affected, and there are no stairs in the area with the rick. NOW I need help.
>> [_] NoMoreHeroes !FxQ7YSRba6 1102724 I got 20/40. I can't figure out what do to!
>> [_] Anon 1102725 Do any of these portals in this portal room lead anywhere interesting, aside from the isolated room above?
>> [_] Anon 1102731 anyone know how to navigate that tower face? any specific keypresses?
>> [_] Anon 1102745 I cant get the 2nd piece in the ice puzzle i have the magnet but i dont know which boxes to pull where :|
>> [_] Anon 1102746 >># it's a really rubbish solution, there's just a hole in the floor above
>> [_] Anon 1102747 stuck on the last things on the map, i just don't get how to reach the 'complete' sign across the river...
>> [_] I !sexUsnoozE 1102749 >># up one (still see feet), left two, up one, left one; that gives 2nd floor from there, down one, right all the way, up one; there you go. >># the place in the other room you go to is relative, thus the top-left portal puts you behind the block with the item.
>> [_] Anon 1102750 im stuck at 36/40, i flicked a stone with a finger last but i dont know what to do now, i have 3/4 of the lamps lit, i cant get the bottom left one lit and i think thats what im supose to do..
>> [_] I !sexUsnoozE 1102751 >># wow, that was stupid easy in an annoying way. thanks for the tip.
>> [_] Anon 1102752 The 2nd piece on the ice alludes me
>> [_] Anon 1102753 YAY I DID IT bitch is an alien
>> [_] Anon 1102755 >># how did you beat the ice puzzle
>> [_] Anon 1102756 >># I have the bottom left one lit, how did you get the upper left?
>> [_] Anon 1102758 >># Same problem here. Can't get that last damned moon!
>> [_] Anon 1102760 >># pull the bock on the right down the rest is easy
>> [_] Anon 1102763 Help im stuck at 19 and i dont know where to go
>> [_] Anon 1102764 >># The last moon in the maze with the metal block that you can't get to. How do you get that?
>> [_] Anon 1102766 >># upper right block, pull it down to the bottom then from the lower left, enter up go right, then down, then right, then up the other one i forget but it's a similarly easy solution
>> [_] Anon 1102769 im stuck at 37/40, I think im supose to get the golden key now but i dont know how, in its room i just need the bottom left lamp lit
>> [_] Anon 1102772 >># I wish I could tell you but I don't even fucking remember. My brain is taking a shit on itself.
>> [_] Anon 1102773 Stuck at 39.. I'm missing the one in room D4 on the first floor (top left of the room).
>> [_] Anon 1102774 >># >Go north, and use the magnet on the large iron door. Get the two items to open a door to right. I did this >Go there. wat?
>> [_] Anon 1102776 HOW DO I GET THE GOLD KEY?!?!
>> [_] Anon 1102780 >># I thought with portals and got it.
>> [_] Anon 1102781 >># There is a hole in the ground in the upper level of the maze
>> [_] Anon 1102782 >># The room below that is full of portals, I think you can take it from there.
>> [_] Anon 1102784 >># I managed on my own, but thanks for the help.
>> [_] Anon 1102793 im 40/40 9/10 moons, how do i get the last one in the basement in c4?
>> [_] ANONYMOUS 1102799 i already won this, i have proof but cant post on /f/
>> [_] Anon 1102801 How do I get the moon under the saucer?
>> [_] Anon 1102813 The door way to the last moon needs a block to be pushed in it in C3 so i can get to C4 in order to get to the last moon :/ HOW DO I DO THIS WITH NO BLOCK
>> [_] Anon 1102817 Stuck on 17/40. I got the magnet, the stick, and 1/10 moons. But there doesn't seem to be anything I can do next.
>> [_] Anon 1102821 >># Nevermind, found the ice thing.
>> [_] Anon 1102831 >># It gets ignored because nobody really knew any solutions to the first few parts of the game, or for that matter whether you were supposed to use spacebar/keys to do anything. It justs starts you off with some moonspeak, then you get trapped pissed and angry and move on to the next flash of the day.
>> [_] + 1102832 >># I think there was a hole somewhere? Let me check. I have the guide somewhere.
>> [_] Anon 1102835 >仝でのアテムを芋したドワーフは、 Google Translates to >Dwarf in the potato, the pharaoh of the enterprises if anyone can give a real translation much would be appreciated
>> [_] Anon 1102838 >># here Think with portals and the last moon is as good as yours
>> [_] Anon 1102853 >># dude, the welcome sign is made of metal. Magnet across to it.
>> [_] Anon 1102857 >A post in /f/ >94 posts WHAT THE FUCK

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 24/10 -2009 22:01:24 Ended: 25/10 -2009 03:45:22Flashes: 1 Posts: 68
File[dwarven_complete_v1_a.mod.swf] - (1.63 MB)
[_] [G] Anon 1099285
>> [_] Anon 1099286 Oh, I forgot to mention. Watch the shadows on some walls, you can actually walk through them
>> [_] Anon 1099309 argh! can't find the damn bone. fun game though.
>> [_] ANONYMOUS 1099327 im at 27/40 items, never tought i was going to find something this fun on 4chan +1 internetz for you OP
>> [_] Anon 1099330 >.< seemingly stuck at 21 items, cannot find teh bone
>> [_] ANONYMOUS 1099341 how the hell do i go to the 2nd floor of the stone head house
>> [_] Anon 1099346 Okay. So I grab the item in first room. Go down. Grab next two items. Walk though walls to get Crescent Moon. Walk to left room, fall down holes until I get the item, fall down the hole in the lower right corner and get other item. Then go up and... That's where I'm stuck...
>> [_] Anon 1099348 >># Just got the 22nd. Just pull the same trick you did for the 20th or so.
>> [_] Anon 1099349 I'm at the room with the gray key on a pillar and eight buttons. The room next door has it's single button pressed, and there are patterns on the ground. I've tried making each of the patterns, but nothing's happening...
>> [_] Anon 1099350 what is the action key?
>> [_] Anon 1099351 >># took me a while too, but you'll feel stupid once you realize how simple it really is.
>> [_] Anon 1099353 >># BLEH! Piece of shit's broken. Fuck it.
>> [_] ANONYMOUS 1099354 stuck at 37 items :/ how do i turn on the last torch to get the gold key (by last i mean the one in the lower left corner)
>> [_] Anon 1099355 >># so tell us?
>> [_] Anon 1099359 >># The number of dots corresponds with the order you press the buttons in i.e. 7 dots = 7th in the sequence
>> [_] ANONYMOUS 1099361 fuck yeah i finished it and even got the true ending, it was fun playing it, thanks op
>> [_] Anon 1099363 >># WHO THE FUCK EVEN THINKS LIKE THAT?
>> [_] ANONYMOUS 1099366 >># i did... it was pretty obious if you ever played any rpg whit a bit of puzzles on it
>> [_] Anon 1099369 16/40 Stuck. So far,I cannot find the bone, and I'm currently in the room with the floating moon.
>> [_] Anon 1099371 >># me too
>> [_] Anon 1099373 >># check behind the torch in the room west of the floating moon
>> [_] Anon 1099374 Got game clear, I'm on the last moon piece. I can't figure out how to get to it.
>> [_] Anon 1099378 Never mind, I got the game clear and true ending. Awesome stuff.
>> [_] Anon 1099379 >># >># stuck as well, still looking around though
>> [_] Anon 1099380 >># Thanks. Now on 23/40 with the moving block. Still no bone, but that helped tremendously.
>> [_] Anon 1099383 :/ i have all the items, just need 2 more moons on the basement.
>> [_] Anon 1099385 How do I get that item that's locked in at D4? It's like it's supposed to open its own door.
>> [_] Anon 1099387 To get the bone. From the room with the floating moon, go down, then take the first room to the left. Step on button. go back to Floating moon room. See which way the cannon is facing. Is it facing up? If so, step on button and shoot the rock. Then step on it again. Grab moon, then go two doors left, and up to the room with the two items on metal pillars. See where the boulder impacted, and move the second metal pillar to that spot. Go back and hit the floating moon cannon button.
>> [_] Anon 1099388 beepaboopabeepableepabeepaboopabee <3 eyezmaze
>> [_] Anon 1099392 there is hell of swords up in this dungeon
>> [_] Anon 1099393 hmm, still those two moons in the basement, i must be missing something... any help?
>> [_] Anon 1099395 Remember that you can dig those arrow blocks in the first room.
>> [_] Anon 1099396 >># There's a gold key door in that room too. Behind the green foliage. Use the candle to access it.
>> [_] Anon 1099400 dwarven complete is completed again great game anon
>> [_] Anon 1099408 >># Oh nvm didn't realize friggin key opened chests too
>> [_] Anon 1099413 a room full of rocks that you have to break every single one of? REALLY, eyezmaze? great game otherwise
>> [_] Anon 1099416 full complete 1:01
>> [_] Anon 1099418 Okay anon, there's one last moonstone, And it's in D4. help?
>> [_] Anon 1099420 amazing that rock formation it just moved
>> [_] Anon 1099427 >># 1F or B1?
>> [_] Anon 1099429 >># you have to light the four candles in the room. fall down to the top left take a nearby portal (to the west of you) to the top right, and approach the bottom left from somewhere else, I forgot how
>> [_] Anon 1099430 how do i get up the face shaped house?
>> [_] Anon 1099433 >># wander aimlessly until you find the stairs and also oh shit, I found the end. burn the ivy in the first room.
>> [_] Anon 1099434 >># These directions aren't helping. I don't see the room with two items on pillars.
>> [_] Anon 1099436 >># there's a set of stairs in the left of the first floor, walk around 1 sq @ a time; noting when u run into a wall. The second floor is easy but the first is a bitch
>> [_] Anon 1099437 i can't get the last moon thing in E3. the one in the dirt pile this sucks
>> [_] Anon 1099439 >># ew that's a dirty trick I beat it 2:32
>> [_] Anon 1099441 >># I guess you didn't find the map.
>> [_] Anon 1099443 >># Sorry online classes. B1.
>> [_] Anon 1099445 yay 2:17
>> [_] Anon 1099446 >># There's a pitfall in the room above it between a set of stairs.
>> [_] Anon 1099449 Where is the map?
>> [_] Anon 1099455 39/40, no idea where the fuck the blue gem is.
>> [_] Anon 1099457 >># Nevermind! I just completed it! Kick ass game, OP!
>> [_] Anon 1099460 >49 replies Damn, haven't seen that many in a while
>> [_] Anon 1099462 >># Basically the game's final 'fuck you'.
>> [_] Anon 1099464 >># you get the blue gem by collecting all items
>> [_] Anon 1099467 >># FUCKING WARP TILE PUZZLES. This is why I don't wear pants.
>> [_] Anon 1099479 >># there isn't a moonstone in D4 B1 urdoingitwrong.jpg
>> [_] Anon 1099482 where do you need to place the metal blocks in the frozen ice puzzle in E-5? i just cant seem to get it. btw i am at 28/40 so far.
>> [_] Anon 1099490 Finished this shit, the map helps.
>> [_] naksiloth !6xqjXqgnW. 1099506 i always get a 4 star for finishing it around 25 mins... to get 5/5 stars you must finish it under 20 mins afaik. awesome stuff OP thank you.
>> [_] Anon 1099509 How in the world do you get to the final moon piece in C4 B1?
>> [_] Anon 1099518 >># I'm wondering this too...
>> [_] Anon 1099520 >># Is that you James?
>> [_] Anon 1099521 >># no, it's neo
>> [_] Anon 1099532 >># k I found it, you gotta go in C1 and port the block at lower left corner.

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 23/8 -2009 04:06:31 Ended: 23/8 -2009 08:56:04Flashes: 1 Posts: 29
File[dwarven_complete_v1_a.mod.swf] - (1.63 MB)
[_] [G] Anon 1055421 Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anon 1055443 wtf i can only get the first 2 items i prolly just suck at it thou
>> [_] Anon 1055446 just clear data dumbass youll keep all items
>> [_] Anon 1055449 i'm stuck with 8 items, dammned.
>> [_] Anon 1055452 i got 9 and im stuck
>> [_] Anon 1055453 stuck on 15 items anyone know of the strategy guide
>> [_] Anon 1055454 sum one have a walkthrough?
>> [_] Rynac !!vTrWze7hR6V 1055461 Currently on 23 items without a guide, just got the pickaxe.
>> [_] Anon 1055465 >># well your good just got to 17 and still looking for the rest w/o guide
>> [_] Rynac !!vTrWze7hR6V 1055472 30 items, just got the candle. Victory is near...
>> [_] Anon 1055481 >># me too help plox
>> [_] Anon 1055495 anyone know how to get the gold key? or use the magnet on the sign?
>> [_] Rynac !!vTrWze7hR6V 1055498 >># You get the gold key by lighting all the torches in the room it is in. Also, stuck on 38 items and 8 moons. No idea what to do now.
>> [_] Anon 1055505 the timed maze is a bitch
>> [_] Anon 1055508 Old game is old. How do you not know how to beat it already?
>> [_] Anon 1055511 >># did you try to burn the vines in the beggining?
>> [_] Anon 1055512 >># how do you light all the torches?
>> [_] Anon 1055515 I think I fucked up, there is a part where you can push a metal block into a hole, I think you are supposed to warp around it...fml
>> [_] Anon 1055528 >># you have to get the finger to flick the metal into the wall so that the water gets to the plants where you find the last moon and item after burning the bush to the right of the sign and using the key
>> [_] Anon 1055530 for the full complete you have to mess around with the screen with the smiley face ;)
>> [_] Anon 1055560 I feel accomplished now.
>> [_] Mr. Inquizative !ZqVlyy1e46 1055563 Complete.
>> [_] Rynac !!vTrWze7hR6V 1055570 >># I was up to the bush burning, thanks. Also, I don't have the item in the top left hand corner of D4 on the first floor, nor the moon in the bottom right hand corner of E3 in the basement. Any idea how to get those?
>> [_] Anon 1055581 anybody got a translation for the ending text?
>> [_] Anon 1055591 >play time: 01:20 -_-
>> [_] Anon 1055614 wtf? I get stuck when I get the third item, and I cant read moonspeak, what the hell am I supposed to be doing in this queer game?
>> [_] Anon 1055632 That was a tad challenging without looking at a walkthrough.
>> [_] Anon 1055637 ugh it took me a bit i had to use the walkthrough for some of it
>> [_] Anon 1055655 >># if the third item is the one that locks you in the small room, there is a secret path through the wall to your right, if you look at the shadow right next to the wall you can see it

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 27/6 -2009 00:03:40 Ended: 27/6 -2009 04:42:23Flashes: 1 Posts: 13
File : [dwarven_complete_v1_a.mod.swf] - (1.63 MB)
[_] [G] Anon 1018387 Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anon 1018423 i am not understand why i'm trap after getting the third item
>> [_] Anon 1018427 wat.
>> [_] Anon 1018443 Look at the shadows for the walls. Where there isn't a shadow, there is an opening.
>> [_] Anon 1018444 I'm stuck at 8 item, help plz?
>> [_] Anon 1018452 Figure it out yourself! Game isn't that hard dumbasses
>> [_] Not You 1018545 Where do you find the Bone?
>> [_] Anon 1018569 The only remotely hard part of the game is the Ice and Magnet room Causes anheroism
>> [_] Anon 1018587 I just finished it with 1:46. It was pretty easy, but I did get stuck a couple times.
>> [_] Anon 1018600 >># Laugh. Such a lie.
>> [_] Anon 1018625 >># No lies, bro. I'll beat it again and screencap if you want.
>> [_] Anon 1018628 Anybody know hoe to get the crescent in Square E3?
>> [_] Anon 1018634 beat it in 1:29 shit's fun
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